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Day 2: Big Vision Challenge

Vision Boarding:
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Top tip: it doesn't have to be a visual 'board'. It could be a drawing or ornaments or pieces of music (I used this for writing You Take Yourself With You last year & the play list is one of its bonuses!)

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Today's Assignment:

Make a start on your vision board or whatever you decide to create, instead. "How will I know when I'm there?" What were your answers?

Let us know, via the discussion thread!

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Day 2: Vision Boarding & Other Alternatives

In your Day 2 training, you get to dive into vision boarding - or whatever equivalent you choose to use. You will discover:

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    Reasons why vision boards don't work for lots of people
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    The one question you can ask yourself to make sure you get the right images on your vision board - so it actually works
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    How to avoid the most common vision boarding mistake
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    The simple trick that means your vision board will work - creating breakthroughs and synchronicities for your business

Extra Resources

Why 'Manifesting' And 'Law Of Attraction' Don't Work

Dare To Dream Bigger Page 263 or search for 'law of attraction' in the Kindle version.

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Why Goal-Setting Stinks & What You Should Be Doing Instead

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