“I Am Abudant!” Summer School 2014

Do your heart and Soul get excited at the idea of FINALLY releasing the hidden blocks that are sabotaging your health, happiness, vitality, energy levels, relationships and success?
By the end of the summer?

Shhh! I’ve been asked to create something truly amazing this summer – a 28 day “I Am Abundant!” online summer school. Doors aren’t supposed to be open yet. But, given that you have landed on this page, I’m guessing your heart might be calling you to join us, so I’m going to let you sneak in ahead of the queue:

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There’s more to Abundance than money!

Most of us are blocking our Abundance. It doesn’t matter whether it’s money or career or health or your energy levels or your relationships or your happiness, fun or love – blocked Abundance means you’re not living life to the full.

And when you hit your 80th birthday, I’m guessing that it’s something you might look back and regret.


How do you know if you’re blocking your Abundance?

  • You’re feeling that there should be more to life than this. At some deep level, you’re hungry for more meaning, to live your life’s purpose.
  • You try to consciously create what you have been dreaming of, but you’re feeling scared that it won’t work, so you stick with playing small.
  • You try hard, but just don’t get the breakthroughs you’ve been dreaming of, no matter which ‘formula’ you use or how many affirmations you throw at it.
  • You want to feel passionately alive, excited about each new day, but instead you’re stuck in a routine of ‘ok-ness’, hoping that one day things will change.

I’m curious: could you let today be that day?


Are You Fed Up With Wondering Why Manifesting Isn’t Working For You?

Common Abundance Pitfalls

Isn’t it time to stop blocking your natural Abundance? Isn’t it time to let some miracles into your life?


Let your inner diamond shineI had no idea how simple the shifts were that I needed to make. And Clare’s techniques even helped me to get moral support from my family – it has made a huge difference. I feel happier, I love my work now, my family relationships have improved and I can feel the progress I’m making towards my dream goals.

Susanna, Colorado


Let's get started!The 2014 “I Am Abundant!” Summer School is a 28 day online group mentoring programme, with an inspired combination of video training, integration worksheets, guided visualisations & meditations, a truly supportive online community and even a bit of yoga – to help you to release old blocks!

What do you get, over the 28 days of the Summer School?

Each week you get a new module, which is specially designed to be easy to work through, with a fresh challenge for the week and all the support materials you need. BUT it won’t take more than 1/2 hour to work through – plus a few minutes a day to practise. It’s up to you how deeply you want to dive in. And to make it easy for you to create shifts, you’ll get a beautiful blend of:

  • Teaching videos – short & sweet and you can create life shifts while you’re watching them!
  • Integration worksheets – to allow you to dive in more deeply and create lasting change
  • Specially-designed affirmations – to help you to remember and reinforce the changes you’re making
  • A weekly project – to challenge you to increase your awareness of how your thoughts and actions sabotage your Abundance – and to figure out what to do about it!
  • Inspirational articles – for those times when your heart is calling you to go the extra mile
  • Simple yoga sequences – to help you release old blocks that your Monkey Mind had forgotten were there!
  • Inspirational MP3s – deep relaxations, guided meditations and visualisations so you can change your life whilst recharging your batteries

And it’s all designed in bite-sized chunks that you can apply while you wait for the kettle to boil – or stand in a queue.

What Do You Get In The Summer School?

You’re going to be retraining your brain to support your Abundance journey, instead of sabotaging it – and opening your heart to receiving.


How to let the magic happenI wasn’t really a believer in ‘manifesting’ – I thought it was all a bit ‘New Age’, but having worked with Clare on this, I’m amazed by the transformation it has created. I can’t believe the difference it has made to my experience of life.
I’ve got a really clear vision now and I can feel myself moving towards it becoming reality – and I’m seeing synchronicities where before it just used to be hard work.

Julia, London


By the end of the Summer School...By the end of the summer school, you will have made a leap towards consciously creating the life you have been dreaming of…

And no longer feeling that something is ‘missing’.


Isn’t it time for you to say “yes!” to the future you have been dreaming of?

  • Just imagine… feeling full of energy and bouncing your way through your day…
  • Just imagine… being able to ride the waves of emotions that used to really drag you down…
  • Just imagine… feeling totally aligned with your life’s purpose – loving what you do and who you are…
  • Just imagine… loving your career, your relationships, having fun and doing what you have been dreaming of…
  • Just imagine… letting go of stress and anxiety, because you KNOW your Soul has got it sorted and life is going to be GREAT!
  • Just imagine… finally having the success you have been dreaming of – with much less effort than before…
  • Just imagine… loving watching the synchronicities line up at your door, just when you need them most.


Life's too short for 'ok'. You deserve 'great'!I was sceptical at first – I had read every book and been on loads of courses. But none of them had approached things the way I did when I was working with Clare. It’s like she helped me to spot the blocks that I hadn’t realised were getting in the way – and we dealt with them. Job done. I feel so much less stressed and happier and I’m more energised about my manifesting – the things on my vision board are already starting to arrive.

Nick, York


How Does It All Work?

Clare Josa - Author | NLP Trainer | Meditation Teacher | Happiness ExperimenterThe Insider Secrets I’m sharing with you in our 2014 Summer School are based on 12 years of studying, experimenting, making mistakes and even getting it right, when it comes to manifesting Abundance! I want to help you to shortcut your journey, so that you see results by the end of the summer.

As an NLP Trainer (for over a decade) I know how to make it super-easy for you to learn – and to release the blocks you didn’t even realise were holding you back.

All you need to do is to go through the materials and to apply the insights. There are no complex processes or 2-trillion-point methods to memorise!

As a formally-trained Meditation Teacher and a student of spiritual practices since I was 15, I know how important it is for manifesting Abundance to connect with the spiritual side of your life, whatever form that takes for you. So in the Summer School, I’m demystifying the essential Ancient Wisdom you need – in a way that works in our Western world. Releasing your Abundance blocks simply doesn’t work if you try to do it with just your thinking mind!

But, before you run to the ‘woo-woo-free’ hills ;-) , I’m also a reformed Mechanical Engineer, so all of this has been through my Inner Engineer’s BS filter. It’s practical inspiration that works for busy lives, not fluff and promises.

If you have been thinking of working with me for a while, then this is the programme I suggest you start with. You’ll be amazed at the shifts you will create with it.

So, my question to you is:
Once you have registered for the Summer School, what Abundance do you want to create first…? :-)

I’d love to hear from you, via the comments.

With love, Namaste,

CJ Sig


I know this works.

cj-soul-mateclare-josa-books-222Over the past decade, the techniques and Insider Secrets I’m sharing with you this summer have taken me… From homeless to living in my dream home… From single mum to marrying my Soul-Mate… From passionate blogger to best-selling published author.
And I still use them, every day, to create the life I’m choosing to live, in alignment with my Soul’s purpose.

And I know they will open your life to miracles, too.

Clare xx


A little bit curious? Want to dip your toe in the water?

Then how about buying my CD of guided meditations and visualisations, to help you to release your manifesting blocks and create Abundance in your life? Make sure you’re getting my email updates to find out when it is available. Or…


Are You Nearly Ready? Feeling Excited? Perhaps Nervous?

Then it’s time to take the next step towards your miracle-filled life.

Join us for the 2014 Summer School and fall in love with creating the life you were born to live!


What’s the investment?

Expect to spend about 1/2 hour per week when your new course materials arrive. Apart from that, it’s a few minutes a day – plus any time you want to spend in the forum.

The content of this programme is unique and I have never shared it with a group before. It has been reserved for one-to-one mentoring clients in my spiritual growth programmes. I’m really excited about getting to share it with you.

To go through this programme with me, one-to-one, would have cost you upwards of £2,995 and would have taken at least six months. However, I simply don’t have time to do this on a one-to-one basis any more.

And it feels like the world is calling for this unique work to be much more widely available. The planet needs each and every one of us to be making the types of shifts that this “I Am Abundant!” Summer School programme can create.

So I’m offering it to you as a group mentoring programme, getting the same fantastic results, but at a fraction of the financial investment – and in bite-sized, easy-to-action chunks.

I want to make this programme as accessible as I can – whilst still being able to deliver the quality and service you deserve.

If you register today, before doors officially open, then you can join in my Birthday Party Celebrations – I’m offering you a fabulous birthday gift which meanst that you pay just:

arrow-no-bg$297 $147 USD (that’s £87)

That’s less than the cost of a night in a B&B – to be able to turn up the dial on your inner “living the life of your dreams” thermostat – forever. I hope you’ll agree that it represents incredible value.

But registration is only open until midnight (UK Time – that’s 7pm Eastern) on August 18th 2014, at which point DOORS CLOSE.

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What Are We Covering?

Week 1: Clearout & Clarity Week 2: Taming Your Inner Critic
Week 3: Allow & Accept Week 4: Getting In Your Groove

Here’s what’s included:


The full 28 day summer school The Full 28 Day Summer School
Everything you need to create life-long shifts & open your heart to Abundance.
This should be at least $295 – which is still less than the cost of my entry-level mentoring programme.
Yes! I'm In!
Life-changing MP3s Life-Changing MP3s
Meditations, guided visualisations and deep relaxations – all to help you to change your life without even trying.
These would normally be $19.99.
Yes! I'm In!
Join us in the members-only forum Membership Of Our Private Online Community
Share the journey and create life-long friendships. And you get to keep the membership, even after graduation.
Membership of this group is normally $200+ per year.
Yes! I'm In!
LIVE VIP Q&A Calls Weekly VIP LIVE Q&A Webinar
Get answers to your questions – and there’s even a chance to get FREE virtual mentoring, LIVE on the call!
This would normally be $67 per week – making it $268
Yes! I'm In!
Gift CD with all of the meditations from the Summer School Graduation Bonus: CD Of All MP3s
After you graduate, I’ll send you a gift copy of the CD with all of the meditations and guided visualisations from the Summer School, so you can listen to them, whenever you want to, for years to come.
Everyone else will be paying $39 for this.
Yes! I'm In!
Gift copy of Gratitude: A Daily Journal Graduation Bonus: Gift Copy Of My Gratitude Journal
Discover for yourself how this best-seller has helped thousands of people to create a life-changing daily gratitude practice – and use it to help you keep your new-found Abundance habits going.
This would normally be $19.99.
Yes! I'm In!
Usual Price
If you register today, before doors officially open, then you pay just:
$147 USD
(Just £87)


Is it time to say ‘yes’ to the future you have been dreaming of?


You've got nothing to lose with our 'Love it guaranteeAnd, Of Course, This Summer School Comes With My “Love It!” Guarantee

Try the Summer School on for size. Work through the modules and feel how it changes your life. If, having worked through the materials, your heart tells you it wasn’t for you, that’s fine. Simply let my team know within the 28 days of the Summer School and you can have a full refund – no sulks, no awkward questions, no hard feelings.


So you have nothing to lose and the Abundance you have been dreaming of to gain!


How can you tell if it’s worth the investment?

I know that the tools, techniques and secrets I’ll be sharing with you are dynamite. Apply them, make the shifts, let go of the old ‘stuff’ you’ve been carrying and you’ll take your life to the next level.

(Don’t worry – I’ll be sharing the full ‘how to’ with you, to make all of that easy).

If you imagine being able to crank up the dial on your ‘Inner Happiness Thermostat’, each and every day for the rest of your life, how much would that be worth to you?

Or, perhaps looking at it the other way, how much would it be worth to you to avoid reaching your 80th birthday, looking back and regretting that you didn’t do it.

Only you can decide if you want to dive in and exerience all that the “I Am Abundant!” Summer School has to offer. And if you do, then I promise to give you all the support and encouragement and ‘how to’ that I can, to help you achieve the shifts you have been dreaming of!

Joining In Is Easy

Choose whether you want to pay in USD or Pounds Sterling and click the button below to register. Once your payment has gone through, check your email for details of how to log in and get started.


Grab Your Place Now
Just $147 USD

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Grab Your Place Now
Just £87 GBP

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P.S. It will never be this price again.

arrow-no-bgBy the time doors close on August 18th – and we go LIVE – the cost to join in will be $297. So if you’re thinking about being part of our Summer School, it really does pay to dive in now and say “Yes!” to the future you today.


Still got questions?

Here are answers to some of the most common questions I get asked. If yours hasn’t been answered yet, please get in touch. xx Clare

“I don’t have enough time to do this!”

Not having enough time is the #1 excuse (sorry, truly legitimate reason!) I hear from people about why they can’t change their lives.

Firstly, we tackle this, head-on, in the first module.

Secondly, do you really think that the ‘future you’ on your 80th birthday will look back and say “Hell yeah! I’m so glad you didn’t bother changing your life because the ironing was so much more important!”???

Or do you think that ‘future you’ might wish you had taken action today that could help you to feel happier and more fulfilled, for every day of the rest of your life?

“What if it doesn’t work for me?”

I know that this stuff works – and I know it will work for you, if you simply go and use it! But I also know how it feels to start a programme and feel unsure or confused – and that’s ok.

It’s my aim over the four weeks to help you to spot how you have been sabotaging your success and happiness in the past – so you can set yourself free from those old blocks, fears and excuses forever.

It’s the difference that makes the difference.

And, if your heart genuinely tells you this isn’t a good fit for you, once we’ve started, then that’s why I offer my “Love It!” guarantee.

How does the Summer School create lasting change?

We don’t mess around with the sticky plaster stuff (Band Aids, I think, in the USA?). We dive right in and deal with the underlying causes. And it doesn’t have to hurt and it doesn’t have to be scary.

But when you deal with what’s been unconsciously running the show, change doesn’t just become easier, it becomes inevitable and natural!

“What if I’m away for some of the programme?”

Don’t worry! It’s ok!

You get access to all of the modules for a full six months after the end of the programme and all live calls are recorded.

So it’s easy for you to catch up and there’s no pressure to run at the weekly pace – you can choose to take things more gently, if that works better for you.

And you get to resit the programme as my guest, each time it runs!

What kind of support is included?

This group mentoring programme includes peer support from the private online community – and I will also be in there, pretty much every day for the whole of the programme, to answer your questions and to be your virtual cheer-leader for your break throughs.

The live Q&A sessions (Platinum) are the perfect opportunity to get answers to your burning questions – and to learn through others’ journeys.

So it’s subtly different from one-to-one mentoring, but you still have full support and, personally, I feel you gain much more from sharing the journey and learning from each other than from working through this kind of stuff with just lil’ ol’ me!

How do I know it’s worth the investment?

I know that the tools, techniques and secrets I’ll be sharing with you are dynamite. Apply them, make the shifts, let go of the old ‘stuff’ you’ve been carrying and you’ll take your life to the next level.

(Don’t worry – I’ll be sharing the full ‘how to’ with you, to make all of that easy).

If you imagine being able to crank up the dial on your ‘Inner Happiness Thermostat’, each and every day for the rest of your life, how much would that be worth to you?

Or, perhaps looking at it the other way, how much would it be worth to you to avoid reaching your 80th birthday, looking back and regretting that you didn’t do it.

Only you can decide if you want to dive in and exerience all that the “I Am Abundant!” Summer School has to offer. And if you do, then I promise to give you all the support and encouragement and ‘how to’ that I can, to help you achieve the shifts you have been dreaming of!

“But I’m scared of changing! Won’t my life fall apart?”

I know that change can feel scary – believe me – I’ve been there.

That’s one of the reasons why it is so important to me that I only share the depth of techniques we’ll be using in the Summer School in a mentoring environment – and it’s why you’ll never find them just hanging around in a book. This stuff really works – and I want to make it as easy as possible for you – and that’s why it’s really important that we get to connect, rather than me leaving you on your own. We have the private online community, where you can share your experiences (both great and otherwise!) and get moral support, plus the weekly Q&As, where you can get answers to your questions.

You are not alone. We are all there, walking this path by your side. And when that happens, change doesn’t feel anywhere near as scary, does it?

Isn’t this stuff just a load of ‘woo woo’?

My inner engineer chuckles over this one. She has lost count of the number of times she has thrown this question back at me. In fact, my original degree was a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and German and the first decade of my career was in senior engineering positions and then as Head of Market Research for an international brand – so I know about practical, strategic, insightful common sense solutions.

On the other hand, my inner ‘soul self’ also knows that there is more to life than purely observable science. And if I didn’t share the more subtle stuff with you, I’d be doing you a disservice. So rest assured, I’ll be bringing you everything that you need – but in a way that’s easy for you to take on board and enjoy, without having to pop off to your 29th Chakra for a month of japa meditation. :-)

“Do I have to take on a new religion or belief system?”

Absolutely not!

In fact, the primary focus of my work is to help people let go of the old beliefs that were holding them back – wherever these came from.

With everything I share with you, all I ask is that you try it on for size, with an open mind, and if it fits, great. Take it and use it to change your life. If it doesn’t, and you can’t tweak it to fit, that’s cool too.

And the vital Truth I mentioned earlier is the #1 reason why all of this will work for you, no matter what your cultural or social background or life experience so far.

“What will it feel like, as I work through the Summer School?”

The 28 days (and beyond!) will feel different for everyone, but there are some common themes.

Sometimes the module will be easy for you, because it’s just refining what you’re already doing.

Other times it might be more of a challenge, as you let go of an old behaviour or release an old block and take on new habits. Comfort zones will get stretched. You will be re-training your mind – both the conscious ‘Monkey Mind’ and also your ‘unconscious mind’ – the bit that’s really running the show.

Take all of this at your own speed. Dive in as deeply as you can – but know that the materials will still be there for you, if you want to repeat a module in the future to get even more from it.

By the end of the Summer School, if you have worked through the modules, you will feel happier, calmer, more open-hearted, less stressed, more grounded and centred and life will flow more easily.

And students tell me they catch themselves smiling for no particular reason :-)

How do the Q&A sessions work?

These are held weekly (for Platinum members) and I’ll publish all of the dates and times well in advance, so you can get them in your diary.

They run at two different times – Monday evenings and Saturday late afternoons – alternating each call. This is to try to allow as many people as possible to join in live (given the wide range of time zones we’re all on!). The calls are all recorded and you’ll be able to download them from the members’ area, to listen to again. So don’t worry if you miss one!

You can also submit a question in advance, if you can’t make the call, and I will do my best to answer it.

All calls can be done via the phone (and there are a range of call options) or live via the internet (free) – so hopefully there’s a choice that will suit your schedule and call plan.

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to really enjoy these sessions.

“Do I have to join in with the private online community?”

No, of course you don’t! It’s entirely up to you!

However, I’ll be spending quite a lot of time hanging out there, so it’s a great way to get answers to your questions. Also sharing the journey is much more fun than just doing it on your own and you’ll find the community is full of lovely people, on a similar journey to you. So I do really recommend joining in.

It is a private closed group on Facebook (Google can’t see inside it), so your privacy is safe.

It really is worth the effort.

I’m not sure if I want to do this? How can I decide?”

Simple! Try out the 80th birthday test and let me know which way you decide to go. Here’s a short video to walk you through the process.

Speak Your Mind