If it feels like you've been holding your breath for months, then it's time to let lockdown's stress go - and start living again.

And Breathe...! is a life-changing course from Clare Josa designed to help you to set yourself free from lockdown's stresses, to become naturally resilient.

It helps you to rewire your brain and break free from your secret stress-habits, so you never have to feel like that again in your future. You'll get to press a big reset - so you can step into post-lockdown life with energy, hope, and passion.

You haven't been off-duty for months. Your fuse is shorter than an Olympic swimmer's Speedos and it worries you how often you feel you're holding back the tears.
But it never used to be this way.

You know, logically, that 'this, too, will pass' - but the stress you've been under over lockdown has got you to the stage where sometimes you can't even remember which day of the week it is.

You'd give a small ransom, never to have to have another Zoom meeting again. And you're fed up with having to get up with the sparrows and go to bed with the owls, just to get everything done, while the rest of the world is bragging about the new languages they learned or the book they wrote over lockdown.

Your fuse with your kids is shorter than ever, you dread ever having to homeschool again, and you lie awake at 3am, secetly worrying about how much TV is too much and whether baked beans count as a daily serving of vegetatbles. You live and breathe mama-guilt.

Your shoulders are so tight, they might as well be earrings. You don't smile as much as you used to. And 'Gin-o'clock' is no longer a laughing matter.

Then you add in the worries about what happens if you have to go back into the office and commuting. When will the kids go back to school full time? What happens if one of their bubble-friends tests positive and the school closes? 

That stress-knot in your stomach is a constant friend. And if you check your throat and jawline, giving your jaw a wiggle and moving your head gently, it feels like it's holding the weight of the world, in tension.

The 'Blitz spirit' and nervous energy that carried us through the early weeks has gone - and sometimes you feel like you're on your knees.

Stress, fear and worry trigger the fight-flight-freeze mechanism in the body - the sympathetic nervous system - rubbish name, I know.

We're designed to run in that stress-mode for minutes - while we escape from the sabre-toothed tiger - not months, like over lockdown.

That's why you're exhausted. It's why it can be hard to think straight. It's why we don't know which way is up any more.

And the body gets addicted to these stress hormones. So they don't go away on their own, once they've become this chronic. You need to take action to clear them out.

The brilliant coping strategies you invented to get you through lockdown aren't your friends, long-term, and can lead to burnout and mental health issues.

So now is the perfect time for the big reset, to help you to set yourself free from the stress, from feeling like you're holding your breath, and to start living again.

Of course, you can keep on going and hope all of this goes away.

Or you can take action now, and within the next 24 hours you can start feeling less stressed, calmer, happier and more able to flow through life, rather than being buffeted by the waves.

You'll be naturally resilient.

And breathe...

How To Be Naturally Resilient In Changing Times

When you work through the processes in the And Breathe...! course, you'll get strategies to help you to:

Stop the stress-Fear pathways becoming long-term

You'll learn how to press 'pause' on stress-thoughts in under sixty seconds, without 'pretending', along with how to get grounded and feel calmer in just a few minutes, no matter what is going on around you.

Retrain Your Inner Critic to Be More Encouraging

You'll learn practical strategies to turn your inner critic into a genuine cheerleader, rewiring your neural pathways so that thinking more positively becomes your 'new normal'

have a longer fuse & become naturally resilient

When you cut your inner stress levels, the fight-flight-freeze response stands down, which means you're no longer subconsciously looking for threats the whole time. This helps you to be less irritable, less snappy, and more easily able to ride life's waves, no matter what is going on around you.

How much time does it take?

You'll be able to let go of overwhelm and be more present

Stress makes it hard to think straight (you'll learn the neuroscience reasons why). And it triggers the 4Ps stress response, making it hard to concentrate and easier to feel overwhelmed. Add to this the fact that we get stuck in our stress-heads and it's no wonder we're exhausted. And Breathe...! will help you to set yourself free from all of this, cutting overwhelm, and allowing you to feel grounded and present - right here, right now.

You'll be able To connect with your inner still point - that sanctuary of calm - whenever you need to

Each of us has an inner still point - a sanctuary where life's storms don't buffett us. With And Breathe...!  you'll learn how to connect with that, near-instantly, in a way that's healthy and calming. And no, you don't have to turn your legs into a pretzel or meditate on your 29th chakra to get there!

Sleep better

you'll have more energy and sleep better

When you naturally cut your stress levels, it's easier to fall asleep. Plus you'll learn how to calm your thoughts at bedtime, so you don't lie awake worrying any more.

Being calm and relaxed helps you to have better quality sleep - and also gives your body back permission to do the healing stuff it routinely does when we're not stressed - so it can boost your immune system, too.

You'll get your life back!

After having your life on hold for months, you'll wrap up And Breathe...! by doing some work on your vision for your future and how to consciously create it. You'll be in a fantastic place to get your life back and step out of lockdown into your future with courage, hope and passion.

And it's Not Just Working Life That Transforms.

It has a profound effect on our closest relationships & Our Health

As you feel more fulfilled (and get more sleep without the 3am self-beating-up), you'll have a longer fuse, and more relaxed at home, be feeling happier, and be more fun to be with. You'll be able to let go of perfectionism, procrastination, and people-pleasing, which means you'll be able to work shorter hours and feel less stressed.

This can improve our closest relationships. Life becomes more fun. There's more time for what's most important to you.

And without the secret stress and fear, our health improves, it's easier to concentrate, we feel less exhausted, and get to celebrate the incredible progress we're making.

People Will Be Asking You What Your Secret Is.

With The And Breathe...! programme you get proven strategies from the psychology and neuroscience of performance, an engineer's common sense, and demystified ancient wisdom that reaches the parts that cognitive strategies don't touch...

To help you create breakthroughs in minutes, not months!

Instead of giving you sticky plasters and yet more mindset-level coping strategies, it gives you the tools to clear out and release the hidden triggers for stress and worry, along with your secret blocks, fears and excuses, so you know how to set yourself free from it, once and for all.

You'll become naturally resilient!

And Breathe...! Was Created By Clare Josa

Don't Know Clare Josa Yet?

Clare Josa

8x Author | International Speaker | Leadership Mentor

After a corporate career in engineering, specialising in Six Sigma, and as Head of Market Research for one of the world’s most disruptive brands, since 2003 Clare has specialised in helping high-achievers to overcome Imposter Syndrome and is now considered the UK's leading authority on the topic.

She trained as a Meditation & Mindfulness teacher, back in 2008, and has had two books published on the topic.

An expert in the neuroscience and psychology of performance, her original training as an engineer, specialising in Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, means her approach is grounded in practical common sense, creating breakthroughs not burnout.

Add to this her Soul-Engineered Solutions and you get to experience transformation at the deepest levels, in ways that are fast, fun and forever.

Just pause for a moment and imagine...

What difference would it make for you,

setting yourself free lockdown's stress and getting your life back?
Feeling naturally resilient?
What would you be doing differently?

You Can Join The And Breathe...! Programme From Anywhere In The World

Believe In Yourself! is a supported self-study programme, which means it combines proven online teaching with Q&A group calls, a private discussion forum, an accountability Facebook group, plus 1:1 time with me.

With inspirational, practical, Bite-sized-Chunk modules, And Breathe...! guides you through, step by step, making it easy for you to feel calmer, happier, and less stressed - for life.

Here's What You'll Cover:

Stage One: Understanding

How To Stop Stress In Its Tracks And Ditch Old Habits

Designed to get you results you can feel, fast, stage one guides you through the stress-cycle - so you understand how you do it and how to set yourself free from it.

It brings you fixes both at the sub-sixty-second 'Emergency Quick Fix' level and for those times when you have a little longer to spare.

Plus they don't just cut your stress levels, they also sort out your inner critic and drama queen!

  • How to stop stress, before it happens
  • How the stress cycle works
  • Resetting the fight-flight-freeze response
  • The two types of fear and why we get them confused
  • How to retrain your inner drama queen
  • Taming your inner critic
  • The one question you should NEVER ask yourself when times are tough

Stage Two: Ditching The Stress Habit

Rewire Your Body, Mind And Emotions To Be Stress-Proof & Naturally Resilient

This is where you'll learn how to rewire your body and your brain to be more naturally resilient and 'stress-proof'. Without having to pretend.

You'll discover how to set yourself free from overwhelm - including setting yourself free from the 4Ps - and how to 'magically' make more time in your life.

Plus you'll learn the key to natural resilience, so you no longer have to 'bounce back' or 'pretend' - you'll find it easier to ride life's waves.

  • Getting off the emotional rollercoaster - with my much-loved 'Tapping Reimagined' programme (usually £197)
  • Rewiring your body and mind to be more stress-resilient
  • How to connect with your inner still point, that inner sanctuary of calm, whenever you need to (my much-loved Meditation, Made Easy programme - normally £297 - is your key for this)
  • How to escape from feeling 'time-poor' and 'magically' make more time in your day - with my most popular masterclass ever (usually £97)

Stage Three: Getting Your Life Back

Get Your Life Back (Or Create A New One!)

Stage three guides you through one of my favourite processes for getting clarity on who you want to allow yourself to become in the coming months and years - and how to take inspired action towards those dreams.

  • Learn my favourite daily habit, which sky-rockets your chances of long-term success
  • Discover the essential difference between 'goals' and 'visions' - and why you need both
  • Discover how you might get in your own way - so you no longer have to!

How Much Time Does It Take?

I know what it's like to be busy.

And that's why And Breathe...! is broken down into bite-sized chunks that you can work through in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

It's easy to pick up where you left off, whenever you have time.

And there's even a bonus masterclass on how to 'magically' make the time to get the most from this training.

And there's no rush. You get lifetime access to the training materials and a full year's support in the invitation-only monthly Q&A calls.

Information is great. But it's implementation that will change your life.

And You Are Not Alone!

One of the main reasons why stand-alone online training doesn't work is because we're trying to do it on our own. Life gets in the way. We stumble if we hit a block. We avoid the trickier stuff, so we don't get results.

There's no one to hold us accountable, no one to answer our questions, no one to celebrate our successes.

So we barely study the course and almost definitely don't implement it. Then we feel even worse, because nothing changes.

And Breathe...! is designed to be easy to stay on track with and get amazing results (I've got nearly 20 years' experience as a professional creator of online and face-to-face transformational training, as a certified NLP Trainer) and you also get:

  • Your Training Vault is set up to make it super-easy to pick up where you left off and to keep track of your progress, even if you're super-busy
  • Each lesson has a discussion post in the private forum, so you can get answers to your questions and celebrate your lightbulb moments, as you go along - I'm in there most days
  • Deep-dive answers to your questions and hot-seat mentoring - with 12 months of invitation-only access to my monthly student Q&A calls

You get full support and accountability, which sky-rockets your likelihood of implementing and actually creating the breakthroughs you're dreaming of - and actually makes those transformations bigger, easier and more fun than going solo.

Just pause for a moment and consider...

What is stress and worry really costing you?

And what would it be worth to you, to leave it behind, once and for all?

What difference would it make to your work? Your home life? Your life goals?

What's The Investment?

The price for this entire programme is normally just £497,

which is less than the cost of a 90-minute mentoring session with me,
and could change your life forever.

Supporting You Through Lockdown 2021

If you register TODAY this programme is yours for half price - as my gift to support you in becoming more naturally resilient as we face the challenges of lockdown in 2021. So it's just £249, instead of £497:

Start And Breathe...! Now!

What people Are Saying about clare's Online programmes

Many personal growth programmes are by people who have had personal epiphanies, then try to sell unattainable solutions built on vague concepts that are not easy to materialise... because the trainer doesn't know how to unpack their own processes.

Clare's background as an engineer and NLP Trainer PLUS her life experience uniquely qualifies her as THE person to deconstruct the art and science of bypassing your mental and emotions blocks, to achieve success.

Nancy Marmolejo

Executive Coach

I love the way Clare explains things. Her extensive experience of running her own business, writing her books, previous roles in market research and training in NLP and meditation seem to have been blended to create the perfect course leader.

I'd highly recommend Clare for anything she's offering. All of her offers are well thought through and I trust her authority as an author and an imposter syndrome expert.

Janine Coombes

Janine Coombes

Virtual Marketing Manager

30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be happy. And I know it can feel risky, buying a programme online. So you can try it on for size for a full 30 days after the start of the programme - at my risk.

If, having done the exercises, you find that And Breathe...! hasn't helped you to tame your inner critic or to boost your confidence, then you can have a full refund - no sulks or strops or awkward feelings.

BUT this is not a 'brown banana' guarantee: you wouldn't take a banana back to the shop because you changed your mind or forgot to eat it and it went brown. Similarly, I will ask you to have actually tried out the techniques and strategies taught in this course, to give them a chance to work for you, in order to be eligible for a refund.

I hope you agree that's fair. x Clare


Is there a payment plan?

Yes. When you click on the 'count me in' button it will take you to a checkout page which has two options: pay in full and pay in four instalments.

You can choose the instalment plan, if you need to spread the cost.

Can my employer pay for this?

Absolutely! I applaud employers who commit to investing in people's development - it's a win-win.

The easiest way is for you to ask your manager to authorise this as an expense for you to reclaim. That way you can sign up right away, via the checkout.

Alternatively, it can be invoiced direct to your company, but please bear in mind that it can take many months for companies to pay invoices and you wouldn't be able to start this course until that has been paid.

Also, if your employer has a complex, time-consuming process for us to register as an approved supplier, we would need to reserve the right to charge a fee to cover the administration time this can incur.

This programme is also available as an in-house group programme. If you're interested in that option, please get in touch here.

How does the course work?

It's a self-study programme, which means you have a blend of video, audio and workbook training.

But... it also gives you the accountability, breatkthrough-celebrating, and question-answering that makes the vital difference, through your twelve months' access to Clare's invitation-only live Q&A calls and her private Inner Circle Facebook group.

So you're not alone. And you make incredible progress in clearing out your stress and worry habits, to move towards allowing yourself to become the person you were born to be!

Do The Course Materials Expire?

Not at all! The And Breathe...! programme is designed to help you create breakthroughs in under 30 days.

But if you need to work through it more slowly, that's fine.

You get 'no-rush lifetime access', which means the course is there for you for as long as my training vault exists. And we're not planning on that going anywhere anytime soon.

The key, though, is to keep working through the course. If you're finding yourself putting it on your 'tomorrow to-do list' then it's worth going into the Facebook group or making the most of the calls to understand why you're procrastinating. It often means there's a subconscious fear around letting go of self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome.

How are the Q&A calls run?

They are run via Zoom and you'll have access to a Google calendar, to let you know well in advance when they are, plus some email reminders.

They are invitation-only for students who are on my intermediate-level programmes.

You can show up live on the call and I'll answer your questions / help you to get unstuck / celebrate your successes. Or if you genuinely can't attend live (it's the better option) you'll be told how to email me your question and I'll record a short video for you.

People often find they learn more from others' questions on these calls than from their own - they can be invaluable.

Got a question we haven't covered? Let Clare know here.

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