For leaders on a mission to take their virtual teams from surviving to thriving, as we move from lockdown into hybrid working.

11 inspirational interviews & panel discussions during june 2021

7th to 30th June

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays


After a year of leaders and teams achieving what might previously have felt impossible, we're now facing new challenges as we move out of lockdown into hybrid working.

What do we need to change, as we explore this new world of hybrid virtual leadership?

And how can we support our teams to thrive, especially when so many people are close to burnout?

The Lockdown Leadership Conference 2

- Making Hybrid Work -

is all about helping you to discover what is working - and how to let go of what isn't - with fifteen international experts in inspiring and leading virtual teams.

What Are We Doing?

Inspirational expert interviews and panel discussions to help you to make the journey from remote working to hybrid working, keeping what you've loved and getting back what you've missed.

Industry experts will be sharing their insights, inspiration and best practice, to support you and your organisation with making hybrid / blended working a success.

We're running three per week, on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 09:15 UK time. 

Note: the sessions are live, via Zoom (see the schedule below), so you can join us and get answers to your questions, right there and then.

PS Yes, there will be replays! You can watch them via video or download them as a podcast. But please do join us live, if you can. You'll get so much more from this if you can.

Not just nattering. Fluff-free. Plus it's a pitch-free zone. And definitely no death-by-Powerpoint. Making Hybrid Work is about taking inspired action and seeing results you can measure.

Making Hybrid Work will be packed with practical how-to from those who are on the ground, creating breakthroughs in the topics we're discussing. Plus you can get answers to your questions, right there and then, in the post-interview Q&A.

We want to make this event accessible to everyone, so I'm thrilled that the speakers have all agreed to waive their fee, so we can make this event available to you, free of charge.

But you will need to register, to get your ticket and the link to watch each session, as it is published.

Here's what's waiting for you:

How can you support team members in returning to the office or hybrid working, creating a culture of confidence and wellbeing, without burnout becoming a 'badge of honour'?

Is home working an 'aberration' that needs to be 'corrected', or a must-have that the best employees will demand? And what's the right balance? 

How to communicate what you're doing with blended working, to remove worry and uncertainty, so people feel involved in co-creating the future of work.

Does remote working really damage innovation? And what can you do to keep teams creative and agile, when members are in and out of the office on different days.

With so many people close to burnout, how can we foster natural resilience, instead of continuing to push on through? How can we reset productivity and performance, without triggering mental health issues?

What are the most effective strategies for keeping hybrid teams motivated, long-term, now the initial adrenalin of lockdown working has run out?

How can you handle those 'difficult' conversations, when we're hybrid working? And how can you support teams with communicating at a deeper level, even if they're facing challenges?

What are the driving factors for excellence in virtual leadership? And how can we support our leaders and managers to feel confident in high-impact hybrid leadership, long-term?

How can we make hybrid working truly inclusive? What are the most common mistakes to avoid? And what do we need to create a genuine level playing field, when some people are at home and others in the office?

Meet Your Speakers For Making Hybrid Work

Your fourteen speakers and panelists are internationally recognised industry experts. They're known for their generosity in sharing their wisdom in ways that inspire you to create shifts in your thinking, right there and then.

Here are your speakers and the topics they will be covering in their interviews:

Instant Access Replay

Panel Discussion On How To Put Wellbeing At The Heart Of Your Hybrid Working Culture, Without Sacrificing KPIs

Join industry leaders as they discuss what they have learned so far, and share the ground-breaking actions they are taking to create breakthroughs in wellbeing, supporting mental health, and increasing hybrid working productivity and performance, without the burnout.

Liese Lord
Agile Working Consultant


Nick Corrigan
Managing Director,
Societé Generale


Susi Fish

Partner (Patent Attorney) at Boult Wade Tennant


Janet Hitchen at Making Hybrid Work

Janet Hitchen

Internal Communications & Culture Consultant

Instant Access Replay

Janet's career has seen her advising leaders at companies from Apple to Nespresso, as a trusted guide in creating best-in-class communications strategies.

In her interview, she'll be discussing the cultural shifts organisations need to make, to allow their teams to thrive with hybrid working, and how to communicate them in ways that get people excited, instead of scared, about change.

Emma Francis

Diversity & Inclusion Lead - Zurich Insurance

Instant Access Replay

Emma is a true inspiration when it comes to supporting workplaces with culture change, to take the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce from 'nice ideas' to 'reality'.

In her interview, she'll be talking about how Zurich insurance made the shift to turn 80% of its roles into flexible working roles, how they got buy-in, even from the skeptical, and the lessons they learned about how to make changes like this a success - which we can all apply to our hybrid working strategies.

Sue Phillips

Global Director Of Insights at Ipsos MORI

Instant Access Replay

Sue trains and develops teams across the world to be able to deliver great insight via strong stories to help clients make business decisions that will be relevant to consumers. She also leads Women in Ipsos.

In her interview, she'll be sharing what she and her teams have learned about fostering creativity and innovation, despite remote or hybrid working, so that being out of the office is no longer a barrier to breakthroughs.

And we'll also discuss how to create a hybrid working environment that doesn't cause a gender imbalance, and how to avoid FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) making your star performers leave.

Marie Coombes

Conflict Resolution Mediator & Consultant | Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Instant Access Replay

Marie is an award-winning mediator, who specialises in helping organisations to have the deeper conversations that most of us would rather avoid, whilst preventing conflict and deepening connections.

In her interview she'll be sharing insights on how to have those difficult conversations in ways that are constructive and build stronger relationships. Plus she'll cover practical steps you can take as a virtual leader to prevent conflict that can arise in times of uncertainty and change.

Jenny Ainsworth at Making Hybrid Work

Jenny Ainsworth

Leadership, Mindset and Motivation Consultant

Instant Access Replay

Jenny is a gifted motivator, with a practical, down-to-earth style. Following a corporate career in leadership, she now trains others to inspire and lead their teams.

In her interview, she'll be covering how to keep your team members motivated, even if they feel like ships passing in the night, due to hybrid working.

She'll share gems and proven strategies on mindset shifts that leaders need to make, to allow hybrid working to succeed and teams to thrive.

Annique Simpson

Change comms business manager

Monday 21st June - LIVE

Annique Simpson is an award-winning change communications specialist with experience spanning property, telecommunications, banking, and healthcare. She is the co-founder of the Black Comms Network.

In her interview, she'll be talking about how to create a sense of belonging for hybrid workers, giving employees a voice.

For Annique, creating a true sense of belonging requires centering humanity at work and allowing people to speak up from a place of fairness and trust.

Clare Josa - book Clare to speak at your event

Clare Josa

Author Of Ditching Imposter Syndrome | Creator Of The Natural Resilience Method™

Wednesday 23rd June 09:15 - LIVE

Clare is considered the UK's leading authority in Imposter Syndrome, and an expert in the neuroscience and energy of peak performance.

In her interview, she'll be sharing little-known gems from her Natural Resilience Method™ process, so you can support team members to rewire their brain to become naturally resilient, cutting their stress levels, and feeling more confident and happier.

This process helps them to escape the burnout trap, and makes teams more productive, more bonded, and increases productivity.

Joanna Rawbone Lockdown Leadership Conference

Joanna Rawbone

Founder Of Flourishing Introverts, ED&I Consultant

Friday 25th June - LIVE

Joanna is a champion of the cause to remove 'extraversion bias' from organisations. She has seen first-hand how it can undermine engagement, productivity and performance, as well as impacting mental health.

Joanna's interview will cover the "tale of two lockdowns:: the introverts' vs extroverts' experience, and why leaders need to understand this. Plus she'll share how to prevent extraversion bias in the return to office working and reforming of teams, and the differences between the needs of introverts and extroverts in hybrid working

Penny Pullan

author of virtual leadership

Monday 28th June - LIVE

When the 2020 lockdown struck, and we all needed to move towards virtual leadership, Penny had literally written the book. Now she has written another, this time on creative collaboration.

She helps organisations to lead thriving virtual and hybrid teams. And in her interview she'll be sharing what you most need to know about how to adapt your leadership style, so that hybrid working will be a great success.

She'll talk about how to inspire and empower teams to deliver on deadlines, without triggering overwhelm, and how to make hybrid meetings engaging, effective and fun, when some people are in the room and others aren't.

And We'll Wrap Up Making Hybrid Work On 30th June With A Panel Discussion About How To Create A Genuinely Inclusive Culture That Allows Everyone To Thrive

Join industry leaders as they discuss everything from how to rebuild teams when members have been furloughed, through to how to ensure that those working from home don't miss out on having the impact and opportunities they deserve.

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


We're finalising panelists and will confirm all of them here at the same time.

Plus There's An Extra Treat For You!

Following the huge popularity of the sketchnotes from last year's event, Laurens Bonnema is joining us again, to create these for you, for each session.

Laurens Bonnema

Agile Management Consultant & Graphic Facilitator

If you're a visual learner, then it's really useful to have handouts and graphics from slides, to help you to remember what was covered in a conference.

But by making the Lockdown Leadership Conference interactive and in interview format, rather than death-by-Powerpoint, that isn't possible.

So we are thrilled that Laurens Bonnema is going to be 'sketchnoting' each session for us - and sharing his finished sketches with you, during and after the event.

You'll be able to download them all for your future reference.

Meet Your Host: Clare Josa

After the massive impact that the first Lockdown Leadership Conference had, a year ago, I never imaged we'd need to run a second time. But here it is!

We want to support you as a leader, line manager or HR professional as you explore this new territory of hybrid working, to help make that journey as easy and inspirational as possible for you and your teams.

Each of the interviewed speakers and panel session members will bring you their wisdom and expertise, sharing generously what they have learned about making hybrid work and leading teams in these life-changing times.

Making Hybrid Work is about giving you the step-by-step how-to for creating breakthroughs, not burnout, so your teams and organisation can thrive in this next phase of working together.

This Inspirational Expert Speaker Series Is There To Answer The Questions That You Don't Know Who Else To Ask

To join us, book your ticket and then a week before the event, you'll get the final schedule and the for the sessions, plus the accompanying workbook and virtual goodie bag gifts.

Get Your Ticket For Making Hybrid Work Now

We want Making Hybrid Work to reach and inspire as many people as possible, and I'm thrilled that all of the speakers have waived their usual fees, so that we can offer this event free of charge.

All you need to do is register below.

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Got A Question First About Making Hybrid Work?

How do I access the interviews?

For the live interviews, you'll be sent a Zoom link, which will be the same for all of the live interviews and panel discussions.

This means you can join them from anywhere in the world.

For the pre-recorded sessions, you'll get an email each time one of them goes live.

How do I submit questions?

For the live sessions, we'll be taking your questions as we go through.

We'll do our best to cover them all, and each of the interviews has an additional 15 minutes at the end, just for Q&A.

For the pre-recorded sessions, you can reply to your registration welcome email and let Clare know which burning questions you would like her to ask.

How does the forum work?

The forum is hosted on Circle.so, rather than being a Facebook or LinkedIn group.

This gives you more privacy - and fewer distractions!

It will run from the start date of the conference until 31st July 2021.

It's the perfect place to share your lightbulb moments, bounce ideas, and network to make new friends.

Can I get multiple tickets for my team?

Absolutely! All they need to do is to register, so they get sent the emails with each session's link.

Will there be replays?

Yes. Each session will be available as a video or audio replay, including those originally broadcast as live.

Can I get this invoiced to my company?

This is a free event, so there's no invoice to pay.

The interviewees are gifting their time and Clare is gifting her team's time, to help create an event to support and inspire you.

Got a question we haven't covered yet? Contact Clare's Team.

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