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Day 1: Big Vision Challenge

Turning Things Upside Down
The Secret To A Big Vision That Actually Works


Your MP3 Guided Visualisation:

And here's a workbook to go with this.


Here's where we're talking about this:

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Today's Assignment:

Listen to the meditation and then jot down notes in your workbook on what came up for you.

What could you choose as your Big Vision for the coming year? Let us know, via the discussion thread!


Day 1: Connecting With Your Big Vision

In your Day 1 training, you get to connect with your Big Vision in a totally new way - one that builds firm foundations for the year ahead, instead of leaving your business rocking on the point of an upside down pyramid.

The video guides you through:

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    What your Big Vision is - and what it isn't
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    3 specific ways it can help you to grow your business in the coming year
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    Why most of us have spent years (or decades!) building our Big Vision upside down, and why this makes it so hard to succeed

Extra Resources

Podcast: Stuck on which Big Vision to choose? 

Do You Ever Struggle With How To Make Decisions? Here Are 5 Simple Techniques To Make Even Tricky Ones Easier [DTDB026]

Dare To Dream Bigger - the whole of Step 1 guides you through this process

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Why Goal-Setting Stinks & What You Should Be Doing Instead

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The 4 Vital Elements Of Clarity That Will Create Breakthroughs In Your Business

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