Are You Desperate To Ditch Overwhelm? [DTDB010]

Are You Desperate To Ditch Overwhelm? [DTDB010]
Dare to Dream Bigger

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Are you desperate to ditch overwhelm? Find out what’s REALLY causing it – and lasting fixes. You could set yourself free from overwhelm forever in the next 10 minutes.

You know when you escaped the 9 to 5 because you wanted to have more time and more freedom, and suddenly you discovered that running your own business is actually a huge amount more work? So many people fail to succeed in their businesses and to help the people they dream of helping, because they’re too busy in the ‘small stuff’.

Today we’re going to look at why that happens and what you can do about it, so that by the end of today’s podcast, you’re going to know which of the 3 key patterns you’re running, and I’m going to share with you bonus resources and practical strategies, to help you deal with it. Ready?

Show Notes:

And when you have listened to today’s episode, I would love to hear from you!

  • What were your overwhelm stories
  • What was triggering overwhelm for you?
  • And what could you start in the next hour, to ditch overwhelm and step into your CEO shoes?


I’ll be back next week when we’ll be discovering whether your biggest business breakthroughs are being subconsciously paralysed by perfection – and what you can do about it.

I hope you have an amazing week!

With love, Namaste,

Clare x

Mentor To Passionate World-Changers, Author Of The Dare To Dream Bigger Entrepreneur’s Handbook


About the Author Clare Josa

Clare Josa sets Passionate World Changers free from Imposter Syndrome and their secret 3am fears, so they can make the difference they are really here to make in the world. She is the author of five life-changing books, including the much-loved Dare to Dream Bigger. Her sixth book and debut novel, You Take Yourself With You, has been described by readers as 'unputdownable'.

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