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Dare To Dream Bigger: The 'Inside Work' Handbook For Entrepreneurs And Passionate World-Changers


Inspired by over fifteen years of mentoring entrepreneurs and passionate world-changers, as well as running her own business, in Dare To Dream Bigger Clare Josa brings you practical how-to for taking your business to the next level.

She seamlessly weaves business strategy together with deep-acting 'inside work' exercises, so that what you're doing will produce breakthrough results.

Described as the 'inside work MBA' and 'one of the most important personal development books of the decade' by industry experts, Dare To Dream Bigger is backed up with deep-dive videos, audios, webinars and a Google-proof forum, so you can share the journey with like-minded world-changers.

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Why Readers Love Dare To Dream Bigger:

I never expected such a profound effect just from the first few pages of this book.

I look forward to working through the whole thing and exiting the other side a renewed person, the person I want to be.


Running a business was been a game until now; I realised as I read Dare to Dream Bigger that I have been undervaluing my talent and BIG ideas since I started. This revelation was AMAZING.

The unique way in which Clare gives you permission to dream bigger and take inspired action is affirming. There are courses on setting up your Dream Business, and there is this book. If you want to Dream Bigger than you have ever done before, then this is where to start.

Nicky Harverson

I had reached an impasse in my writing and my editing business. It had become far too easy to find excuses NOT to do something.

Clare's book has not only started me dreaming again, but has inspired me to take action, something I hadn't done in some time.

Renate Ford

And Don't Forget Clare's Books:

Imposter Syndrome Mastermind
Starting Spring 2018

Is it finally time to stop self-sabotaging?

Join Clare Josa  for this inspirational Mastermind programme, including a one-day workshop at her beautiful 6-acre retreat centre in East Sussex. Discover the deep-acting processes Clare uses with one-to-one clients, so you can set yourself free from secretly feeling like a fraud.

Be inspired by insider secrets from the worlds of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, NLP and even engineer-approved 'woo-woo'. Plus get a pre-workshop workbook, so we hit the ground running, and three post-workshop group mentoring / teaching calls, to keep you on track and to celebrate your successes.

Only 10 places available.

Start Your Day Right! Meditation & Workbook for entrepreneurs & passionate world-changers

Start Your Day Right Toolkit

Guided Meditation & Workbook

For Entrepreneurs & Passionate World-Changers

Changing the world is an 'inside job' and it starts as soon as you wake up. Give yourself a head start and Start Your Day Right! 

Yoga, Meditation, NLP & More
Recharge Your World-Changer Batteries & Tame Your Inner Critic

Join Clare Josa in her Yoga Yurt at her six acre retreat centre in Colemans Hatch, near Forest Row / East Grinstead / Hartfield in East Sussex (UK).

Workshops & Mini-Retreats

Recharge your batteries and cut your stress levels with an inspired and unique blend of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and NLP-based de-stressing techniques.

Discover profoundly effective ways to clear out your hidden blocks and reconnect with your passionate world-changer mojo, so you can feel less stressed, happier and excited about stepping up to the next level with the difference you're here to make in the world.

Only 11 places available per event.

What's It Like, Working With Clare?

Since 2002, Clare Josa has specialised in mentoring passionate World-Changers - inspiring and empowering business owners and leaders to clear out their hidden blocks, so they can make a bigger difference in the world.

As an NLP Trainer, Meditation & Yoga Teacher and a Reformed Engineer, Clare is the person business owners, entrepreneurs and senior managers turn to when they have been secretly - and subconsciously - 'getting in their own way'. They have been playing 'dodgems' with self-sabotage, Imposter Syndrome and its friends, yet nothing else has worked.

Her unique approach and experience (former Head of Market Intelligence, 14 years as an entrepreneur) is based on the belief that you have all the answers you need inside of you, and she shows you how to find them.

A member of the UK's Institute of Directors, Clare speaks internationally on the 'inside work' that makes the critical difference to your success. It's the secret to Daring To Dream Bigger.


I still remember the first moment I met Clare… she greeted me like a lifelong friend, with open arms and a spectacular loving smile. Clare is full of ideas and an enthusiasm for life I have never known in anyone before or since.

And yet she is real, she has her own limitations and demons which she embraces and works with and her honesty about that makes it so much easier to relate to her.

Pendella Buchanan

Just had to let you know that wow…! Yes I do sabotage my abundance but never quite understood that I was doing this. Now I have a full client roster and I’m about to hit 5 figures a month of passive income (getting paid while I sleep).

And I have a support team around me that means I only work 4 hours a day. Clare’s inspiration took me from ‘hobby’ to ‘business’. Next step: ‘legacy’.

Monica S. - Entrepreneur

I don’t normally do ‘woo woo’, but Clare has helped me to connect at a deep level with who I really am. It has made an enormous difference to my business.

Without Clare’s help, I never would have taken my business to the size it is now, making the difference that it does.

Steve H. - CEO

It's the difference between being stuck and being on the path to my dreams

Clare has a way of explaining things you already knew so you create breakthroughs. The support group made such a difference and we're still there for each other, months later.

Working with Clare has been the difference between being stuck and frustrated and on the path to creating my dream business and life.

Rosie Slosek - Founder Of One Man Band Accounting

Clare has helped me to leverage my gifts

I have had so many ah-has with Clare’s courses and support. A big thing for me is that I now have clarity for how to pivot my business that is truly me - leverage my gifts. I have been stuck helping people with their problems outside my gifts which has slowed down my dream business.

Clare also turned on the lightbulb for me so I have inner motivation to carry me all the way through. Lastly, working with Clare pushed me to get clearer on who I should focus on attracting - ideal target market, who I give the biggest transformation for.

Teresa Pangan - Nutrition Consultant

I was blown away by the difference that even a 30 minute session with Clare made. In that short time she helped me to spot where I had been blocking my dreams for over 5 years, without realising it. Now I’m free to create what I always wanted to create.

Arabella M. - Artist & Entrepreneur

Working with Clare was the missing link

Working with Clare was the missing link for me. She speaks powerful truth about what works in the world, sharing incredible wisdom and savvy smarts in the most heartfelt way. Clare’s energy and enthusiasm helped me rekindle old dreams – especially the one that says I can have a lot of fun earning a living helping others in unlimited ways!

Her process illuminated what I wanted in business and why and then actually laid out how to get there! At a crucial point in my life, I got to see and feel how vitally important inner work really is as the basis for professional success. Thankful I had Clare is an understatement. The biggest change is in me – learning to trust what I know. Talk about results!

Karen Campos - Founder Of Kaleidoscope


Discover how working with Clare could change your life - and get you stepping up to the next level with the difference you're here to make in the world.

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