How To Press Pause On Negative Thinking In Under Sixty Seconds

With everything going on, most of us have self-talk that's far from pretty at the moment. Worry, anxiety and fear are drowning out hope. And that's not ok for our mental, emotional or physical health. So here's how to turn it around in under sixty seconds.

I'm not talking about white-washing and pretending. Or 'pushing on through' or 'putting on a brave face'.  I'm talking about how to genuinely press 'pause' on that inner drama, to calm the body, mind and emotions, and then to shift into a more positive and empowering inner conversation, bringing a sense of relief.

The process takes about sixty seconds and I've created a mini-training for you, to guide you through this - as my gift. It's perfect for topping up your Natural Resilience, whenever you need it!

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