Fed up with feeling alone, running your biz? Would you love more clarity, motivation, insight and inspired action?

Do you ever feel like you want some regular mentoring support, but you don’t need a full-blown mentoring package?

Then get yourself some Accountability Mentoring.

I have had the honour of empowering people, just like you, to create breakthroughs towards their dreams for over 12 years now.

And whilst I love the deep-dive of VIP Days and in-depth 3 month mentoring programmes, not everyone needs that.

There are times when what works best is pure and simple Accountability.

And, over the years, so many of my clients have told me they are blown away at what we can achieve in a simple 30 minute call.

Of course, it requires you to put in the background work and to show up for the call ready with your successes and challenges, clear about which block you want to clear or which question you need to answer. But when you show up ready and committed, we can work magic, super fast.

So that’s why I now offer a monthly Accountability Mentoring package.

Here’s how Accountability Mentoring works:

We start with our first Skype call (30 minutes & you’ll have filled in the pre-session questionnaire), when we agree the Big Dream(s) you want to work on for the next 6-12 months. This is in addition to your regular monthly calls and is my gift to you.

Then you send me a weekly email, to my private email mentoring email address, to let me know how you are getting on with the agreed strategies and actions (whether they’re ‘inside work’ or ‘outside world’ actions).

Then at least 3 days before your next Skype session, you fill in the pre-session questionnaire, so we can make the most of our Dynamite Session together.

In between, you get extra support and accountability in my Backstage Pass Members-Only area (my gift to you, for the duration of your mentoring), which brings you access to my online course back catalogue, VIP access to my monthly live Masterclasses and a place in my monthly live Q&A / hot seat call.

So you can see that, putting this all together, you’ve got a comprehensive accountability package, that goes much further than ‘just’ a quick phone call.

What do you get?

Clarity. Strategy. Inspiration. Motivation. Unblocking. Making the difference you dream of in the world.

Monthly Dynamite Call

Laser-focus & high-impact.

The pre-session questionnaire means you hit the ground running.

We’ll celebrate your successes, we’ll see what needs changing, and you’ll finish the call with more clarity, having identified your blocks, a clear plan to deal with those and feeling excited about the next steps on your strategy.

Weekly Accountability Emails

You’ll get my private email mentoring address and will send me a weekly update email, letting me know how you got on with that week’s actions and getting quick answers to any burning questions.

These help keep you on track, motivated, energised and celebrating your successes.

I aim to respond within 72 hours (usually faster) and I hope you’re ok with the fact that I don’t work weekends – I spend that time with my kids. xx

Backstage Pass Membership

You get rolling membership of my Backstage Pass programme, as my gift. This gets you:

  • VIP access to my live Monthly Masterclasses
  • my back catalogue of online courses & Masterclasses (great for when you hit a block)
  • plus a place on my monthly live Q&A / hot seat call
  • AND our gorgeous and supportive private Facebook group, for even more accountability

If you already have Dare To Dream Bigger Academy membership, contact me to get a discount on your mentoring.

How is it different to regular mentoring?

You’re pretty much there – you know where you want to go and what you want to do. So this is about helping you keep going on the journey, clearing out any minor blocks that come up, inspiring you with more clarity and holding you accountable.

It’s not about deep-dive block-removal. But you can always add in a deep-dive session, if you need one.

You are not alone.

Running your own business can feel lonely,

especially if your friends and loved-ones aren’t part of it.

But you don’t have to do it on your own. Accountability Mentoring, with my Backstage Pass Membership, gives you back your Tribe, keeps you connected, and puts the fun back into your business dreams.

Is it for you?

  • You’re independent and self-motivated, but you’d love guidance, clarity, motivation, inspiration and accountability
  • You’re ready to take action – prepared to commit the time to create the breakthroughs you dream of
  • You know that changing the world is an ‘inside job’ – and that you are the creator of your success
  • You’re hungry to release old blocks, fears, limits and excuses, and agree to put in the time and effort to do so
  • You feel excited at the prospect of what you want to create in the next year – and beyond
  • You want to serve people and make a difference in the world, rather than being obsessed with just ‘money’ or your ‘lifestyle business’ (don’t worry – I’ll help you with the money side, too, but if cash and lifestyle are your main focus, we wouldn’t be a great fit!)

Remember: it’s YOUR job, not mine, to remember to send the weekly emails and book your monthly Skype call, via my online scheduling system, so please only join me for this Accountability Mentoring if you’re happy to be responsible for that. 🙂

  • You’re only at the ‘vague ideas’ stage and aren’t really sure what you want to be doing (you need a VIP Day or 3 month mentoring package)
  • You’re not very motivated and need regular chasing, rather than accountability
  • You’re looking for a ‘plug-n-play’ solution, rather than using our insights from working together to create the bespoke action plan that will work for you
  • You believe that life happens ‘to’ you and that other people are responsible for your happiness – and your success
  • You want to get rich quick, have overnight success and are focussing more on your desired lifestyle than the change you bring to the world

What’s the investment?

Your Time:

Expect to spend at least one hour per week, working on the ‘inside work’ stuff we agree – or the ‘outside world’ practical strategies that come out of our session.

Send me a weekly progress email, to let me know you’re staying on track – and also get quick answers to any burning questions.

Book our live 30 minute Dynamite Session (via Skype) and send me the pre-session questionnaire at least 3 days before our session.

That way, when we get together, we get an amazing amount out of the 30 minutes.

But remember: there IS a difference between 30 minutes and VIP day. There may be times where you want to add in a one-off ‘deep dive’ session – and that’s ok, too.

Financial Investment:

Each month you get:

  • 30 minute Dynamite Session (usually £297)
  • Email mentoring (usually £300)
  • Membership of my Dare To Dream Bigger Academy programme, with access to my online course back catalogue and VIP access to my monthly Masterclasses, plus a live Q&A / Hot Seat call each month (usually £47 per month)

Total monthly benefits: £644

The monthly cost for this Accountability Mentoring package in 2016 will be £397.

There are only 5 2 more places available for Q1 & Q2 in 2016.

And you get to lock in this rate for as long as your subscription runs – the price will be going up to £497 per month in the next couple of months.

I want to make this Accountability Mentoring affordable to as many people as possible, whilst still offering the quality and service you deserve. That’s why I can only offer a limited number of Accountability Mentoring places – and it’s why I ask you to make a minimum six month commitment, so I know you’re serious about making a difference in your life, your business and the world.

Just imagine what it is worth to you – and your business and your life – to experience this level of Accountability Mentoring? How different will your life feel in 6-12 months’ time? Which of your Big Dreams will you have turned into reality?

Only you know what that is worth to you. And if that makes your Accountability Mentoring a good deal – AND you’re prepared to honour your side of the commitment by putting in the work, then book your place today.

I only ever have a small number of Accountability Mentoring places on my books at any one time, but if the “I want in” button is showing, then there is space for you. Otherwise the button will say “get on the waiting list”.