Thank you so much for watching my interview with Fifi Mason for her Quietly Successful event. 

Here are the extra resources I mentioned.

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Your Ditching Imposter Syndrome Resources

Stop Your Inner Critic In Under Sixty Seconds - Free Training

This is a video and email training course - yours as my gift - teaching the ABC technique I mentioned in my interview with Fifi.

  • Pause your inner critic (or Imposter Syndrome) in under sixty seconds
  • Learn strategies you can use if your brain is resisting the 'C'!
  • Discover what keeps us stuck and why - and what you can do about it

Believe In Yourself! Programme

As we discussed in interview, we are the single biggest block to our business success. Here's my revolutionary 90-day leadership training to help you to ditch Imposter Syndrome, to grow your business with courage, clarity and passion!

  • Turn your inner critic into your biggest cheerleader
  • Ditch Imposter Syndrome
  • Step up to the next level on your leadership journey
Ditching Imposter Syndrome

Read Ditching Imposter Syndrome

Discover how to set yourself free from feeling like a fraud, once and for all, in five simple steps.

  • Readers loving it in 30+ countries
  • Described as 'totally life-changing'
  • Tame your inner critic, ditch Imposter Syndrome, and step up to the next level with the difference you're here to make

Read One Of Clare's Other Books

I've published eight books - including two 'unputdownable' novels. Here's where you can find out more about them and how they can help you.

  • Two 'Unputdownable' Novels
  • Dare To Dream Bigger
  • A Year Full Of Gratitude

How To Stop Imposter Syndrome In Its Tracks, In Under Sixty Seconds

For A Near-Instant Confidence Boost

Plus you get four options to pick the perfect version of this training to meet your needs!

Get instant access
Get instant access

Instant access video & 7-part email training from Clare Josa, so you can learn to press 'pause' & stop a bout of Imposter Syndrome in under 60 seconds.

  • Learn how to give yourself a near-instant confidence boost
  • Discover how Imposter Syndrome thoughts affect the body, our emotions and the stress cycle, so you press pause, fast
  • Perfect for when you need a confidence boost in a hurry
  • Plus downloadable MP3 & cheat sheet, so you've got the technique with you, whenever you need it

The training takes under 30 minutes and it's broken down into bite-sized, coffee-break-friendly steps.

Get instant access
Get instant access