Are You Secretly Hungry To Step Up And Make A Bigger Difference In The World?

Is It Time To Stop Subconsciously Self-Sabotaging Your Dreams?

15+ years of mentoring entrepreneurs & passionate world-changers (and working on myself!) has taught me a little-known secret:

Daring To Dream Bigger - making a difference in the world -
growing your business - isn't about what you do;
it's about who you allow yourself to become.

But most of us are getting in our own way - subconsciously sabotaging the very results we're dreaming of.

It's Time To Set Yourself Free!

In the Dare To Dream Bigger handbook I break down 15+ years of mentoring insights, experimenting, insider secrets and mind-blowing breakthroughs into 7 practical steps.

These 7 steps guide you through exactly how to get out of your own way - how to set yourself free to make the difference you have been dreaming of - and how to spot which Inspired Actions will have the most impact for you.

Are you hungry to step up to the next level and make a bigger difference in the world? But what you've been doing hasn't been working?

Then it's time to move beyond the 'cheat sheets' and 'swipe files' and 'copy-my-strategies' that produce hit-and-miss results. The Inside Work is calling you. And I'd love to make it easy, fun and inspirational for you.

Dare To Dream Bigger

The 'Inside Work' Handbook For Entrepreneurs
& Passionate World-Changers

320 page hardback book, with extensive Readers' Club and bonus videos, MP3 audios and PDF workbooks.

Order from your local bookstore (ISBN 978-1908854827) or:

This is a brilliant 'no-nonsense' book about clearing out your inner blocks and getting what you want done. Clare gives you all the tools for getting your BIG dream out there and enabling you to work with your passion and energy to achieve it.

Read it on the slow road, take all the exercises, dig as deep as you breathe. I would and have recommended this to so many of my fellow small business entrepreneurs, it really does work.

Nicky Harverson Founder of My Fit Life Coaching

Clare has a friendly tone that is very real.

If you have kept going, and going, and going in your business, wondering why everyone else seems to be making more progress than you, then this book is for you. 

P.S. Expect results: I created the strategy for my business for the next 3 years within the first 10 pages.

Rosie Slosek Founder of One Man Band Accounting

I had reached an impasse in my writing and my editing business. It had become far too easy to find excuses NOT to do something.

Clare's book has not only started me dreaming again, but has inspired me to take action, something I hadn't done in some time.

Renate Ford Professional Editor & Writer

I never expected such a profound effect just from the first few pages of this book.

I look forward to working through the whole thing and exiting the other side a renewed person, the person I want to be.

Gillian S. 

Here's A Tour Of What You'll Be Covering:

You have all the answers you need, inside of you, and I want to show you how to find them.
Step 1: Clarity

So many of us miss this out. We get inspired and excited by an interesting idea and dive straight into taking action, without first pausing to get totally clear about what we want, why, who we want to serve and how we’re going to fix their burning problems, in a way that no one else does.

Step 1 of Dare To Dream Bigger guides you through how to get Dream-Audience-magnetising levels of clarity on your Big Why, your Big Vision and your Big Message.

It can also cure addictions to cutesy cat videos on social media. And it gives you practical strategies for shrinking your 'to do' list, setting you free from overwhelm.

Step 2: Confidence

This is the biggie. The difference between hugely successful people and those who wish they had been successful is a little bit of luck and planning, but a lot of confidence.

In this section we’ll be dealing with everything from limiting beliefs, to hidden fears and excuses, to subconscious self-sabotaging behaviour, to self-esteem and even who you really are.

In Step 2 of Dare To Dream Bigger, you’ll discover how to turn these round, fast and forever. You get inspirational mentoring-level 'how-to' - it's a fluff-free zone.

Step 3: Credibility

I have lost count of how many brilliant world-changers I have met, hiding in the proverbial corner, desperately wanting to get their message heard, but also secretly scared that anyone might notice they’re there.

So we’re going to deep-dive on how to get comfortable with being visible (wave goodbye to Imposter Syndrome and feeling like a fraud), and you’re going to create a practical action plan to implement the Credibility Equation.

Step 3 of Dare To Dream Bigger guides you through how to become the go-to expert in your niche, and how to no longer have to shout to be heard above the crowd.

Step 4: Connection

Once you’ve got clarity about what you’re doing, for whom, and why, and you’re starting to convince yourself and the world that you’re a credible expert, then it’s time to get connected.

In this section we’ll get connected with yourself - your inner wisdom; your Dream Audience, so you can magnetise your Tribe and your Dream Team, who are the vital support team and the partners who help you get your Big Message out there.

In Step 4 of Dare To Dream Bigger you will set yourself free from the belief that you're 'meant' to do it all on your own.

Step 5: Creativity

This is where we unleash those inspired actions. We’re going to explore how to easily connect with your creativity, no matter what is going on.

You’ll also learn insider secrets from my former career as Head Of Market Research for a major international brand, so you can use that creative genius (yes, you have it), to create products and services that your dream customers will rave about. In fact, they’ll feel like you’ve been mind-reading their biggest problems and they’ll love you for it.

Step 6: Commitment

Without this, those brilliant ideas will never make it to reality. Commitment to complete projects is vital, so why do so many of us loathe it and resist being a 'completer-finisher'?

In Step 6 of Dare To Dream Bigger, you'll discover some surprising Ancient Wisdom that helps you to crank up your commitment, even if you’re secretly suffering from ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’. After all, you can't sell it if it's not finished...

Step 7: Celebration

We so often miss this out. But if you’re having a tough day, cultivating the habit of celebrating your micro-successes, no matter how small, will keep you going. We rarely take time out to notice the progress we’re making. Step 7 of Dare To Dream Bigger shows you how weaving a few minutes of gratitude into your day can be turn your Inner Critic into your Biggest Cheerleader.

And You Get So Much More Than 'Just' A Book.

The Readers' Club Is An Online Resource Vault

Bonus Videos & Audios

Key sections in your Dare To Dream Bigger handbook have extra video trainings or MP3 meditations and guided visualisations, so you can create shifts at an even deeper level.

With this extra support, it feels like we're on a seminar together.


Insights & Inspiration

Each step in Dare To Dream Bigger has a downloadable PDF workbook. These are perfect for jotting down notes on your answers for the book's deep-dive techniques.

And each workbook has MP3s to go with it, so I can guide you through the questions. It feels like virtual mentoring.


You Are Not Alone - Find Your Tribe

Share your Dare To Dream Bigger journey with like-minded world-changers in our Google-proof forum and our friendly Facebook group.

Get answers to your questions and find accountability partners.


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Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


Every now and again you get to spend time with someone whom you know will change the way you think about the world, for the better, from that point forward. Clare is one of those people.

She’s influentially powerful and calmly assured, passionate about others’ success and inspires those she engages with.

William Buist (Founder of xTen Club)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


Clare’s energy and enthusiasm helped me rekindle old dreams, especially the one that says I can have a lot of fun earning a living helping others in unlimited ways.

Her process illuminated what I wanted in business and why, and then actually laid out how to get there. I got to feel how vitally important inner work really is as the basis for professional success. The biggest change is in me—learning to trust what I know. Talk about results!

Karen Campos (Founder of Kaleidoscope)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


Just got my copy of Dare to Dream Bigger by Clare Josa. It's a meaty book filled with perfectly paced steps. Go get this book!

Nancy Marmolejo (Founder of Talent & Genius)

Is This Book Right for You?


    • You're hungry to make a bigger difference in the world
    • You're ready to take complete responsibility for the changes you want to make
    • You're prepared to do whatever it takes to get past your 'flinch factor' and step up to the next level (and Clare will make it as easy as possible for you!)
    • You feel excited (and maybe scared!) about letting go of out-of-date hidden blocks and stepping up to the next level on your world-changer mission


    • You're still in the 'mañana day-dream' zone on your life's dreams and you don't want to say 'YES!'
    • You want to be 'told what to do' and have your hand held at each and every step of the journey
    • You still feel like life happens 'to' you and that if you don't get the results you want, it's down to 'other people' or 'external circumstances'
    • You're regularly telling yourself stories of 'it's not fair' or how someone or something else is to 'blame'

Start Reading Dare To Dream Bigger Today!

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