From Liver Failure To London Marathon In Under 3 Years: Dare To Dream Bigger Interview With Heather Bestel [DTDB045]

From Liver Failure To London Marathon In Under 3 Years: Dare To Dream Bigger Interview With Heather Bestel [DTDB045]
Dare to Dream Bigger

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Have you ever found your excuses getting in the way? The fear of failure stopping you from starting?

Then you need to hear today’s interview with Heather Bestel, founder of Mum’s Got A Business and The Happiness Garden. She’s sharing with you the ‘inside work’ she had to do to go from liver failure and surgery to completing the London Marathon, just 3 years later. And she’ll explain how you can apply what she learned to your Passionate World-Changer journey.

This episode is for you if you’ve ever had a goal that you were dreaming of doing, but you were getting in your own way, secretly self-sabotaging, feeling scared you couldn’t manage it and you need the courage and determination to see it through and make it happen.

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Here are the references I mentioned from the Dare To Dream Bigger handbook, to help you with the topics we covered in this episode:

  • The best bit about your big why – page 174
  • Visualising – Why ‘manifesting’ and ‘law of attraction’ fall over – page 263
  • Connecting with your Dream Team / Mastermind / accountability network – page 255 (Connecting With Your Mastermind Team)

Page numbers refer to the hardback print edition. If you have the Kindle version, search for the titles in the list above to find the sections.

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Is there a dream you’ve been putting off? Have your excuses been getting in the way?

Is there something you’ve been wishing you could do, but you’ve been putting it in your ‘mañana-bucket’? How about making the commitment to get started – today – and letting me know, via the comments? And I’m curious: which of the four elements of Heather’s success strategy would help you most right now?

With love and gratitude,

Clare Josa, Author | Speaker | Mentor To Passionate World-Changers

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