Fed up with feeling stressed? Mind racing? Inner critic going crazy? Anxious thoughts keeping you up at 3am?
Discover how ten minutes a day could change your life forever, in the next four weeks

Meditation, Made Easy

Unfluffy, inspirational meditation training for busy people

Meditation, Made Easy doesn't just guide you through how to meditate...

...it teaches you how to create the habit, too, getting past the blocks, fears and out-of-date excuses that would otherwise derail you.

over the next 4 weeks, you will discover:

The Nuts & Bolts Of How To Meditate

Clare guides you with total clarity and groundedness through the practicalities of how to meditate, ten minutes at a time.

You'll find out how to tackle the top meditation myths and avoid the biggest mistakes, so that meditation will finally work for you.

How To Find A Meditation Style You Love

Not everyone likes the same style of meditation. So you get to try four styles on for size. Each week you get to experiment with a different style of meditation, with breath awareness, thought acceptance, mindfulness & mantra meditation MP3s.

How To Create The Habit - The Missing Link

Knowing how to meditate is one thing, but actually DOING it is something else.
The daily teaching videos show you exactly how to get past past the hidden blocks, fears and out-of-date excuses that would otherwise derail you.
And dealing with those blocks has a profoundly positive effect in other areas of your life, too.

Positive 'Side Effects'

You'll learn how to get started and stay motivated, with ANY change you want to make in your life.
You'll get a 'magic wand technique' to put an end to worrying.
You'll discover how to stop self-sabotaging life-changes. And you'll even learn how to get your loved-ones to support you on your journey.

Find Time, No Matter How Busy You Are

All of this is broken down into practical (yet inspirational) bite-sized chunks.
The teaching videos are all under 5 minutes and the meditation is only 10 minutes. You get 5 days of teaching & 2 days off each week, so you don't get overwhelmed. AND Clare even helps you to find the time, no matter how busy you are.

Practical, Actionable, Fluff-Free Zone

As a reformed engineer and former Head Of Market Research for one of the UK's most disruptive brands, Clare is famous for demystifying Ancient Wisdom into practical actions you can take today, in less time than it takes a kettle to boil. Her clients call it 'engineer-approved woo woo'.

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How Can Meditation, Made Easy Help You?

Obviously results vary, depending on where you're 'at' in life, but here are the most common shifts that Meditation, Made Easy Grads report – often as early as the first week:

  • feeling calmer (that deliciousness of not feeling frantic, the whole time…)
  • feeling less stressed (it’s time, isn’t it?)
  • easier to concentrate (reckon your 'to do' list & creative inner genius might be interested in this one?)
  • feeling less irritable (your family, friends and workmates might be pleased?)
  • feeling happier and more at peace (your inner tiger needs a rest!)
  • feeling more energised (woo hoo! You won’t be bashing your adrenals as hard and might even get to ease off the caffeine & sugar)
  • getting more done, in less time, with less effort and stress (who doesn’t want this?!)
  • feeling naturally resilient, able to ride life's waves

Don't Know Me Yet? I'm Clare Josa.

I have a confession to make: it took me 20 years to learn to meditate. Yes, you read that right. I read books. I took classes. I went on über-expensive retreats and workshops, spending thousands of pounds. I contemplated my navel from every possible perspective, but still I didn’t have a daily meditation habit.

And – what’s even worse – it was only once I started formally training to teach meditation that I realised I had never actually meditated before. I had been being taught deep relaxation and guided visualisation, but they’re very different beasts from 'real' meditation.

I wanted to feel calmer, happier, less stressed, less anxious, more at peace, more in flow, more connected, less worried, less negative, more confident and to generally fall in love with life.

That's where my journey eventually led me. And I'd love to take you there, too. But I want to spare you the 20 years... So how about we make some amazing progress in the next 28 days?

Join me for Meditation, Made Easy and discover for yourself the difference that 10 minutes a day can make. With love, Namaste, Clare x

Clare Josa really walks the talk. She is a centre of calm in a raging world and I cannot recommend her more highly to lead you on your journey of meditation, mindfulness and deep relaxation. Once you experience the beauty and tranquility of true meditation, you will not want to stop this journey and it will make profound differences to your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.


Just imagine being able to finally let go of feeling stressed and near-compulsive multi-tasking, so you can feel happier, calmer and more at peace!

What to Expect:

Practical & Down-To-Earth - Fun & Upbeat

Fluff-free zone: Clare Josa used to be a mechanical engineer and Head Of Market Research for a major international brand, before becoming an NLP Trainer in 2003 (an expert in how our minds work) and a meditation teacher. She is famous for demystifying Ancient Wisdom into practical actions you can take today, in less time than it takes a kettle to boil, and teaching them to you in a way that's clear, inspiring and super-easy to learn.

It's Easy To Find The Time

You get daily 5 minute video lessons. They're quick to watch, breaking the learning curve down into practical, simple, bite-sized chunks. And you can download each video to watch offline, if you prefer. We even cover simple ways to find the 10 minutes you need to meditate each day, no matter how busy you are. We run on a '5+2' basis, so you get 5 days of lessons, then 2 days off to integrate, so you never have to feel overwhelmed or like you're getting behind.

Change Your Life With Less Effort

Each instalment has a carefully chosen affirmation for you to use, to help you to make the shifts you need at a subconscious level. These come with beautiful images, so you can download them to your phone or even share them on social media, to inspire your friends, too.

Access Meditation, Made Easy Wherever, Whenever

Once you have chosen your login details, during the checkout process, you'll be able to access the Meditation, Made Easy from any of your favourite devices. So it's always there for you, right when you need it.

Simple Step-By-Step Process

Meditation, Made Easy is broken down into manageable, logical steps and each lesson builds on the previous one. The course's members area is easy to follow. You can mark lessons as completed and even highlight your favourites to come back to again, so you always know where you're up to.

Bonus Masterclasses & Meditations

Get instant access to masterclasses on topics including getting past common meditation problems, five reasons why your customers (and colleagues and loved-ones) wish you were meditating, how to 'magically' make more time, and extended meditations, for those times when you're ready for more than ten minutes.

designed to help you succeed

Meditation, Made Easy is led by Clare Josa, a certified meditation and yoga teacher, with over a decade of experience in teaching busy people how to connect with their inner calm.

She has been an NLP Trainer since 2003, which means she knows all about the games our monkey minds play when we want to create change. She's an expert in both practical psychology and designing training courses that actually work.

As a reformed engineer and author of eight books, including two on meditation and mindfulness, her inspirational approach is grounded in practical common sense, with a generous dollop of humour, to make changing your life fast, fun and forever.

Janine Coombes

I love the way Clare explains things.
Her extensive experience of running her own business, writing her books, previous roles in market research, engineering and training in NLP and meditation seem to have been blended to create the perfect course leader.



why not just use an app?

Meditation apps are great for helping you to relax. But with music in the background and lots of talking, they're actually 'guided visualisations', rather than real meditation.

When you discover the magic of meditation, you'll know how to connect with your inner stillpoint, any time, any place - without needing to turn your legs into a pretzel.

It helps you to keep your perspective when things go wrong, to be less emotionally volatile, and to smile for no reason!

This course helped me re-focus and find a peaceful moment in the day. It felt like a had a reassuring hand on my shoulder, willing me to allow myself 10 minutes a day to find peace. The change in my mental attitude is remarkable.


Clare, I just finished your online meditation course and want to say a heartfelt Thank You! I have 'tried' to meditate on and off for years... and now, I'm doing it! ;-) Your course is clear, thorough, easy to follow, inspiring and just brilliant. Bless you.


Throughout the course – and beyond – I felt like I had a kind and firm hand on my shoulders. I felt reassured that all was well. The support from Clare and the other students in the online group was priceless. I felt a deep peacefulness and ‘in the moment’.


Who Is Meditation, Made Easy For?

Part of you, deep down inside, is craving more inner stillness, without feeling you have to 'escape' from the outside world.

You're an action-taker, not a whinger. And you'll carve out the time to make sure you get the results you're looking for.

You'll ask for help when you need it - and you're there to support others on their journey, too.

I wasn’t a believer in this kind of thing, but having done this course, I have changed my mind completely. It has given me the ability to have some time of complete peacefulness, allowing me to centre myself and become calmer. Thank you for helping me along the way.


This was a deeply personal, much needed exercise that I looked forward to on a daily basis. Although done in the comfort of my own home, I felt a sense of inclusion reading the updates via email and on the forum, and a sense of involvement in something powerful and far reaching.


Imagine Feeling Calm & Centred, Even When Things Kick Off Around You

Just imagine being able to connect with your inner still point, even if you're ploughing through chaos and other people's emotions.

Imagine being able to calm your thoughts, slowing them down, and shifting them to be naturally more positive.

Imagine being able to feel less stressed, to flow through life instead of fighting, and perhaps even catching yourself smiling for no reason.

That's what the Meditation, Made Easy training can do for you - and so much more!

Pssst! Want To Know The Secret Reason Why Most Online Training Doesn't Work?

And Why That Won't Happen To You This Time?

One of the main reasons why online training doesn't work is because we're trying to do it on our own. Life gets in the way. We stumble if we hit a block. We avoid the trickier stuff, so we don't get results.

There's no one to hold us accountable, no one to answer our questions, no one to celebrate our successes.

So we barely study the course and almost definitely don't implement it. Then we feel even worse, because nothing changes.

Meditation Made Easy is designed to be easy to stay on track with and get amazing results (I've got nearly 20 years' experience as a professional creator of online and face-to-face transformational training, as a certified NLP Trainer) and you also get:

  • Your Training Vault is set up to make it super-easy to pick up where you left off and to keep track of your progress, even if you're super-busy
  • A short daily reminder email, five days a week, to help you to stay on track and giving you quick-win actionable insights
  • Each lesson has a discussion post in the private forum, so you can get answers to your questions and celebrate your lightbulb moments, as you go along - I'm in there most days
  • Deep-dive answers to your questions and hot-seat mentoring - with 3 months of invitation-only access to my monthly student Q&A calls
  • Private discussion areas inside each lesson to share the journey, get answers to your questions, and celebrate your successes

You get full support and accountability, which sky-rockets your likelihood of implementing and actually creating the breakthroughs you're dreaming of - and actually makes those transformations bigger, easier and more fun than going solo.

Information is great. But it's implementation that will change your life.

What's The Investment?

I know you're busy! And I have designed this programme to be in bite-sized chunks so you can fit it in, no matter how full your schedule is.

This is a deep-dive programme, not a free downloadable cheat sheet, so you will need to invest the time and energy to get the most from it.

But 15 minutes per day should be enough to watch each day's teaching video and do your meditation practice.

Only you know whether you're prepared to carve out the time to get these results - and I can help with that, with a bonus training on how to 'magically' make more time.

Get Started Today!

I want to make this training as affordable as possible, whilst still offering the quality and service you deserve. So no-rush lifetime access to this training, plus 3 months' access to my invitation-only monthly Q&A calls is just £297.

That's the same price as a one-hour, one-off mentoring session with me, but instead you get the full 4-week training, plus 3 months of support with the monthly Q&A calls and the private discussion areas.

And there's the option to pay in two instalments.

Are You Joining Us? Get Started In The Next Five Minutes!

  • Get the full four-week programme with your online teaching modules, your private forum, and the Meditation, Made Easy bonuses
  • PLUS: 3 months' access to my invitation-only monthly student Q&A calls
  • PLUS: In-the-lesson support, virtual-cheerleadering & question-answering in the private discussion areas

Got Questions First?

I don't have enough time!

When are the live Q&A sessions?

Do I need any particular beliefs to join in?

How long do I get access to the training materials?

Do I have to be able to do the lotus pose?

Can my employer / business pay for this?

Got one that's not covered here? Contact my team for answers.

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