Had Enough Of Your Inner Critic Deciding How Much Impact You Get To Have?

Is It Time For The Inner Critic Bootcamp™?

Rewire your body & brain in just six weeks and turn that negative self-talk into an empowering internal soundtrack.

One-time only opportunity to complete the course with live support from Clare.

Limited spaces available. Payment plan available until 5pm Monday 10th January.

How much could you achieve...

What impact could you make...

How good would it feel...

….if your Inner Critic became your biggest cheerleader?

If you’re a leader, an entrepreneur, a professional, a decision-taker or a change-maker, your rampaging Inner Critic has the potential to sabotage your success.

With the right tools, techniques and support you can:

  • Make decisions with the support of your inner cheerleader (instead of fighting your Inner Critic for control)
  • Slash your stress levels and prevent burnout, so you feel like you can breathe again and remember what it feels like to smile
  • Crank up your confidence - without having to fake it - so you can have more impact and influence
  • Put an end to pushing on through  - with your body on red alert as you feel like you've been holding your breath for months
  • Press pause on the 4 Ps of Imposter Syndrome (Perfectionism, Procrastination, Project Paralysis & People-Pleasing)
  • Boost your energy levels naturally - making Tired-All-The-Time a thing of the past

Learn how to apply Clare Josa's research-backed Natural Resilience Method® in her much-loved Inner Critic Bootcamp™ training and transform your experience of life in just six weeks.

Join Us For The Inner Critic Bootcamp™

Six weeks.

One super-simple new research-backed habit each week.

And transform your life in just a few minutes a day.

Based on Clare's science-backed Natural Resilience Method®, you'll learn how to choose which thoughts to feed, how to clear your body's addictions to negative thinking, and start to rewrite the rules of how you interact with life, setting yourself free to get into flow, instead of feeling like you're fighting.

When you want to set yourself free from stress, overwhelm, and the tyranny of your inner critic, yes, you need to deal with your mindset. But the reason that mindset-level changes don't stick is because mindset, on its own, is not enough.

Mindset is the surface-level symptom, not the root cause.

So with the Natural Resilience Method® you get to go deeper, working with your body and emotions, as well as your mindset, then shifting your focus to the outside world, to reset toxic boundaries and then discover how to become naturally resilient and learning skills that will stay with you for life!

Create one new habit each week - super-easy - to make changing your life as low-effort, high-impact as possible.

Each week you'll get 'change your life just by watching' video training, all in bite-size, busy-schedule-friendly chunks.

Weekly breakthrough workbook plus use-them-when-you-need-them MP3s for core techniques.

Plus get extra Clare-support: pick her brain and get hot-seat mentoring in the twice-monthly live Q&A calls in this one-time-only live round.

One-time-only live training starts 25th April 2022. Limited places.

Your course

Six Inspirational, High-Impact, Busy-Schedule-Friendly, Bite-Sized Modules

One-time-only live training starts February 2022. Limited places.

Week 1

25th April

De-Stressing QuickStart

Near-instant de-stressing strategies. There's no point in trying to make changes when you're too stressed to think straight, so this module is about how to pause the mind-story drama, with strategies to slash your stress levels in under sixty seconds.

Week 2

2nd May

Rewiring Your Brain

It's time to tame your inner critic, to start turning it into a genuine cheerleader, making the most of neuroplasticity. You'll be deep-diving on how to set yourself free from being at the mercy of your self-talk, boosting your confidence and calming your mind. 

Week 3

9th May

Rewiring Your Body

Rewire your body to retrain your nervous system to be able to relax again, demoting your inner drama queen /king, setting yourself free from adrenalin addiction and discovering a magic wand for worrying that you can use even in the middle of a meeting - or at 3am...

16th May - Integration Week

Week 4

23rd May

Blasting Toxic Boundaries

It's time to reclaim your personal power! This module is about how to do so without p*ing everyone off or feeling guilty for saying no. It's perfect for people-pleasers. And it's also when we'll be tackling the secret reasons why we get stuck with perfectionism and procrastination.

Week 5

30th May

Becoming The Real You

It's time to move from forcing and fighting to flowing through life - but that doesn't mean being passive. We'll cover the vital difference between goals and visions, plus the incredible, fluff-free, engineer-approved power of gratitude to transform your experience of life, in just 3 minutes a day.

Week 6

6th June

Consciously Creating Your Future

How to integrate the Natural Resilience Method® into daily life, how to help others, and what to do if you're ready for the deeper inner work, to achieve more radical transformation, including going all the way to ditching Imposter Syndrome.

And you can revisit the six weeks of this programme whenever you want to, to move your weekly habit from 'beginner' to 'ninja' and get even deeper breakthroughs.

Bonuses: To Help You Maximise Your Results

Here's what's included, to help you to get the most possible from this training:


Bonus #1: Twice-Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Personalise your action plan, get hot seat mentoring with Clare Josa, and learn from others' questions, with six twice-monthly group coaching calls.


Bonus #2: Private Accountability Community

Know that you get better results when you share the journey with others than if you try to go-it-alone? That's what the community is there for! It's to help make sure you don't accidentally quit, right before you see results. And you'll get to support others who aren't as far ahead as you.


Bonus #3: How To 'Magically' Make More Time

Is your biggest question how you will find the time for this training? How To 'Magically' Make More Time is perhaps the most popular masterclass Clare has ever run. And it's yours as a bonus with this programme, to help you to make sure you can find the time - easily - to get the most from this course.


Bonus #4: 6 Weeks' Post-Bootcamp Support

In the six weeks following the bootcamp, you’ll get access to three more group coaching calls giving you the chance to get hot seat mentoring with Clare Josa, and learn from others' questions. See FAQs for times & dates.


Bonus #5: 12 Months' Access To The Private Podcast

All of the techniques from the Inner Critic Bootcamp are waiting for you in an invitation-only private podcast, meaning you can listen to them in your favourite podcast app, whenever you need them.

It's like having Clare in your pocket whenever your Inner Critic kicks off!

Programme Starts:
25th April 2022

Six Modules @ 
2 Hours Per Week

Just £995 incl. VAT
Payment Plan Available

It's All About The Habit!

The Life-Changing Difference Between Information And Implementation

Consuming information - be it webinars, or articles we found on Google searches, or social media posts, or podcasts, or YouTube videos - all helps us to get ready to change. But after a few days the warm, glowy feeling wears off and we're back where we started again. Nothing has changed.

Inspiration gives us the idea.
Motivation gets us started.
But it's habit that actually creates the change.

And trying to create that habit on our own, without support or accountability, and having to best-guess the exact steps that will make the biggest difference, is the hardest way to change our lives.

That's exactly what the Inner Critic Bootcamp training helps you with: it is designed to support you to create one tiny habit each week that holds the potential to transform your life. In minutes, not months.

Your Course Director: Clare Josa

Author of Ditching Imposter Syndrome

I’m Clare, an expert in the neuroscience and psychology of performance, and the creator of The Natural Resilience Method®. I specialise in creating transformation at the deepest levels, in ways that are fast, fun and forever.

I enjoyed a successful corporate career in engineering, specialising in Six Sigma, and then as Head of Market Research for one of the world’s most disruptive brands. But that doesn't mean I wasn't crippled by Imposter Syndrome.

In fact, some of my biggest regrets are incredible opportunities I turned down because I was scared they would 'find me out' and realise I was a fraud.

In 2003 I switched my focus to helping leaders and high-achievers to clear out the glass ceilings they never realised they had put in their own way, especially Imposter Syndrome. And that work meant I had to deal with my own Imposter Syndrome and Inner Critic, too.

I’m now the author of eight books, have been interviewed by The Independent, The Daily Telegraph and Radio 4, amongst others, and I speak internationally on ditching Imposter Syndrome, the Natural Resilience Method®, and how to change the world by changing yourself.

In the Inner Critic Bootcamp, I'm sharing with you the shortcuts, breakthrough techniques, and practical life-changing strategies that it has taken me nearly 20 years to discover, refine, test and tweak, so you can start transforming your life in just six weeks.

Join The One-Time-Only LIVE Round:
Starts 25th April 2022

With never-to-be-repeated twice-monthly live hot seat mentoring Q&A calls with Clare Josa.

What's the Investment?

The Inner Critic Bootcamp™ one-time-only live training is yours for just:

£995 Including VAT

Plus there's a 4-part payment plan to spread the cost, if you book by 5pm on Friday 18th February 2022 (UK Time).

The Inner Critic Bootcamp

Create breakthroughs in minutes, not months, one tiny habit upgrade at a time.


995 incl. VAT

  • 6 inspirational, weekly bite-sized modules, starting 25th April
  • 1 habit-upgrade per week, for low-effort, maximum-impact life-change
  • No-rush, lifetime access - repeat the programme whenever you want to, moving from beginner through to ninja
  • 3 months' hot seat mentoring in Clare's Q&A calls
  • Get answers to your questions and celebrate your successes in the private forum

Payment Plan Available Until February 18th

Got Questions First? FAQs

What does lifetime access mean?

It means that there's no expiry on these trainings. They'll be there for you for as long as my training vault exists.

And we're not planning on it going anywhere anytime soon!

How do I access the training materials?

They are hosted in a secure training vault on my website. You'll be able to choose your login details when we go live on February 21st.

You'll get a new module each week and there's no expiry date, so you can revisit them, whenever you want to.

How do I join the live Q&A calls?

For the live round of this programme (starting 21st February) we'll be hosting these twice a month.

You can join us from anywhere in the world via Zoom.

You can choose which cohort to join:

  • 8am UK / 7pm AEDT
  • 1pm UK / 8am EST / Midnight AEDT

Check your timezone here.

These sessions will start promptly and Clare will stay until everyone's question has been answered, for up to an hour.

You can also submit a question anonymously, if you prefer.

Can I book this for my team?

You can buy multiple places on the Inner Critic Bootcamp.

If you'd like to run this as an in-house programme, with separate Q&As just for your teams, this requires a minimum of 50 places.

In addition, Clare will need to work with your teams on the other two pillars of burnout - the environment and the culture.

Addressing all three shows an organisation really means it.

I'd rather work with Clare 1:1 on this. Can I?

This is a self-study and group programme, so your support will be with others.

If you'd rather have 1:1 support to dive in even more deeply, Clare does have a limited number of places each year for mentoring clients, as part of her Stepping Up To Lead programme.

You also have the option to work with one of her certified Imposter Syndrome Mentors.

Find out more here.

When are the live calls?

These run via Zoom and are Q&A format with hot seat mentoring. The main teaching for the course happens via the video training and the podcast app.

You can join us from anywhere in the world.

All calls are optional and are there to support you to get the most from this programme. They are not recorded, to give everyone privacy.

We'll be doing our best to accommodate as many timezones as possible, so these dates / times may change, but for now they are the slots when we intend to run the live calls.

All times are London / UK / GMT. Please check your timezone. You can choose to join the cohort that runs at 8am UK or the cohort that runs at 1pm UK. Check your timezone here.

Welcome call: February 21st

Call 1/6: March 4th

Call 2/6: March 18th

Call 3/6: April 1st

Call 4/6: April 13th

Call 5/6: 29th April (allowing a gap for the Easter holidays)

Call 6/6: 13th May

Can I get this invoiced to my employer?

Due to the hours of admin it takes to get approved supplier status, and the months it takes to get most invoices paid, unfortunately we can't invoice single places direct to your employer.

However, many companies will allow you to pay for this training and claim it back.

Bulk places are available for in-house rounds of this programme. Please get in touch to discuss what you're looking for so we can work together to find the right solution for you.

I don't want to wait until February!

I hear you!

I'd love to kick this off right now, but realistically with Christmas and everything else over the coming couple of months, most people don't have the head space to focus on this.

And don't worry, if you register today, then between now and our start date you'll get a weekly email with de-stressing tips, so you can get started already.

Can I buddy up with a friend?

Absolutely! If you have friends or colleagues who want to join us, please share the link to this page with them.

However, please remember that when you register for this programme, it gives you one ticket - for you.

You wouldn't bring a friend to sit on your lap during a Wembley concert. So please don't share your login to these materials with anyone else.

Does this authorise me to teach this stuff?

I'm hoping that you'll totally love what you learn on the Natural Resilience Method® Inner Critic Bootcamp program.

However, at foundation level, this is for your personal use, only. There's a world of difference between being able to do something for yourself and knowing it deeply enough to be able to teach others.

At Facilitator level, you'll also qualify as an Imposter Syndrome First-Aider, and will be able to safely and effectively share these techniques on a 1:1 basis with others who are on this Inner Critic Bootcamp programme, or on a 'first aid' basis for those who aren't.

Note: it doesn't qualify you as a coach. That training is here.

At Trainer level, you will be trained and licensed to share these materials in live trainings and workshops. Please note: the Trainer training does not authorise you to create self-study programmes around these materials - only live-delivered trainings.

Got a question we haven't covered? Get in touch here.

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