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3 Reasons Why I DON’T Want You To Come To My Live Event


Yes, you read that right! There are three reasons why I DON’T want you to come to my live events – and they might not be what you think…

I have a pretty potent toolkit (see the ‘P.S.’ if you’re not familiar with it) and an irreverent sense of humour. Students tell me they love working with me, face-to-face, in live events – that it helps them to create shifts they had never imagined were possible.

These are things that are hard to do over the internet in webinars or in books. Face-to-face is the way to go.

But there are three reasons why I DON’T want you to come to my live event:

  1. I don’t want your money, unless you mean it.
    If you’re just buying another course or workshop to put off finally taking action on your dreams, please don’t give me your money. But if the course excites you – or even scares you a bit – then I want to work with you! I never turn anyone away, based on money. But most of us can afford more than we might think, to invest in changing our future. And I always make sure my events are great value for your investment (money, time and energy).
  2. You want me to ‘fix’ you.
    You are not broken. There is nothing to fix. But there may be blocks that are holding you back from creating your dreams. And that’s what I specialise in – helping you to spot those hidden blocks and clear them out. It can be fast, easy and fun. But I don’t do ‘sausage machines’ – you’ll need to put in your side of the effort.
  3. You want to ‘keep your options open’.
    You’re either in, or you’re not. If you’re a ‘maybe’ then working with me, face-to-face, isn’t for you yet. And that’s cool. But please don’t take up my time and yours by pretending or – this one’s annoying – wanting me to persuade you or hold discounts open forever.

It’s ok if you’re busy or secretly scared or feeling overwhelmed – all of that I can help with. If you get cold feet or have a wobble, we can deal with that, too. I’m happy to answer your questions.

But I won’t beg anyone to work with me.

I won’t ‘hold your space’ until you’re ready to book. You’re either in and excited or you’re not. And if you’re ‘in’, you’ll make sure you don’t miss out, by booking your ticket and arranging your childcare / travel.

People travel internationally to work with me. And all my workshops are set at times so that you can travel for a couple of hours to make it, without needing a hotel. If you’re flying in (I’m 30 minutes from Gatwick) or travelling from further afield, I can even help you to find a great hotel and local transport.

I won’t extend my already-generous ‘early bird’ rates, because you ‘forgot’ to book your ticket. That wouldn’t be fair on those who booked ages ahead. And we don’t ‘forget’ to book a ticket for an event we’re excited about.

And, no, there won’t be any ‘last minute deals’. In fact, the doors to book my events always close a few days ahead, so I can use the answers you’ll send me on your ‘welcome questionnaire’ to make sure I tailor the session to your specific needs.

If you text me two hours ahead and tell me you’re coming, I’ll tell you to hang your car keys back up. And I don’t check my emails at weekends. So you’d be risking a wasted trip. I don’t accept ‘drop-in’ students. It’s not fair on those who committed in advance and have prepared for our time together. I have made a commitment to creating and leading the event and I expect my students to make a commitment, too.


But if your heart is calling you to work together, so you can step into your Soul Shoes – that fearless place of freedom to be who you really are and make the difference you are really here to make in the world, loving the journey – then I will move heaven and earth  to support you.

I’ll give you the techniques you need. I’ll share the shift-creating-strategies that your heart has been longing for. I’ll be your cheerleader. I’ll hold the space for you to create the changes you have been dreaming of.

All you need to do is to take that first step towards saying ‘yes’ – book your ticket.

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I’d love to work with you.

Got comments or questions about this? Am I being unfair? Or does this help people to step up and make a commitment? How do you know whether or not a workshop is right for you?

Let me know, via the comments!

x Clare

P.S. Want some reasons to train with me, live?

In addition to mentoring and writing books, I’ve been running face-to-face training and workshops since I was 25. That’s coming close to two decades. And over those years, I have:

  • qualified as an NLP Trainer (back in 2003 – meaning I’ve been trained in how to teach the stuff I have mastered – both at a conscious and subconscious level, as well as being a specialist in accelerated learning)
  • studied how to work with the ‘energy’ in a room, so you can create shifts in your life and release hidden blocks, simply by hanging out with us (and I’m now a Reiki Master Teacher, so I weave ‘energy work’ into everything I do – even the left-brained stuff)
  • studied and certified to teach meditation, mindfulness and yoga – and even had two books published on the subject. When we do a workshop together, you’ll be moving, as well as thinking, so you can clear ‘stuckness’ even if your monkey mind is objecting
  • qualified as a Master Practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique – ‘tapping’), which means you get to ditch those hidden blocks in just minutes, without needing to dive into the pain and the drama that created them
  • my latest book – Dare To Dream Bigger – has been described by readers as invaluable, a game-changer and the ‘inside work MBA’ for solopreneurs and small business owners

I’d love to get to share this all with you. xx Clare

About the Author Clare Josa

As an NLP Trainer, Meditation & Yoga Teacher and an Engineer, Clare Josa demystifies ancient wisdom, blending it with the 'user manual' for your brain, to make it surprisingly easy for you to ditch your hidden blocks, and even enjoy the process. Author of five life-changing books, her sixth book and debut novel is now available with incredible pre-order bonuses: You Take Yourself With You is about the twists and turns life takes us on, to make peace with the past. What happens when we get in the way of happiness? Exploring self-doubt, trauma, depression, harassment (#metoo) and bullying, Clare's novel is a journey of hope, courage, love and realising we're not alone. Order your copy today.

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