Clare Josa – Author

Clare Josa is the author of five life-changing books and her debut novel - You Take Yourself With You - is in store and online from December 2017.

Clare Josa has been teaching people how to change their life - and the world - since 2002 (and unofficially since long before then).

After many years and thousands of students, both in face-to-face workshops and supported through online programmes, Clare was hungry to create books that allowed you to change your life, from the comfort of your own sofa, with a cup of tea in your hand; even in your PJs.

Which one do you want to start with?

Clare Josa - Author

Clare Josa

You Take Yourself With You by Clare Josa

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If you enjoy drama, intrigue, exploring human nature and conflict - all delivered with a generous dollop of humour - then you'll love Clare Josa's compelling debut novel about hope against the odds.

Pre-order your copy now and qualify for over £100 in launch week bonuses - it could change your life forever.

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