What If You Could Start Turning Your Inner Critic Into A Genuine Cheerleader In The Next Two Weeks?

With neuroscience & research-backed strategies that only take a few minutes a day to practice?

Put an end to the secret 3am misery, massively boost your confidence in being the real you, and without turning into a massive boasty big-head!

And you can get started in the next five minutes.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in Taming Your Inner Critic

Designed to get you results you can feel, fast, Taming Your Inner Critic is a self-led programme you can study around even a super-busy schedule, and see massive changes in just two weeks.

Part 1: Pause Your Inner Critic
In Under Sixty Seconds

How to escape the stress cycle and stop your self-talk from leading to self-sabotage.

Learn how your self-talk affects self-doubt and confidence - and how to pause it in under sixty seconds. Plus learn vital secrets from the worlds of the psychology and neuroscience of performance.

  • Press pause on negative self-talk
  • Learn how the stress cycle causes us to self-sabotage and how to set yourself free from it
  • Start detoxing your mind-story dramas
Part 2: Train Your Inner Critic To Be A Virtual Cheerleader

How to rewire your brain so you feel supported to take actions that used to scare you.

Discover how to change your inner story, to stand down your inner drama queen, and to rewire your brain's neural pathways, so that your internal dialogue becomes genuinely supportive and empowering.

  • Train your brain to support and empower you
  • No white-washing or pretending
  • And, no, it won't turn you into an arrogant big-head! Find out why.

Two life-changing training modules, including bite-sized videos, dive-in-now workbooks, and lie-down-and-do-nothing-and-change-your-life audios!

Training created by Clare Josa, who has nearly 20 years' experience in creating training that creates breakthroughs fast, working at both a conscious and subconscious level.

You are not alone!

Get answers to your questions and celebrate your successes in your private member-only forum for this course.

Need all of the detail? Here's what you'll be covering over the next two weeks - and beyond!

1.1 Neural pathways & muddy boots

  • What your inner critic is - and isn't
  • How it dictates the actions we take and keeps us playing small (hint - it's more than just thinking)
  • How random thoughts become habits
  • Why we work so hard to drown out our inner critic
  • Exercise: How to tune into your thoughts - and why it's so important

1.2 The demystified neuroscience of peak performance

  • The essential demystified neuroscience for taming your Inner Critic
  • How the stress cycle causes us to self-sabotage
  • The two types of fear - and how to use this to your advantage
  • The long-term costs of negative self-talk on resilience and creativity
  • Hypervigilance and Complex PTSD
  • How can I tame my thoughts?
  • Exercise: the two types of fear and learning to spot the difference

1.3 Taking back control from your Inner Critic

  • Pressing 'pause' on your Inner Critic in under sixty seconds
  • Rewiring your neural pathways, to teach your Inner Critic new tricks
  • The vital importance of going through neutral
  • Why positive thinking and affirmations (aka 'flip flops') don't work
  • Exercise: what are your stress 'tells'?
  • Exercise: going back to your ABC

1.4 How your Inner Critic creates Imposter Syndrome

  • What Imposter Syndrome is - and isn't
  • How it differs from self-doubt - and why it's so important to know
  • The Inner Critic's role in Imposter Syndrome
  • The 4 Ps of Imposter Syndrome
  • The Imposter Syndrome Iceberg
  • Why mindset isn't enough
  • Exercise: how to spot Imposter Syndrome thoughts, before they turn into monsters

2.1 Why we hold on to our Inner Critic

  • How we get addicted to gossip - and why that keeps our Inner Critic in business
  • Why pretending and white-washing (and positive thinking!) don't work - and what you can do instead
  • Exercise: finding the secret reasons why you hold on to your Inner Critic, so you can let it go!

2.2 The keys to rockstar confidence

  • The one deep shift that turns self-doubt into confidence
  • The dangers of comparisonitis
  • The single attitude change that can get you to rockstar confidence
  • How to feel immune to other people's 'feedback'
  • How to stop judging yourself
  • The opposite of Imposter Syndrome
  • The two primary emotions, and how these can boost or trash your confidence
  • Exercise: fluff-free self-compassion as a tool for change

2.3 How to stop beating yourself up

  • What I learned from nearly punching a Buddhist monk
  • How to release your addiction to your thoughts
  • Why most of what we're 'seeing' in the outside world isn't true
  • How to change your inner story
  • Exercises: letting the truth in, a magic wand for worrying, turning mind-story drama mountains back into molehills

2.4 Reclaiming your personal power

  • Where did your personal power go?
  • The risks with worrying
  • Acceptance vs acceptable
  • The dangers of anger and resentment
  • Setting yourself free from 'shoulditis'
  • Exercise: reclaiming your personal power, without going to war

2.5 Ditch the flinch factor

  • What is the flinch factor? And why is it so useful?
  • The difference between fear and excitement
  • The sixty second rule
  • Why flip flops don't work
  • The dangers of toxic positivity
  • Exercise: what makes you flinch?

2.6 Turning your Inner Critic into a cheerleader

  • Why neuroplasticity is your new BFF
  • The power of microwins to rewire your brain
  • How long does it take to make or break a habit?
  • The power of gratitude (totally non-fluffy) to turn your Inner Critic into a genuine cheerleader
  • Exercise: using microwins to create new neural pathways - fast

Why Work With Clare Josa?

Clare is the author of eight books and is considered the UK's leading authority on Imposter Syndrome and has spent nearly twenty years teaching high-achievers and passionate world-changers how to ditch it.

And the absolute foundation for this work is learning how to choose which thoughts to feed.

Most people don't realise they can. And that's why she has created Taming Your Inner Critic.

In it, she shares the best of the worlds of the neuroscience of performance, practical psychology, plus her depth of experience as a certified meditation and yoga teacher, to help you to create breakthroughs, fast.

Clare has been an NLP Trainer since 2003, which means she knows how to create training that works for you, even if she's not there by your side. Her original background as an engineer means the inspirational demystified ancient wisdom she teaches is practical and grounded, creating breakthroughs in minutes, not months.

Dive In And Get Started With Taming Your Inner Critic Now!


Get the full 90-day programme

£4,995 + UK VAT


  • Get all ten modules over the space of three months
  • No-rush, lifetime access
  • Support in the private member-only forum
  • Group mentoring calls - fortnightly for the first three months & then monthly for the rest of the year
  • 3 1:1 mentoring sessions with Clare or one of her Certified Imposter Syndrome Mentors

30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be happy. And I know it can feel risky, buying a programme online. So you can try it on for size for a full 30 days after the start of the programme - at my risk.

If, having done the exercises, you find that Taming Your Inner Critic hasn't helped you to retrain your self-talk to be more encouraging, or to boost your confidence, then you can have a full refund - no sulks or strops or awkward feelings.

BUT this is not a 'brown banana' guarantee: you wouldn't take a banana back to the shop because you changed your mind or forgot to eat it and it went brown. Similarly, I will ask you to have actually tried out the techniques and strategies taught in this course, to give them a chance to work for you, in order to be eligible for a refund.

I hope you agree that's fair. x Clare


Is there a payment plan?

Yes, for Stepping Up To Lead, if you're self-funding this course. If your company is paying, they will need to pay in advance, in a single payment (you don't want to know how much time we spend chasing corporate invoices, so we cannot do instalments for companies - sorry).

For Taming Your Inner Critic, it's a single payment, which gets you lifetime access.

Can my employer pay for this?

Absolutely! I applaud employers who commit to investing in people's development - it's a win-win.

The easiest way is for you to ask your manager to authorise this as an expense for you to reclaim. That way you can sign up right away, via the checkout.

Alternatively, it can be invoiced direct to your company, but please bear in mind that it can take many months for companies to pay invoices and you wouldn't be able to start this course until that has been paid.

Also, if your employer has a complex, time-consuming process for us to register as an approved supplier, we would need to reserve the right to charge a fee to cover the administration time this can incur.

Will this course help me to get a promotion or pay rise?

Obviously I don't know your personal circumstances, but if what is holding you back from the promotion or pay rise you deserve is needing to increase your self-belief, your confidence, clear Imposter Syndrome, and take your visibility up a few notches so you'll be top-of-mind, then the answer is yes.

When I ran the 2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study, I found that Imposter Syndrome was one of three hidden causes of the gender pay gap and lack of gender parity in leadership roles. This also applies to BAME equality and other groups who feel they are in a minority in their company.

The research study showed that clearing Imposter Syndrome helped women, in particular, to advance in their career.

Also, the more you believe in yourself, the more likely you are to succeed in asking for a pay rise!

Taming Your Inner Critic lays firm foundations for the rest of the Ditching Imposter Syndrome work that you could then do in Stepping Up To Lead, if you decide to continue with the programme.

Do I have to do the course in 2 weeks?

Not at all! Taming Your Inner Critic is designed to help you create breakthroughs in the first two weeks.

But if you need to work through it more slowly, that's fine.

You get 'no-rush lifetime access', which means the course is there for you for as long as my training vault exists. And we're not planning on that going anywhere anytime soon.

The key, though, is to keep working through the course. If you're finding yourself putting it on your 'tomorrow to-do list' then it's worth having a chat with yourself to understand why you're procrastinating.

It often means there's a subconscious fear around letting go of self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome.

What about privacy?

I get it. You might not want Uncle Tom Cobley & All knowing you're doing this course. So here are some of the ways I help you to get the most from the course, whilst protecting your privacy.

  • When you first register, you get a direct link to choose how your name is displayed in the forum, so this is the perfect time to make it something that allows me to know who you are, but doesn't give away your full name
  • ONLY members of the Stepping Up To Lead and Taming Your Inner Critic programmes can see the forum discussions
  • Many students choose to register with their personal email address for the training vault and emails, especially if they have a PA or team member who checks their inbox when they're away

Will I automatically be signed up for Stepping Up To Lead?


Your payment today for Taming Your Inner Critic is the only one you are authorising and no further funds will be taken.

If you decide - within 30 days - to upgrade and continue with Stepping Up To Lead, you'll have full details on how to claim your discount, to cover the cost of Taming Your Inner Critic.

Got a question we haven't covered? Let Clare know here.

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