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Welcome, Passionate World-Changer! Whether you're looking to cut your stress levels, crank up your inner happiness thermostat, ditch old habits and hidden blocks, or step up to the next level with the difference you want to make in the world, there's a book here to help.

And if you just want some 'unputdownable' escapism, make sure you get my debut novel: You Take Yourself With You.

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Dare To Dream Bigger
How to change the world - and your life. A unique blend of proven business strategy and the 'inside work' that gets you taking the inspired actions that create breakthroughs, not burnout.

You Take Yourself With You by Clare Josa

Novel: You Take Yourself With You
Clare's debut novel has been described by readers as 'unputdownable', discover for yourself why people love You Take Yourself With You.

A Year Full Of Gratitude
A full year's gratitude journal and fortnightly course. Retrain your inner critic to be your biggest cheerleader and catch yourself smiling for no reason.

​​​​52 Mindful Moments
Inspirational mindfulness techniques to take you from stressed to smiling in under sixty seconds.

The Little Book Of Daily Sunshine
Bite-sized inspiration to light up your day. These short essays can change the way you see life, letting go of old blocks and worries, bringing the sunshine back into your world.

28 Day Meditation Challenge
Discover how ten minutes a day can change your life. You won't just learn how to meditate, you'll discover how to get past your excuses, how to find the time and - vital - how to create a habit that you'll love, for life.

De-Stress and Unwind - Deep Relaxation CD

De-Stress & Unwind
Recharge your batteries with this 20-minute deep relaxation from Clare Josa.

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You Take Yourself With You

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ISBN 978-1-908-85488-9


What happens when you get in the way of your happiness?

If you enjoy drama, intrigue, exploring human nature and conflict - all delivered with a generous dollop of humour - then you'll love Clare Josa's compelling debut novel about hope against the odds.

What's It About?

Sophie is hungry for promotion, but when she rejects her new boss's advances, he sets out to destroy more than her career. As her life falls apart, she tries to escape the black cloud that threatens to overwhelm her - with disastrous results. Will she wake up in time to find the happiness, success and love she secretly craves?

When Christof survives a car crash that kills his father, he inherits more than guilt. A mountain of hidden debt risks destroying the cherry farm his family has called home for generations. But Christof's work in Milan wants him to dig up dirt on the Mafia - and distractions could be deadly. Can he save the farm, beat the Mafia and learn one of life's most important lessons, before it's too late?

You Take Yourself With You is a journey of courage, hope, humour, love and realising that we're not alone. Read it today!

Dare To Dream Bigger

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ISBN 978-1-908854-797


The 'Inside Work' Handbook For Entrepreneurs & Passionate World-Changers

Are you hungry to make a bigger difference in the world, knowing you have a message to share, but you secretly suspect you're getting in your own way?

When you've been playing 'dodgems' with your inner blocks and nothing else has worked, the inspirational strategies and practical tools in Dare To Dream Bigger will inspire you to:

  • feel confident, excited and fearless about your big vision
  • to tame your inner critic and connect with your inner wisdom
  • to magnetise your dream audience, and much, much more

You'll finally feel ready to get your message out there. It's time to Dare To Dream Bigger.

28 Day Meditation Challenge

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'real world' or online:
ISBN 978-1-908854-315


Discover How 10 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life

Learning how to meditate is rarely enough. Discovering how to create the daily habit is what makes the difference between a 'nice idea' and changing your life.

In this book, Clare demystifies Ancient Wisdom and combines it with the best of practical psychology from the world of NLP, so that you can:

  • find time to meditate, no matter how busy life is
  • ​get started and stay motivated, even when life gets in the way
  • deal with your hidden meditation excuses
  • tackle the top meditation and mindfulness myths - and avoid the biggest mistakes

Over the 28 days, you will gain confidence in your ability to meditate, you will feel less stressed, more calm, more focussed, happier and more able to connect with that point of inner peace, deep inside.

A Year Full Of Gratitude

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'real world' or online:
ISBN 978-1-908854-469


A Year Long Gratitude Course To Inspire You To Feel Happier, One Thought At A Time

Want to feel happier, less stressed, and smile for no reason? Discover how the miracle of gratitude can change your life - fast and forever.

It's so much more than 'just' a gratitude journal. It brings you the 'how-to' of gratitude, in bite-sized, practical chunks, as well as sharing insider secrets for:

  • how to get the most out of your gratitude practice
  • how to stay motivated and spot the shifts you're making
  • practical strategies for using gratitude to turn things around, when the brown-stuff hits the fan

You also get inspirational affirmations quotes, bonus videos and a gratitude meditation audio.

52 Mindful Moments

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'real world' or online:
ISBN 978-1-908854-445


From Stressed-Out To Smiling, In Under Sixty Seconds

When you're feeling stressed, tired or in need of inspiration, you don't have time to wade through hundreds of pages in a 'self help' book.

That's why 52 Mindful Moments makes it easy for you to discover mindfulness techniques (both ancient practices and modern twists) that can help you to de-stress and feel calmer, in under a minute. You can either:

  • read it from cover to cover, testing out and learning from your experience of each technique, as you go along
  • or you can open it at random, to find the technique you most need, in this moment
  • and you can work through the techniques, to develop a varied and life-changing mindfulness habit, to help you reconnect with your inner still point

52 Mindful Moments brings you the inspirational stress-busting tools you need to change your life.

The Little Book Of Daily Sunshine

Order it from your favourite bookstore
'real world' or online:
ISBN 978-1-908854-407


Bite-Sized Inspiration To Light Up Your Day

The Little Book Of Daily Sunshine brings you bite-sized doses of inspiration, each with a powerful message, life-changing technique or motivational insight.

It's pocket-sized, so you can take it with you whenever you need it. The inspirational messages take less than a minute to read, yet they can help you to make deep-acting changes - fast.

  • you can pick a message at random - and you'll find it spookily relelvant
  • you could pick a message each morning, to use as the theme for your day
  • you could read it cover to cover, using it as a transformational tool

These Daily Sunshine messages can touch your life, inspiring you to dump your old excuses, to set yourself free from limiting beliefs and to head towards the life of your dreams.

De-Stress & Unwind - CD

De-Stress and Unwind - Deep Relaxation CD


Top Up Your Batteries And Let Go Of Stress

 This gorgeous 23 minute deep relaxation helps you to de-stress, through progressive tense and release exercises, then sinking deeply into a rejuvenating rest.

  •  Enjoy one version with background music
  •  Enjoy the other version without it, so you can choose your own music

 Listening to this each night for even just a week will change your life - you'll feel so much more energised, less stressed and more in balance.