Imposter Syndrome:
How Much Is It Getting In Your Way?

Discover which of the 3 hidden risk factors could be causing you to self-sabotage, plus get a free research-backed, personalised action plan:

Created by Clare Josa, author of Ditching Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome Quiz Scorecard Clare Josa

Are You Struggling With Imposter Syndrome?

And is it at a level where you need to be doing something about it?

Find out in the next five minutes with this research-backed, quiz-style scorecard. In the Imposter Syndrome quiz, you'll discover:

  • What your Imposter Syndrome risk score is - and how it could be getting in your way
  • Which of the three core drivers of Imposter Syndrome needs to be your priority
  • What you can start doing today, to turn things around, with a free research-backed personalised action plan, based on your responses

Take The Imposter Syndrome Quiz Assessment Now:

Developed By Clare Josa

Research-backed and proven to give you practical, actionable insights.

Considered the UK's leading authority in Imposter Syndrome and how to set yourself free from it, Clare has spent 19 years specialising in the field.

This included running the 2019 and 2022 Imposter Syndrome Research Studies, and publishing her latest book, Ditching Imposter Syndrome, which already has readers in 50+ countries.

She is an international keynote speaker on the topic and is regularly interviewed by the media on Imposter Syndrome and how to get out of your own way.

She created the Imposter Syndrome quiz so you can see whether it's a big issue for you, which of the three hidden drivers needs to be your priority, plus get personalised feedback and a free action plan, so you can start doing something to turn Imposter Syndrome around today.

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