It's Time To Talk About Gratitude...

ISBN 978-1-908854-76-6

How To Turn Your Inner Critic Into Your Biggest Cheerleader

More than just a gratitude journal, A Year Full Of Gratitude brings you practical techniques to press 'pause' on negative thinking and self-doubt, retraining your brain to think more positively, with near-zero effort.

In it, Clare distils 15 years of inspiring over a million people to feel happier into a unique blend of gratitude, mindfulness and practical psychology, with just enough neuroscience to prove to your monkey mind how it all works.

A Year Full of Gratitude comes with a readers' club, including bonus how-to videos, an integral weekly podcast, and a friendly discussion forum, giving you the moral support you need to succeed with your gratitude journey.

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Every time you say 'thank you', you take another step towards the life you have been dreaming of.