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I still remember the first moment I met Clare… she greeted me like a lifelong friend, with open arms and a spectacular loving smile. Clare is full of ideas and an enthusiasm for life I have never known in anyone before or since.

And yet she is real, she has her own limitations and demons which she embraces and works with and her honesty about that makes it so much easier to relate to her.

Pendella Buchanan

Working with Clare was the missing link

Working with Clare was the missing link for me. She speaks powerful truth about what works in the world, sharing incredible wisdom and savvy smarts in the most heartfelt way. Clare’s energy and enthusiasm helped me rekindle old dreams – especially the one that says I can have a lot of fun earning a living helping others in unlimited ways!

Her process illuminated what I wanted in business and why and then actually laid out how to get there! At a crucial point in my life, I got to see and feel how vitally important inner work really is as the basis for professional success. Thankful I had Clare is an understatement. The biggest change is in me – learning to trust what I know. Talk about results!

Karen Campos - Founder Of Kaleidoscope

Just had to let you know that wow…! Yes I do sabotage my abundance but never quite understood that I was doing this. Now I have a full client roster and I’m about to hit 5 figures a month of passive income (getting paid while I sleep).

And I have a support team around me that means I only work 4 hours a day. Clare’s inspiration took me from ‘hobby’ to ‘business’. Next step: ‘legacy’.

Monica S. - Entrepreneur

It's the difference between being stuck and being on the path to my dreams

Clare has a way of explaining things you already knew so you create breakthroughs. The support group made such a difference and we're still there for each other, months later.

Working with Clare has been the difference between being stuck and frustrated and on the path to creating my dream business and life.

Rosie Slosek - Founder Of One Man Band Accounting

I was blown away by the difference that even a 30 minute session with Clare made. In that short time she helped me to spot where I had been blocking my dreams for over 5 years, without realising it. Now I’m free to create what I always wanted to create.

Arabella M. - Artist & Entrepreneur

I don’t normally do ‘woo woo’, but Clare has helped me to connect at a deep level with who I really am. It has made an enormous difference to my business.

Without Clare’s help, I never would have taken my business to the size it is now, making the difference that it does.

Steve H. - CEO

Clare has helped me to leverage my gifts

I have had so many ah-has with Clare’s courses and support. A big thing for me is that I now have clarity for how to pivot my business that is truly me - leverage my gifts. I have been stuck helping people with their problems outside my gifts which has slowed down my dream business.

Clare also turned on the lightbulb for me so I have inner motivation to carry me all the way through. Lastly, working with Clare pushed me to get clearer on who I should focus on attracting - ideal target market, who I give the biggest transformation for.

Teresa Pangan - Nutrition Consultant

Accountability Mentoring

3 Months Of Accountability Mentoring

  • Co-create a business strategy that gets you falling in love with your business again - and magnetises your dream audience
  • Clear out your hidden blocks - put an end to self-sabotage and imposter syndrome - and more
  • Monthly 1-hour live mentoring session to get clarity and create breakthroughs + MP3 recording
  • Email mentoring & quick catch-up calls, between sessions, for accountability, support and celebrating
  • 50% discount on any paid trainings or Masterminds I run, while you're an accountability mentoring client
  • No tie-in - after your first 3 months, it's entirely your choice if you want to keep working together

Bonuses: 3 Places Only Available

  • BONUS: Your first month's call is upgraded to a 2-hour breakthrough session - as my gift (usually £595)
  • BONUS: 20% discount for the next 3 new clients - just £316 per month for 3 months, instead of the usual £395. And you can lock in that discounted rate for as long as you want to keep your accountability mentoring running.
  • BONUS: Full access to my online training vault - whatever you need is yours - included in your mentoring package - worth up to £2,000

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