The World Thinks You're Confident, But You Wouldn't Want Them Hearing Your Secret 3am Self-Talk

Stepping Up To Lead is a revolutionary leadership training that helps you to create breakthroughs in taming your Inner Critic, connecting with your unshakable confidence, and ditching Imposter Syndrome, in under 90 days...

... so you can lead with courage, clarity and passion

and have the impact that your ideas and dreams deserve!

If you're really honest about it, are you showing up 100% with all of who you really are? Making the difference you really dream of making?

You know - logically - that you're good at what you do. And others come to you for advice and ideas. Your team is doing well. But deep down inside you know all-too-well that gnawing feeling in your stomach that goes beyond self-doubt. In the quiet of the night, your inner critic is telling you stories about how you might get 'found out' as not being good enough, as not knowing as much as you 'should', that 'they' will realise they made a mistake in hiring you. 

And that keeps you stuck, dreaming big, but playing small. You show up as a 'play-it-safe' version of who you really are.

You hold back some of your best ideas, but feel frustrated when a colleague gets the chance to shine that you secretly wanted. 

You don't always speak up in meetings when you know the answer. Someone else gets the credit for an answer that is worse than yours, as you beat yourself up for staying quiet. 

You convince yourself it's 'not the right time' or you're 'too busy' to go for that golden opportunity or promotion, then drown your sorrows in a tub of Haagen Dazs when someone else gets the chance you know you'd have rocked.

In your heart, you know you're not fulfilling your potential - or making the difference you really want to make. And the idea of letting your light shine - owning your inner genius - taking credit for your achievements - fills you with fear.

What you're experiencing goes beyond a bit of 'self-doubt'. It's something that 'mindset' and 'coping strategies' won't fix.

You know that. You've tried them.

You're dealing with Imposter Syndrome -


"Who am I to...?" 

- and chances are you're drowning in 'workarounds' that are secretly keeping you stuck.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

Most People Never Do Anything About Imposter Syndrome. They Put Up With It - Or Hope It Will Go Away. But It Doesn't.

When I ran the 2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study I asked people how often they had struggled with it, and how much it was impacting their life. Here's what they said:

Imposter Syndrome rates in companies

52% of female respondents said they had struggled with Imposter Syndrome daily or regularly in the past year. For male respondents the figure was a very similar 49%. They said it was frequent and severe enough that it would affect their ability to succeed in their career or run their business.

But men and women reported that they handled it very differently. The male respondents were more likely to 'push on through' the fears and take action anyway, which meant they were five times more likely than women to turn to alcohol, medication and drugs to cope with the anxiety this caused.

The female respondents described that they were more likely to 'wait until I feel ready' before taking action or aiming for an opportunity to shine. They were more likely to 'dismiss' praise by pointing out their own faults or by sharing credit with the team, meaning they were less likely to be top-of-mind if a promotion or high-profile project came up.

How Imposter Syndrome affects women

Actions women take (or don't take) as a result of Imposter Syndrome - percentages are for actions from the past twelve months.

© Clare Josa   |   2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study

And Imposter Syndrome can turn us into workaholic, perfectionist, procrastinating people-pleasers. These stress responses are incredibly common when a bout of Imposter Syndrome comes on. Yet, ironically, they reduce our performance and increase the likelihood of us subconsciously self-sabotaging.

Of course, you can succeed, despite Imposter Syndrome, but it's the slower, harder and more painful way to achieve your dreams.
And your unconscious mind risks using self-sabotage to hold you back from the success you deserve.

what life beyond Imposter Syndrome feels like

When you make the investment to clear out Imposter Syndrome, you'll find that you no longer lie awake at 3 in the morning, beating yourself up, scared that you’re not good enough and that someone will find you out. The actions you take and the results you get are transformed.

Turn Your Inner Critic Into Your Biggest Cheerleader

You'll be able to train your inner critic to be supportive and encouraging - without pretending - and to stop negative self-talk in its tracks, if it tries to come out to play. This gives you the courage to take the inspired actions that really make a difference - no longer playing small.

And, no, that won't turn you into an arrogant big-head! 

Putting an end to the secret 3am misery -massively boosts your confidence in being the real you, without the masks and armour.

Own Your Voice And Have The Influence You Deserve

You'll feel like you've found your voice, even in a noisy world, and that you are able to influence authentically, with clarity, confidence and passion. You'll be speaking up where previously you kept quiet, and sharing your ideas with compelling courage, rather than worry.

You'll be able to hold your own in ways that don't intimidate people, and which allow you to express all of who you really are, so you can model genuine, heart-based leadership and potentially even transform your organisation.

You'll be able to help others to feel uplifted, safe to express who they really are, transforming the way you lead and the way your team performs.

Be Top-Of-Mind For Promotions & Golden Opportunities

But being your business' best-kept-secret isn't going to help you to get the roles you want, but that's exactly what Imposter Syndrome gets us doing - then we wonder why someone else got the chance and not us.

When you release Imposter Syndrome,  your dreams of the promotion or pay rise are much more likely to become reality, as you let go of the 'flinch-factor' that used to make you hold back on taking credit for your achievements or going for high-profile opportunities to shine.

And it's Not Just Working Life That Transforms.

It has a profound effect on our closest relationships & Our Health

As you feel more fulfilled (and get more sleep without the 3am self-flagellation), you'll have a longer fuse, and more relaxed at home, be feeling happier, and be more fun to be with. You'll be able to let go of perfectionism, procrastination, and people-pleasing, which means you'll be able to work shorter hours and feel less stressed.

This can improve our closest relationships. Life becomes more fun. There's more time for what's most important to you.

And without the secret stress and fear, our health improves, it's easier to concentrate, we feel less exhausted, and get to celebrate the incredible progress we're making.

People Will Be Asking You What Your Secret Is.

if ditching imposter syndrome feels so great,

 why do so many people stay stuck with it?

For decades?

... because they believe it's incurable - and they are using the wrong tools to try to fix it.

But it's not their fault. The internet is full of well-intentioned advice that accidentally makes Imposter Syndrome worse.

Respondents in the research study said they've tried 'everything' with - at best - 'minimal' success - and when their efforts didn't work, they beat themselves up, feeling like even more of a failure and a fraud:

  • They tried positive thinking and affirmations - but these didn't seem to work
  • They tried talking with colleagues, bosses and loved-ones, but the lift this gave them only lasted until the next Imposter Syndrome trigger
  • They tried pretending it wasn't there, but found themselves sabotaging the very success they craved
  • They tried ignoring it and 'pushing on through' the fear, but this just cranked up their anxiety and reduced their performance
  • Many had even tried coaching, but found it raised their self-awareness of the problem, without giving them tangible solutions, making things worse

Why Doesn't Traditional Coaching Clear It?

Traditional coaching works at a mindset-level, dealing with our thought habits and beliefs, raising our awareness of how we self-sabotage. But research shows that those are just the surface-level symptoms, when it comes to Imposter Syndrome.

Also, the research showed that most coaches haven't yet cleared Imposter Syndrome yet, themselves, so it's really hard for them to do that for their clients.

You need a different approach when you want to clear it out, setting yourself free from it, rather than sticking with 'coping strategies' - and that's exactly what Stepping Up To Lead guides you through.

'Mindset-level' tools don't work with Imposter Syndrome, because it's an 'identity-level' issue.

Imposter Syndrome isn't about what you think you can or can't do;

it's about who you think you are.

To  clear blocks and create shifts at an identity level requires different strategies. But it can be easy, when you know how.

Is it finally time to set yourself free to believe in yourself?

Stepping Up To Lead is a revolutionary 90-day leadership programme that gets you out of your own way, showing up with all of who you really are, so you can get on with making the difference you know you're here to make in the world.

Why is it revolutionary?

Because instead of giving you sticky plasters and mindset coping strategies, it gives you the tools to clear out and release the hidden triggers for Imposter Syndrome, along with your secret blocks, fears and excuses, so you no longer have to have it on your radar.

You'll shift the way you see yourself, allowing yourself to take off the secret masks and armour you never meant to put on, yet which have been part of your daily life for more years than you can remember.

You'll discover how to connect with the unshakable inner confidence that supports you in reaching for your dreams. 

You can set yourself free from Imposter Syndrome, once and for all, in ways that are fast, fun and forever.

With the Stepping Up to Lead Programme you get proven strategies from the psychology and neuroscience of performance, an engineer's common sense, and demystified ancient wisdom that reaches the parts that cognitive strategies don't touch...

To help you create breakthroughs In minutes, not months!

KS, Compliance director, international bank

I wish I had had the Stepping Up To Lead training twenty years ago!

Stepping Up To Lead gets you results faster than with 1:1 mentoring, even with a certified Imposter Syndrome Mentor,

and much more effectively than with self-study.

It is a unique blend of:

proven online teaching

small-group tutorial calls

a private discussion forum,

plus 1:1 time with me - Clare Josa - or one of her Certified Imposter Syndrome Mentors.

SP, Head Of Comms, Insurance Company

"My boss has really noticed the difference. He said even my posture has changed!

And I've gone from being secretly terrified of leading virtual events for the company to actually enjoying
them. People are asking me what my secret is!

I'm so much more confident now in leading our communications team in these difficult times. 

Stepping Up To Lead Was Created By Clare Josa

Don't Know Clare Josa Yet?

Clare Josa

8x Author | International Speaker | Leadership Mentor

After a corporate career in engineering, specialising in Six Sigma, and as Head of Market Research for one of the world’s most disruptive brands, since 2003 Clare has specialised in helping high-achievers to overcome Imposter Syndrome and is now considered the UK's leading authority on the topic.

In 2019 she led and published the landmark UK Imposter Syndrome Research Study, and also published her latest book - Ditching Imposter Syndrome - which already has readers in over 30 countries.

An expert in the neuroscience and psychology of performance, her original training as an engineer, specialising in Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, means her approach is grounded in practical common sense, creating breakthroughs not burnout.

Add to this her Soul-Engineered Solutions and you get to experience transformation at the deepest levels, in ways that are fast, fun and forever.

Just pause for a moment and imagine...

What difference would it make for you,

setting yourself free from imposter syndrome

and Being Able To Fulfil your potential?

What would you be doing differently?

You Can Join The Stepping Up To Lead Programme From Anywhere In The World

Believe In Yourself! is a supported self-study programme, which means it combines proven online teaching with Q&A group calls, a private discussion forum, an ccountability Facebook group, plus 1:1 time with me.

With ten inspirational, practical, Bite-sized-Chunk modules, Stepping Up To Lead guides you through, step by step, how to become the leader you were born to be, with courage, confidence, Clarity and passion.

Here's What You'll Cover:

Stage One: Courage

Designed to get you results you can feel, fast, stage one gives you the courage to make changes right away, then gives you the momentum to carry on through the rest of this training.

By the end of this first month you'll be finding yourself speaking up, where previously you'd have kept quiet, getting better results, with less effort, and letting go of the 4Ps of Imposter Syndrome: Perfectionism, Procrastination, Project Paralysis, and People-Pleasing.

>> Click For More Details About Stage One <<

1. Pause Your Inner Critic

How to escape the stress cycle and stop your self-talk from leading to self-sabotage.

Learn how your self-talk affects self-doubt and confidence - and how to pause it in under sixty seconds.

Plus learn vital secrets from the worlds of the psychology and neuroscience of performance.

  • Press pause on negative self-talk
  • Learn how the stress cycle causes us to self-sabotage
  • Start detoxing your mind-story dramas

2. Train Your Inner Critic To Be A Virtual Cheerleader

How to rewire your brain so you feel supported to take actions that used to scare you.

Discover how to change your inner story, to stand down your inner drama queen, and to rewire your brain's neural pathways, so that your internal dialogue becomes genuinely supportive and empowering.

  • Train your brain to support and empower you
  • No white-washing or pretending
  • And, no, it won't turn you into an arrogant big-head! Find out why.

3. Clear Your Limiting Beliefs - The Cognitive Approach

Stop subconsciously sabotaging your success and start speaking up more with your great ideas.

Learn how to create lifelong shifts in your neural pathways and your brain's information filters, so you can clear out your limiting beliefs.

Plus you'll learn how to clear the memory of them out of your cellular biology throughout the rest of your body, too.

  • Learn how to spot your subconscious blocks - they're masters of disguise
  • Learn strategies to clear limiting beliefs, hidden excuses & fears in under 5 minutes
  • Avoid the three super-common mistakes that mean most people make it worse, when they try to clear out-of-date beliefs

4. Clear Your Limiting Beliefs - The Soul-Engineered Solutions Approach!

Learn how to create breakthroughs - fast - so you feel excited about opportunities to shine.

Discover my three-phased approach to clearing out even sticky limiting beliefs at the deepest levels, so you can set yourself free to become more of who you really are - fast!

  • Learn from demystified ancient wisdom that shortcuts the cognitive process
  • Discover how to clear out even sticky beliefs, fast
  • How to choose empowering beliefs that won't limit you, by accident, in the future

Stage Two: Unshakable Confidence

This is where you'll be ready to take off the secret masks that hold us back from being all of who we really are, and you'll discover how to make yourself Imposter-Syndrome-proof, no matter how many comfort zones you stretch.

By the end of this second month, you might find yourself stepping up for opportunities to shine that previously you'd have talked yourself out of. And people might be asking you what your secret is!

>> Click For More Details About Stage Two <<

5. Feeling Safe Without The Secret Masks

Show up as all of who you really are, as you shift from surviving to thriving.

Wave goodbye to the need to pretend to be someone you're not, or to don a suit of virtual armour before you leave the house.

This module is about how to clear out the secret fears that meant you needed those masks, so you can be free from them, forever.

  • How to spot our masks & armour
  • How to feel safe to take them off - and let them go
  • Dealing with the secret reason why we hung on to them for so long, so they don't have to come back

6. Pain-Free Comfort Zone Stretching

Wave goodbye to the 'flinch factor' so you can play a bigger role in your team or organisation.

People often get scared that Imposter Syndrome might come back, if they have to stretch a comfort zone. 

So, instead, shift the way you view comfort zones (they're actually pretty uncomfortable) and discover how to make personal growth and sensible risk-taking something that's fun, not frightening.

  • Discover why comfort zones aren't particularly comfortable
  • How to spot potential self-sabotage, before you get in your own way
  • How to create and expand your 'safe zone' so that you can shift new opportunities from feeling scary to exciting

Stage Three: Clarity & Passion

Stage three is about allowing yourself to become the leader you were born to be. It's about connecting deeply with your inner voice, so you can influence authentically and have the impact your ideas and dreams deserve.

By the end of this third month, you're likely to be feeling fired up and excited about your future, knowing how to shift what you're doing so you feel fulfilled, rather than 'going through the motions', and you'll notice that the people you need to influence are listening more closely to what you're saying.

>> Click For More Details About Stage Three <<

7. Who Do I Want To Become?

Looking at this after clearing your hidden blocks opens a world of exciting new possibilities.

This module gets really exciting! Having cleared out so many of your hidden blocks in the earlier modules, this is where you get to choose which version of yourself you want to consciously become in your future - starting today.

  • How to connect with the real you
  • Experiencing allowing yourself to 'un-change', day by day, like a butterfly emerging from its crysalis
  • How to handle others' reactions to you 'un-changing'

8. Courageous Alignment

When you shift from doing to being, you'll find people really listen when you speak up.

This is all about becoming the person who makes the difference you want to be making.

Discover how my F-cubed process helps you to let go of the past and step into an exciting future, right here, right now.

  • Learn how to line up what you're thinking, what you're doing, and who you're being, to create breakthroughs
  • Find out why this is the key to owning your voice and influencing authentically
  • Experience the power of courageous alignment to transform your world

9. Taking Inspired Action

When you move from 'fighting' to 'flowing', you'll get faster results with less effort - it will amaze you.

This module is the little-known difference between busyness and burnout, versus brilliant breakthroughs that feel easy and fun!

  • How to spot the difference between 'busyness' and 'inspired action'
  • The power of fear vs flow
  • How to inspire this in your teams

10. Consciously Creating Your Future

Discover a new way of living that helps you be upbeat, even if others are stressed, and sky-rocket your levels of success.

More than just an 'end of programme party', this module teaches you a new way of experiencing life.

You'll feel inspired and empowered as you create your action plan for "What's Next?" in your life.

  • Learn my favourite daily habit, which sky-rockets your chances of long-term success
  • Discover the essential difference between 'goals' and 'visions' - and why you need both
  • Create your inspirational "What's Next?" action plan

What Do Past Students Say?

Meet Carla - Stepping Up To Department Head Role

Carla started Stepping Up To Lead feeling apprehensive. She had seen the results it was getting for others, but wasn’t convinced it would work for her. She was about to move into a Head Of Department role, but had been working with a boss who was quite critical of every mistake she made.

She was doubting herself and when she thought about that new role – usually at 3am – it was ‘taking her breath away’ with panic. She was worried it was a step too far and she was ready to back out.
Then, in the first two modules of Stepping Up To Lead, she started working on her self-talk. And it really surprised her. She hadn’t realised how much of a role her Inner Critic had been playing, not just in the actions she had been taking, but in how she was experiencing life, at work and at home.
She was able to spot how her Inner Drama Queen could make a mountain out of a molehill, in just minutes. And she started to turn that around. Using the strategies she was learning, she started rewiring the neural pathways and filters in her brain, so that her Inner Critic’s stories changed. And there were fewer times where mind-story drama came up.
Then, in modules three and four, she learned techniques to spot her limiting beliefs and to let them go, both cognitively and the cellular-level memory of where they’re stored in her body.
And she had a realisation: her boss wasn’t bugging her as much anymore. “It felt like he had had a personality transplant,” Carla told me in one group call, “except I know he hasn’t. It’s me that’s changed!”
By modules five and six, when Carla was deep-diving on taking off the secret masks Imposter Syndrome gets us wearing, clearing out secondary gain, and making comfort zones a thing of the past, she suddenly noticed her posture had changed. Her annual review came round and it would normally have cost her a week of lost sleep, but it didn’t phase her at all – not even the development points.
“I walk like I’m confident. Because I am! I’m sitting differently. My friends have noticed. And someone even called me after a Zoom meeting last week to ask my what my secret was!”
And as she wrapped up the course with modules seven through to eight, she started to reconnect with who she really is, deep inside, and what she wants. She discovered the power of courageous alignment and influencing authentically. 
Carla found herself in a board meeting, pitching an innovative idea to them, and getting a big ‘yes’ to the next stage of looking into her proposal, all because she spoke up in a Zoom meeting where previously she’d have stayed quiet.
And, having finished the course, Carla is now working towards getting chartered in her profession in the next few months – something she has wanted to do for years, but which had terrified her. Now she’s simply taking the actions she needs to take, no fuss, no drama. And she knows she’s doing the best she can to give herself the biggest chance of success.
And she’s moved into her new departmental head role with ease and flow, instead of fear and fighting.

Meet Lucy - CFO For Highstreet Brand

Lucy had been in her CFO role for a few years and was aware it was no longer stretching her. She wanted to get ready for the 'next big step', as she called it, ideally by growing her role in her current company, but she wasn't sure what she wanted, in order to feel fulfilled.

She had also realised that she wasn't performing to her best in her current role, because she regularly held back from voicing her opinions in meetings and had 'dream project' ideas that she wasn't sharing with others.

She felt very aware that stepping up to lead at the next level might cause her to self-sabotage, and she was worried this could even lead to her losing her job, so she kept playing small.

Lucy started with the Inner Critic work from the early modules in Stepping Up To Lead and saw a fast change in her stress levels. She realised how her self-talk had been turning molehills into mountains, consuming far too much of her energy. And she learned how to stop this.

Once she started clearing out her limiting beliefs in modules three and four, and doing the deep-dive Imposter Syndrome work in modules five and six, she found herself speaking up in meetings - with ease. This prevented at least three examples in just one week where the organisation could have headed in the wrong direction, during a critical phase of the UK's Covid-19 lockdown.

By the end of the ten modules, Lucy had a really clear idea of who she wanted to allow herself to become, and that she wanted to stay with her current company. She had also done the work on influencing authentically, so she put together a proposal that would allow her to stretch herself and benefit the business. She pitched to her CEO, using the strategies from Stepping Up To lead... and she got a yes!


Meet Lisa - Working Towards Partner

Lisa was on the unofficial 'Partner' stream in her organisation, but had been overlooked three years in a row, in favour of male colleagues who she felt were less qualified than her. She was feeling demoralised and was prepared to give it 'one last go' before potentially quitting and setting up her own consultancy - an option she really didn't want to take.

But she couldn't handle 'yet another year of everyone realising I didn't make Partner and asking me what went wrong'.

After the early modules of Stepping Up To Lead, Lisa was making great progress on retraining her inner critic to be a genuine voice of encouragement, and clearing out the hidden blocks and fears that had been holding her back. But she was still scared about the outcome of the next round of Partner interviews.

She booked a 1:1 session with me (you get three mentoring sessions with me or one of my Certified Imposter Syndrome Mentors as part of Stepping Up To Lead), to figure out what was really driving this.

And because Lisa had done the work from the early modules of the programme already, it meant that in that initial session, we made a similar amount of progress to three months of 1:1 work.

We identified that Lisa was running out-of-date fears about visibility: "What if the next big project is where this all goes wrong?!" I call this 'The Icarus Effect', with people being scared they are flying too close to the sun and that the next project might be the one that makes their luck run out.

All of this meant Lisa wasn't taking full credit for her successes. She was writing them off as 'fluke' or 'timing' or a 'team effort'. She also wasn't speaking up with her best ideas in meetings. So the Partner decision team wasn't fully aware of her skills and talents, or how much value she added to the company.

We drew up a plan to help her be top-of-mind for the next round of Partner decisions, and we used the strategies from Stepping Up To Lead to make sure she had cleared out the subconscious drivers that might have caused her to self-sabotage.

Three months later, it worked: Lisa got the 'tap on the shoulder' inviting her to apply for consideration for the next Partner round.

And she's also getting credit for her successes, no longer following praise with the word 'but' and listing her faults, and she has seen a large increase in the number of senior people in her company who are coming to her for advice.


Meet Jo - Recently Promoted To Global Lead

A few months before he started on Stepping Up To Lead, Jo had been told he was going to be promoted to a global lead role. Part of him was excited - he had been working towards this for years - but a large part of him was secretly terrified.

What if it all went wrong? What if he got fired? (Not uncommon in his organisation). What if he and his wife and kids lost their home and he had to handle the 'shame' of having 'failed'?

After being given a copy of Ditching Imposter Syndrome by a friend, he realised that there was nothing wrong with him - nothing 'broken' that needed to be 'fixed'. It was 'just' Imposter Syndrome, and he was hungry to let it go.

He started Stepping Up To Lead with a particular focus on how his self-talk was turning into what I call 'Mind-Story Fears', making him anxious and affecting his performance - and his home relationships. He paid special attention to clearing the limiting beliefs he was running around how he had to be 'tough' and 'strong' and 'infallible', due to being a man.

He also became aware of how the perfectionism he was running as a self-protection mechanism was being passed down into his teams, that he had started micro-managing them, and he was able to turn this behaviour around.

Then, in our 1:1 sessions, we focused on the 'pain-free comfort-zone-stretching' elements of the programme, identifying and releasing the hidden drivers that cause us to self-sabotage, creating secret, self-imposed glass ceilings. Jo realised how many 'strong guy' masks he had been wearing, as part of Imposter Syndrome's secret armour, and what they had been costing him. And he was able to let them go.

As he moved into his Global Lead role he was able to be all of who he really is, not the 'safe', shut-down version. He made the transition with ease, despite a global pandemic. And he said that the icing on the cake for him was his team members giving him the feedback that he was much more 'fun' to work with, which allowed them to enjoy their work more, without impacting the KPIs.


KD, global head, ftse-100 company

I've been working in a toxic leadership team and looking for ways to escape. It was massively triggering Imposter
Syndrome for me. But since this course, I now ride those waves, with confidence levels I've never experienced before.

I'm also now able to take action to speak up and have been seeing improvements in others' behaviour, too.

How Much Time Does It Take?

I know what it's like to be busy.

And that's why Stepping Up To Lead is broken down into bite-sized chunks that you can work through in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

It's easy to pick up where you left off, whenever you have time.

And there's even a bonus masterclass on how to 'magically' make the time to get the most from this training.

For the 12 weeks of the programme, expect to find 2 hours per week to work through it, plus any calls.

And there's no rush. It's designed to be done in 90 days, but if you need longer, you get lifetime access to the training materials.

Information is great. But it's implementation that will change your life.

And You Are Not Alone!

One of the main reasons why stand-alone online training doesn't work is because we're trying to do it on our own. Life gets in the way. We stumble if we hit a block. We avoid the trickier stuff, so we don't get results.

There's no one to hold us accountable, no one to answer our questions, no one to celebrate our successes.

So we barely study the course and almost definitely don't implement it. Then we feel even worse, because nothing changes.

Stepping Up To Lead is designed to be easy to stay on track with and get amazing results (I've got nearly 20 years' experience as a professional creator of online and face-to-face transformational training, as a certified NLP Trainer) and you also get:

  • Your Training Vault is set up to make it super-easy to pick up where you left off and to keep track of your progress, even if you're super-busy
  • Each lesson has a discussion post in the private forum, so you can get answers to your questions and celebrate your lightbulb moments, as you go along - I'm in there most days
  • Deep-dive answers to your questions and hot-seat mentoring - you get three months' access to my twice-monthly student Q&A calls and monthly access for a further nine months
  • Three Mentoring Sessions - with one of Clare's certified Imposter Syndrome Mentors

You get full support and accountability, which sky-rockets your likelihood of implementing and actually creating the breakthroughs you're dreaming of - and actually makes those transformations bigger, easier and more fun than going solo.

Just pause for a moment and consider...

What is Imposter Syndrome really costing you?

And what would it be worth to you, to leave it behind, once and for all?

What difference would it make to your work? Your home life? Your life goals?

What's The Investment?

You can dive in and get started in the next few minutes, with module one, if you join us today.

The full price is £4,995 + VATwhich is less than the cost of a VIP day with me,
and could change your life forever.

 NOTE: I'm aware that not everyone can get their employer to fund this. And I want to support you as much as I can on your leadership journey. So the self-funded bursary price is £4,995 INCLUDING VAT and a payment plan is available, spreading the cost over four months.

If you have questions, please get in touch here.

Get Your Place On Stepping Up To Lead Now!

What people Are Saying about clare's imposter syndrome programmes

Many personal growth programmes are by people who have had personal epiphanies, then try to sell unattainable solutions built on vague concepts that are not easy to materialise... because the trainer doesn't know how to unpack their own processes.

Clare's background as an engineer and NLP Trainer PLUS her life experience uniquely qualifies her as THE person to deconstruct the art and science of bypassing your mental and emotions blocks, to achieve success.

Nancy Marmolejo

Executive Coach

I love the way Clare explains things. Her extensive experience of running her own business, writing her books, previous roles in market research and training in NLP and meditation seem to have been blended to create the perfect course leader.

I'd highly recommend Clare for anything she's offering. All of her offers are well thought through and I trust her authority as an author and an imposter syndrome expert.

Janine Coombes

Janine Coombes

Virtual Marketing Manager

30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be happy. And I know it can feel risky, buying a programme online. So you can try it on for size for a full 30 days after the start of the programme - at my risk.

If, having done the exercises, you find that Stepping Up To Lead hasn't helped you to tame your inner critic or to boost your confidence, then you can have a full refund - no sulks or strops or awkward feelings.

BUT this is not a 'brown banana' guarantee: you wouldn't take a banana back to the shop because you changed your mind or forgot to eat it and it went brown. Similarly, I will ask you to have actually tried out the techniques and strategies taught in this course, to give them a chance to work for you, in order to be eligible for a refund.

I hope you agree that's fair. x Clare


Is there a payment plan?

Yes, if you're self-funding this course. If your company is paying, they will need to pay in advance, in a single payment (you don't want to know how much time we spend chasing corporate invoices, so we cannot do instalments for companies - sorry).

When you click on the 'count me in' button it will take you to a checkout page which has two options: pay in full and pay in four instalments, if you're self-funding.

And remember, if you're self-funding, you get my bursary price, which saves you £2,000 compared with the full price of this programme.

On the checkout page, you can choose the instalment plan, which will set up five payments: 1 of £1,000 and four of £499, if you need to spread the cost.

Can my employer pay for this?

Absolutely! I applaud employers who commit to investing in people's development - it's a win-win.

The easiest way is for you to ask your manager to authorise this as an expense for you to reclaim. That way you can sign up right away, via the checkout.

Alternatively, it can be invoiced direct to your company, but please bear in mind that it can take many months for companies to pay invoices and you wouldn't be able to start this course until that has been paid.

Also, if your employer has a complex, time-consuming process for us to register as an approved supplier, we would need to reserve the right to charge a fee to cover the administration time this can incur.

This programme is also available as an in-house group programme, for a minimum of twelve delegates. If you're interested in that option, please get in touch here.

Will this course help me to get a promotion or pay rise?

Obviously I don't know your personal circumstances, but if what is holding you back from the promotion or pay rise you deserve is needing to increase your self-belief, clear Imposter Syndrome, and take your visibility up a few notches so you'll be top-of-mind, then the answer is yes.

When I ran the 2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study, I found that Imposter Syndrome was one of three hidden causes of the gender pay gap and lack of gender parity in leadership roles. This also applies to BAME equality and other groups who feel they are in a minority in their company.

The research study showed that clearing Imposter Syndrome helped women, in particular, to advance in their career.

Also, the more you believe in yourself, the more likely you are to succeed in asking for a pay rise!

Do I have to do the course in 90 days?

Not at all! The Stepping Up To Lead programme is designed to help you create breakthroughs in under 90 days.

But if you need to work through it more slowly, that's fine.

You get 'no-rush lifetime access', which means the course is there for you for as long as my training vault exists. And we're not planning on that going anywhere anytime soon.

The key, though, is to keep working through the course. If you're finding yourself putting it on your 'tomorrow to-do list' then it's worth going into the Facebook group or making the most of the calls to understand why you're procrastinating.

It often means there's a subconscious fear around letting go of self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome.

How are the Q&A calls run?

They are run via Zoom and you'll have access to a Google calendar, to let you know well in advance when they are, plus some email reminders.

There's a monthly all-student Q&A call and for your first three months you get an additional call each month, just for students on my Stepping Up programme. Then you get monthly access for the rest of your year.

Note: if your employer is running an in-house round for this, you'll get three months of twice-monthly calls, just for your in-house group, followed by nine months of monthly access to my all-student calls.

You'll get an email a week before each call, and a reminder on the day of the call, letting you know the Zoom link to join us. Plus, once you've upgraded to Stepping Up To Lead, you'll get access to the Google calendar for the calls, so you can get them in your diary.

To get hot seat mentoring, simply show up at the start time for the call and put your question in the chat box. I'll go through the questions in order, and I'll answer your questions / help you to get unstuck / celebrate your successes. And when all of that day's questions have been answered, the call will finish. So if you join late, it might be done by then. 

People often find they learn more from others' questions on these calls than from their own - they can be invaluable.

What About Privacy?

I get it. You might not want Uncle Tom Cobley & All knowing you're doing this course. So here are some of the ways I help you to get the most from the course, whilst protecting your privacy.

  • When you first register, you get a direct link to choose how your name is displayed in the forum, so this is the perfect time to make it something that allows me to know who you are, but doesn't give away your full name
  • ONLY members of the Stepping Up To Lead and Taming Your Inner Critic programmes can see the forum discussions
  • When you join the Zoom call for the monthly Q&As, you can manually choose how to display your name
  • On those calls, you can choose to switch off your video - though you will get more from them if you can leave it on
  • The monthly Q&A calls are not recorded, which means you won't find your questions popping up for anyone else to watch in the future
  • Many students choose to register with their personal email address for the training vault and emails, especially if they have a PA or team member who checks their inbox when they're away

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