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How To Shift From Wage-Slave To Your CEO Mindset With Your Pricing [DTDB001]

How To Shift From Wage-Slave To Your CEO Mindset With Your Pricing [DTDB001]
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Welcome to this week’s Dare To Dream Bigger business podcast episode.

I’m curious: did you take your ‘wage-slave’ mentality with you when you set up your business? It’s time to find your CEO mindset!

In this episode you will discover what the vital difference is between a ‘wage-slave’ and a CEO, when it comes to pricing. It’s one of the most important ways to prevent burnout. And if you don’t make this shift, then you risk feeling resentful towards your formerly-dream-customers, while you struggle to put food on the table.

You’ll learn the 3 steps you need to take to figure out your perfect pricing and the questions you need to ask yourself, to figure out what your service or product is worth to your customers. Plus I’m sharing insights from my former career as Head Of Market Research at Dyson, including gems on why people are REALLY buying from you – and the single mindset-shift that gives you total clarity on your pricing strategy. And we’re even covering the dangers of starting off ‘cheap’ and hoping you can raise your pricing later.


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How to shift from wage-slave to CEO mindset with your pricing


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