Hungry to make a bigger difference in the world? Fed up with feeling stuck?

  • Tired of having to work so hard? Feel like you've tried everything, but you're not making enough progress?
  • Still dreaming of that big breakthrough? But you secretly know you're blocking the success you're craving?
  • Hungry to make the difference you have been dreaming of in the world? But you're scared it might never happen?

About Your Big Vision Dreams... 

If you ever catching yourself thinking, "I can't do that, because..." then we need to talk!

You're hungry to make a difference in the world...

But what you're doing isn't getting you the results you're dreaming of.

I've been where you're at. I have got the proverbial t-shirt from doing every course I could find, trying out every hot-new-stuff technique, reading gazillions of 'this-fixes-everything' articles, listening to podcasts, watching countless videos, and spending a fortune on high-end programmes, trying to figure out ways to satisfy my deep-down hunger to make the difference I knew I was here to make. 

But, despite the promises, the results were hit and miss. And, worse:

I thought it was my fault.

Nowadays, in the work I do, I see so many passionate world-changers - entrepreneurs and business leaders - who have spent thousands on every programme and training they can find, so they can be the best they can be, and make the difference they dream of.

But it isn't working for them, either.

Over the years, I spent THOUSANDS, studying with the best of the best of small business mentors and personal development trainers, but I never seemed to get the results they got. And, if I'm totally honest, I felt like a failure and a fraud.

And nobody was talking about this.

Instead, my social media feed and email inbox were full of glossy images of super-successful people telling me that their strategy was the only one that could ever work for me. Newbie coaches were packaging themselves as experienced business mentors. People with great photography and fabulous graphic designers were telling me it was all down to how I was / wasn't using social media, or Facebook ads, or Instagram stories, or the right email sequence funnels, or 'conversion tactics', or some other 'outside world' strategy.

I thought everyone was being hugely successful - and I felt like a fraud - an imposter.

I even convinced myself that I was somehow 'broken' and needed to find someone to 'fix' me - that I wasn't thinking the 'right' thoughts or was missing the right mindset or wasn't doing the right 'manifesting' rituals, so it was all my fault

Then one day the lightbulb went on. I woke up and realised that I was putting all of the effort into the 'outside actions', but not focusing on clearing out my hidden 'inside world' blocks. As an NLP Trainer ('user manual' for your brain) since 2003, that was a bit of an embarrassing DUH moment. ;-)

I was subconsciously self-sabotaging.

I was being held back by self-imposed glass ceilings that I didn't even realise were there. I was secretly terrified of being successful. So a tiny bit inside of me made sure I kept playing small, no matter how big I was dreaming.

I had to change the way I saw myself - to allow myself to become the person I needed to be.

It went way beyond 'mindset' and 'thinking'.

The breakthroughs finally came when I got totally clear about my Big Vision and reconnected with my passion.

I got excited about clearing out those hidden blocks, beliefs, fears, excuses and habits that had been getting in the way. Otherwise there was no way I was going to be able take the inspired action that was needed for me to reach the audience that was desperate to hear my message.

And it worked.
It worked so well, it blew me away.

I want it to work for you, too.

I want you to be able to stop having to try so hard. I dream of a day when you can easily step into your Soul-Shoes and show the world your authentic Inner Genius, without feeling fearful or worrying about what others might think.

I had learned a vital Truth:​

You have all the answers you need, already,
inside of yourself.

And I would love to show you how to find them.

I feel passionately about empowering you to make the difference you are longing to make, living your life’s purpose to the full and inspiring others to do the same. 

And I have spent the past 15 years specialising in helping people just like you to do the ‘inside work’ that makes their ‘outside dreams’ fall into place.

Dream-Trashing Warning Signs You Don't Want To Ignore

  • You're secretly feeling stuck. Going through the motions? Procrastinating? Overwhelmed? Exhausted? All of these are signs that you're subconsciously blocking your success.
  • You chase the latest, new shiny thing - or solution.
    You constantly move from one exciting idea to the next, meaning your best work never gets a chance to grow and take off.
  • You're doing the right things, but they're just not working.
    You're doing everything the 'gurus' and experts recommend - but somehow it's just not working for you.
  • You secretly fear you'll never be a success.
    Your heart is calling you to step up and make a bigger difference in the world, but you're terrified you'll fail.
  • You feel like a fraud.
    Imposter syndrome - you see everyone else's success and feel bad about feeling jealous, but when will it be your turn?
  • You turn down golden opportunities.
    And you'll usually have good reasons, but with hindsight you wish you had said yes more - and done fewer freebies.
  • You're secretly ready to jack it all in.
    You dread opening your inbox. You're drowning in your 'to do' list. You're so busy you barely have time to pee, but you're not getting the results you deserve. But you've still got that voice inside you, calling you to make the difference you know you are here to make, so you keep going, despite how you're feeling about the journey.

It doesn't have to be that way.

My mentoring clients know my secret - that there are three steps to setting yourself free to make the difference you're here to make in the world:



Get 110% connected with a Big Vision that excites and inspires you - and energises you.

So few of us really have this level of clarity. But when you're deeply connected with your Big Why and the difference you're uniquely here to make, it gives you fast-track access to the passion that will give you the courage to stretch old comfort zones and get your message out there, making the difference you're here to make. It gets you out of your own way, because you're 100% committed to serving your Dream Audience, instead of worrying about not being ready yet or not being good enough.



Discover how to spot - and easily release - the hidden blocks, fears, excuses and worries that have kept you stuck, dreaming big but playing small.

You can put an end to self-doubt, self-sabotage and feeling like a fraud. You can crank up your confidence, so that you no longer subconsciously use overwhelm and procrastination to protect yourself from your secret fear of being seen - and even being successful.



Take the actions that make the vital difference. Learn how to trust your intuition - and how to connect with your Dream Team. You were never meant to be doing this alone.

You can find yourself feeling excited about your work again, feeling in flow, rather than feeling like you're having to try too hard, constantly pushing boulders uphill through treacle. And things fall into place more easily, taking less time and energy to get better results.

Remember: success is 20% about what you do and 80% about your inner world.

It goes so much deeper than 'mindset' and 'attitude'. They're useful sticky plasters, but they're not enough.

The real gems lie beneath the surface.

Changing the world is an inside job.

It’s less about what you do – and more about who you allow yourself to become.

I want to make it easy for you.
I'd love to share my insider secrets and inspirational, practical strategies from the past 15 years of mentoring passionate World-Changers, just like you.

The world needs you, now, not 'one day' when you're feeling 'ready'.

Somewhere out there, right now,
someone is lying awake at night,
dreaming of the solution that
only you can offer.

Imagine - humour me here! - how it might feel, once you have reconnected with the passion of your Big Vision, cleared out your hidden blocks and are taking inspired action towards your dreams...

What might the 80-year-old version of you tell you about that?

We Don't Do 'Sticky Plasters'

Did you know that 'pushing on through' and 'fake it till you make it' actually makes things worse, setting up inner conflicts that make you MORE likely to self-sabotage?

That pretending you're ok, despite waking up at 3am with Imposter Syndrome ISN'T something you have to put up with?

When we work together, you get to clear out the root causes of the 'mindset-level' blocks, so you never have to worry about them again. It's fast, fun and forever.

Here's What You Get:

Online Masterclasses
Most months I run live teaching sessions, where we deep-dive on key 'inside work' topics.

Monthly 'Office Hours'
Make the most of these live Q&As, to get answers to your questions and celebrate your successes.

Access My Online Course Vault
Get my entire online training vault and I'll let you know each month which course will help the most.

Monthly Meditation MP3
Linked to each month's core theme, you'll get a guided meditation MP3 (remember I'm a meditation teacher!), so you can clear hidden blocks with near-zero effort.

All Of My Books
You get downloadable versions of each of my non-fiction books (currently 5), so they're there for you, whenever you need them. 

Passionate World Changer Tribe
You get to hang out with us in our private Facebook group, and also our Google-proof forum, where you can share your journey with like-minded Souls.


... I don't have the time!

... I can't afford it!

... it won't work for me!

... I already know about mindset!

And you're not alone.

Your Passionate World Changer Club membership gets you access to our gorgeous private online community, where you can share your journey with like-minded, passionate World-Changers.

No longer do you have to struggle to find the answers you need, or wish you had someone who 'gets' you, to bounce ideas off.

You're not meant to change the world on your own. We'd love to be your virtual cheerleaders and accountability partners.

What Mentoring Clients Say

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Working with Clare created breakthroughs.”

“Clare has a way of explaining things you already knew so you create breakthroughs. The support group made such a difference and we're still there for each other, months later.

"Clare's Membership is a safe space where you can grow, share, learn and become the person to need to be to have the business you dream of. Working with Clare has been the difference between being stuck and frustrated and on the path to creating my dream business and life."

Rosie Slosek
- Founder Of One Man Band Accounting

“Clare has helped me to leverage my gifts.”

“I have had so many ah-has with Clare’s courses and support. A big thing for me is that I now have clarity for how to pivot my business that is truly me - leverage my gifts.

"I have been stuck helping people with their problems outside my gifts which has slowed down my dream business. Clare also turned on the lightbulb for me so I have inner motivation to carry me all the way through.

"Lastly, working with Clare pushed me to get clearer on who I should focus on attracting - ideal target market, who I give the biggest transformation for.”

Teresa Pangan
- Nutrition Consultant
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Who Is The Passionate World Changer Club For?

You might be running a business, you might be a freelancer, you might be self-employed, you might be working in or managing someone else's business. The 'inside work' we do in the Passionate World Changer Club will work for you, whatever it is you are doing with your days - and whatever it is that you want to achieve or create.

What counts is that you're here to make a difference and you know it's time to 'get out of your own way'.​

If you enjoy the way I work and want to make more of a commitment to yourself and your future, but aren't yet ready for a Mastermind or one-to-one mentoring, then the Passionate World Changer Club is the perfect way to take the next step. In it, I share with you the 'inside work' that makes the vital 'outside world' difference.

And it is priced as close as I can make it to a 'no-brainer', whilst still offering the quality and service you deserve.

What's The Investment?

How Much Time Does It Take?

Each live Masterclass lasts about an hour, plus you might spend a few hours on that month's online course and any worksheet materials we cover. 

Your meditation will be about 10 minutes, and you'll want to do that as regularly as you can.

But the time commitment is entirely up to you. It's all designed to be easy to fit in around your schedule, but you will need to mark out time in your diary, to get the most from your membership. I can't do that for you!

How Much Does It Cost?


Your Membership Benefits:

  • Live Masterclasses 
    You get live, replay and download access
  • Online Course Vault
    These life-changing courses cover 'inside work' and proven business strategy. The vault is worth thousands and you my get new courses first.
  • Group Mentoring - Live Q&A 
    Get answers to your questions - and clear your hidden blocks
  • Monthly Meditation MP3
    Integral to each month's theme, these MP3 meditations help you to change your life - and the world - by doing nothing!
  • Passionate World Changer Tribe
    I love seeing the members supporting each other and I dip in to the group most days to answer your questions and celebrate your successes.
  • No Tie-In
    I want you to be free to choose how long you stay a member of the Passionate World Changer Club

All of this is yours for just:

£​39 / month

The price increases for new members on 1st August 2018, when it will be £47 per month.

Your membership rate is guaranteed for as long as you're a member, even when the price goes up for new joiners. The price - once we have the full 300 members - will be £97 per month for new members.

I want to make your membership cost as close as possible to a no-brainer, whilst still offering the quality and service you deserve.

I hope you'll agree that, when  you consider the potential of your membership to transform your experience of life and making a difference in the world, your monthly investment is well worth it.


Get clarity about your Big Vision & your Big Message.

Crank up your confidence - clearing out hidden self-sabotage blocks.

Take the inspired action that creates breakthroughs, not burnout.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Working with Clare was the missing link.”

"Working with Clare was the missing link for me. She speaks powerful truth about what works in the world, sharing incredible wisdom and savvy smarts in the most heartfelt way. Clare’s energy and enthusiasm helped me rekindle old dreams – especially the one that says I can have a lot of fun earning a living helping others in unlimited ways!

"Her process illuminated what I wanted in business and why and then actually laid out how to get there! At a crucial point in my life, I got to see and feel how vitally important inner work really is as the basis for professional success. Thankful I had Clare is an understatement. The biggest change is in me – learning to trust what I know. Talk about results!"

Karen Campos
- Founder Of Kaleidoscope

“Clare is passionate about others' success.”

“Every now and then you get to spend time with someone whom you know will change the way you think about the world, from that point forward. Clare is one of those people.

"She's influentially powerful and calmly assured, passionate about others' success and inspires those she engages with.

"I first came across Clare when the rules on VAT in Europe changed, for the worse, for the small businesses she works with. Quietly and without fuss, she's created change, spoken at the highest levels and influenced policy throughout the 28 countries of the EU. She is an inspirational change agent, who is practical, pragmatic and effective.”

William Buist
- Business Mastermind Mentor & Founder of the xTen Club
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Clare Josa
Author Of Dare To Dream Bigger

About Clare Josa

As an NLP Trainer, Meditation & Yoga Teacher and a reformed Engineer, Clare Josa demystifies Ancient Wisdom, blending it with the best of practical psychology and an engineer's no-BS common sense. Her inspirational strategies are simple to apply and make it surprisingly easy for you to ditch your hidden blocks.

Clare has been a Mentor to passionate World-Changers since 2002 and is the author of five life-changing books, including her most recent: Dare To Dream Bigger - The 'Inside Work' Handbook For Entrepreneurs And Passionate World-Changers.

A member of the UK's Institute of Directors, she speaks internationally on the 'inside work' that makes the critical difference to your success.


Get clarity about your Big Vision & your Big Message.

Crank up your confidence - clearing out hidden self-sabotage blocks.

Take the inspired action that creates breakthroughs, not burnout.

Making a difference in the world doesn't have to be a long, hard, lonely slog.

Your chosen path can feel lonely, especially if your friends and loved-ones don't understand your journey.

But you don’t have to do it on your own. The support, motivation, inspiration and accountability you get with Passionate World Changer Club membership gives you back your Tribe, keeps you connected, and puts the fun back into your dreams.

But Passionate World Changer Club membership isn't for everyone.

The Passionate World Changer Club is for people who are ready to take responsibility for their results, who will put in the time and effort, and who are prepared to step beyond their old comfort zones, every now and then.

But don't worry, we'll be there to hold your hand and cheer you on!

We don't care about what you do for a living; we're excited about who you are.

Membership is for action-takers, on a mission to make a difference in the world, hungry to get their message out there, but sometimes secretly scared about stepping up to the next level.

It doesn't matter to us whether you're a yoga teacher, or a coach, or a financial adviser, or running a store, or a therapist, or a dentist, or an artist, or an author, or a designer, or a counsellor, or a real estate agent, or a personal trainer, or whatever else your heart is calling you to be.

What we care about is that you want to make a positive difference in the world, and that you're excited at the idea of getting to help others to do that, too.

Is Passionate World Changer Club Membership Right For You?

You're Likely To Love It

    • Are you hungry to create change in the world? And already working on it?
    • Do you want to spread a wave of positive action and compassionate empowerment, in whatever you do?
    • Are you pretty clear about your mission, and have already made a start, but would love more clarity?
    • Do you find your inner silent saboteurs keep you stuck, throwing away your chances of success, right before the breakthrough?
    • Have you been there, done it and got the t-shirt, but you’re still not achieving the success you dream of? But there's no way you're giving up!
    • Are you hungry to step up to the next level? Does the fear of not doing it keep you awake at night?

Then the Passionate World Changer Club membership is right up your street. You’d be a great fit for our Tribe. Grab your place and get started now.

Probably Not For You

  • When things go wrong, do you look for people or circumstance to blame?
  • Do you love buying courses, but find out they just hang around on your hard drive?
  • Are you still at the 'nice ideas' stage with your business dreams, and not really ready to commit?
  • Do you believe that the world is an unkind place, where you have to struggle to succeed?
  • Do you need to be spoon-fed the 'ideal formula' for success, for you to 'copy and paste', rather than using building blocks to gain insights and create your own success blueprint?

Sorry… You probably wouldn’t enjoy membership – and that’s fine. Much better that we figure it out now. I hope you find what you’re looking for very soon. xx Clare

Remember What You Get:

  • Live Masterclasses on the 'inside work', plus replays and audio / video downloads
  • My online course vault - £000s of expert training, ready to help you to change your life - and the world
  • Monthly meditation MP3, so you can change your life with near-zero effort
  • Monthly live group mentoring call, to get answers to your questions & celebrate successes
  • My entire back-catalogue of non-fiction books (5 and counting!) to download and enjoy
  • Membership of our gorgeous Passionate World Changer Club online community


Get clarity about your Big Vision & your Big Message.

Crank up your confidence - clearing out hidden self-sabotage blocks.

Take the inspired action that creates breakthroughs, not burnout.

Still Got Questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions. If yours isn't answered here, please contact my team for help.

What if I'm not on Facebook?

Do I have to be running a business?

How do I join in with the live events?

How do I join the Facebook group?

What if I miss a call / Masterclass?

How long do I have to go through each course?


Get clarity about your Big Vision & your Big Message.

Crank up your confidence - clearing out hidden self-sabotage blocks.

Take the inspired action that creates breakthroughs, not burnout.

P.S. Only you can decide if the Passionate World Changer Club is right for you.

But if you have any questions that are getting in the way of you saying 'yes!' to the future you have been dreaming of, then please do get in touch. I don't want you to risk missing out, just because something isn't clear or you're not sure how it might work for you. xx Clare