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Important EU VAT Update: What Happens To VATMOSS & The New Thresholds After Brexit?


Remember the €10k threshold and sub-€100k simplifications we negotiated, which come into effect on 1st January 2019? Well, we’ve had confirmation from the EU Commission that UK microbusinesses will get to keep them for a whole 88 days. Here’s what will happen to VATMOSS and the new thresholds after Brexit.

This video is a really important update from the EU VAT Action Campaign team – one I had hoped I would never have to record.

Please spend a few minutes watching it and then follow the guidelines below this video to write to your MP. Please share this post far and wide in any microbusiness groups you’re part of.



Guidelines For Writing To Your MP:

For the letter to your MP, please ask them to ensure we keep the current €10k threshold, the sub-€100k simplifications and the VATMOSS system during the transitional period, with a view to finding a permanent, workable solution.

The 3 Ps: please keep your letter:

  1. Polite – even if they think Brexit is a fab idea, they have to help you and are more likely to do so if you keep it polite.
  2. To the Point – one side of A4.
  3. Personal – telling them how this affects you, your business and your family.

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