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Day 5: Turning Brilliant Ideas Into Done & Dusted: Your Big Vision Action Plan


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I'd love to hear how you got on with this 5-day challenge. If you're not a member of Dare To Dream Bigger on Facebook yet, click this link and the 'join group' button first.

Today's Assignment:

Go through the processes in today's video, deal with your 'becauses' and decide which to deal with. Then go back through your notes from Day 4 and get some of those in your diary as commitments: it's your Big Vision Action Plan.

Let me know what has resonated with you, over the last five days, and what actions you're going to be taking, via the discussion thread!


Day 5: Turning Brilliant Ideas Into Done & Dusted

In your Day 5 training, we're talking about how to turn those Big Vision dreams into a practical action plan. You will discover:

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    My favourite self-mentoring question that makes stretching comfort zones easy
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    The mentoring process I share with my one-to-one clients and Masterminders to turn brilliant ideas into done-and-dusted - it's your assignment for today

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