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Are you fed up with wondering why manifesting isn’t working for you? Let’s get it sorted with this 3 part video training!

A personal message from Clare:


Change your life forever for just £47

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What People Are Saying About This Training – Sometimes Even Before They Have Finished It!

I love your style of communicating because you are very clear, informative and warm but also very illuminating. I have played with so many of these ideas in the past few years, stumbling around searching for ways forward.

Yet you bring something very fresh and new that is helping me to understand why I have had such difficulty with some of these techniques. I appreciate the way you cut through ‘the fluff”.

The first video has sparked some interesting internal dialogue too. I’ll now be practicing the abundance mindset from video 2. Looking forward to video 3. Thanks again. ~ Mandy


Thank you Clare! Like you I have been on this pathway for many years, however I did have lightbulb moments. I realised exactly how I am blocking my Abundance! My new found awareness will change this for me. ~ Meg


I love the way you present what could be complicated in such a clear and entertaining way. It’s so easy to understand – and apply. ~ Nick


I love your voice. And that a 15 minute video can make me cry (in a good way!) and answer more questions than 6 years of counselling. Epic. ~ Lex


Clare Josa - Author | NLP Trainer | Meditation Teacher | Happiness ExperimenterAre you finding that your ‘manifesting’ is a bit ‘hit and miss’?

Maybe car parking spaces are easy, but the ‘big stuff’ falls apart?

Then I’ve got a GORGEOUS course to share with you!


Here’s a 3 part video-series on breaking through your Abundance blocks.
Over the next 28 days, I’m going to be spilling the beans on:

  • Week #1 Video: Are You Making The #1 Manifesting Mistake That Most People Don’t Even Realise They’re Making? And What You Can Do About It!
  • Week #2 Video: My Insider-Secret Mindset-Shift To Turn Things Around – Fast
  • Week #3 Video: My Personal 3-Step Action Plan To Go From Blocked To Bountiful In Under Sixty Seconds
  • Week #4 Workbook & Integration Video: Get total clarity on what it is you want – and discover why it might not be what you think! And by week 4 it’ll make sense why I leave this workbook until the final week.
  • Daily quick-to-read email messages, to help keep you on track and to integrate those shifts even more deeply (I run a ‘5+2 fasting diet’ on these, so you get 5 days of messages and then 2 days off to catch up & integrate, so you don’t feel overwhelmed!)

What do you get?You get the daily email messages, 3 full training videos, fast-track manifesting affirmations, a specially-designed MP3 Manifesting Meditation, a ‘figure out what on earth you want’ workbook and bonus membership of our gorgeous private Facebook group – Dancing In Your Soul-Shoes – for Abundance moral support and answers to your questions! Sharing the journey with like-minded Souls transforms your experience – and turns this course into virtual mentoring.

AND there’s a special graduation bonus, for when you have finished the course. (Top Secret – but you’ll love it!)

I Am Abundant! Join Us Today

What’s the investment?

  • Each video is about 15 minutes
  • The emails will take you a minute or two to read
  • And you’ll want to spend 3-5 minutes a day playing with the techniques, over the next 28 days
  • The week 4 workbook will probably take you about an hour to go through
  • The bonus meditation (which is yours after the 3 videos – it’s important to deal with the #1 manifesting mistake, to get clarity and to start to clear your blocks before your retrain your unconscious mind on manifesting!) is 10 minutes and you can listen to it a few times a week, for best results.

That’s not much to ask, is it, to feel happier, pretty much every day, for the rest of your life?

And I want to make this course as accessible as possible, whilst still delivering the quality you deserve. It should cost you AT LEAST the price of my entry-level one-to-one mentoring programme, which would be £497. And it would be worth that – and more, when you consider the life-long shifts you can create with it.

I want as many people as possible to be able to join in and benefit from this Abundance training, so the regular price for it is just £97 (approx $155 USD), but…

You still qualify for my World Gratitude Day celebration rate – but only just!

I want to spread a wave of loving Abundance around the world, so all of the goodies that come with this course, even the private Facebook group membership, are all yours for £97 just £47 (that’s about $77 USD), if you register today – it goes back to full price at the end of this week (12th October).

Yes – it’s just £47 – to start releasing your Abundance blocks and creating life-long shifts – today.

I know I could easily add a ‘0’ to the end of that price and it would still be incredible value (when you consider the life-long changes it can help you to create), but I want you to be able to change your life – easily – starting today. I don’t want price to stand in your way.

Are you in? Just click to join and your login details will be emailed to you in the next few minutes.


Change your life forever for just £47

That’s about $77 USD
Click here to join now


Love it! GuaranteeAnd, of course, this all comes with my ‘Love it!’ guarantee so, if at any point during the course your heart tells you it’s not for you, simply reply to one of the emails and you can have a full refund – no sulks, no strops, no awkward grumps!

So you have nothing to lose and a lifetime of Abundance to gain.


I would LOVE to share this journey with you.
With love, Namaste,

CJ Sig

Clare Josa
Author | NLP Trainer | Meditation Teacher | Reformed Mechanical Engineer 🙂


Some More Of What People Are Saying About This Training

You were right – the Abundance action plan wasn’t at all what I was expecting – and that is why it works! Getting results already! Thank you. ~ Lucy

It’s funny, as soon as I ‘tried the plan on for size’, I could feel that the changes had kind of already happened. Amazing. Thank you, Clare! ~ Sian

Wow! If video 1 is already this potent, then I can’t wait to see what you’ll be sharing in video 2! ~ Linda

That simple waking up / pre-bedtime exercise is already producing results for me. And it takes less than a minute. Why didn’t I discover this years ago? At least I know it now! ~ Julia

I had to pause to write and tell you that the videos are excellent! I hadn’t realised about my blocks and I’m looking forward to using the processes you shared to deal with them. ~ Flynn

Really great questions, Clare. Loved this! ~ Kate

This is really useful thanks Clare. It really helped me create a shift! Looking forward to welcoming next video. ~ Andrea

Thank you so much for this course, Clare. I enjoyed it immensely. It has really helped me to move from being stuck to becoming more Abundant. I can feel the difference it is making already. ~ Jane

Just had to let you know that wow…! Yes I do sabotage my abundance but never quite understood that I was doing this. So watch this space I intend to manifest the perfect home for me within the next year.

All I did was watch your 3 videos and do the exercises as we went through – and yet I can really feel the shifts already! I have changed my future in just minutes. Thank you! ~ Joanna


Change your life forever for just £47

Click here to join now