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Here's A Reminder Of What You'll Be Covering During The Ten Modules:


Pause Your Inner Critic

Learn how your self-talk affects self-doubt and confidence - and how to pause it in under sixty seconds.


How To Turn Your Inner Critic Into A Cheerleader

Discover how to change your inner story, to detox your inner drama queen, and to rewire your brain's neural pathways, so that your internal dialogue becomes genuinely supportive and empowering.


Clear Your Limiting Beliefs - The Cognitive Approach

Learn how to create lifelong shifts in your neural pathways and your brain's information filters, so you can clear out your limiting beliefs. Plus you'll learn how to clear the memory of them out of your cellular biology throughout the rest of your body, too.


Clear Your Limiting Beliefs - The Engineer-Approved Woo-Woo Approach!

Discover Clare's three-phased approach to clearing out even sticky limiting beliefs at the deepest levels, so you can set yourself free to become more of who you really are - fast!


Feeling Safe Without The Secret Masks

Wave goodbye to the need to pretend to be someone you're not, or to don a suit of virtual armour before you leave the house. Module five is about how to clear out the secret fears that meant you needed those masks, so you can be free from them, forever.


Pain-Free Comfort-Zone-Stretching

Shift the way you view comfort zones (they're actually pretty uncomfortable) and discover how to make personal growth and sensible risk-taking something that's fun, not frightening.


Who Do I Want To Become?

This module gets really exciting. Having cleared out so many of your hidden blocks in the earlier modules, this is where you get to choose which version of yourself you want to consciously create in your future.


Courageous Alignment

This is all about becoming the person who makes the difference you want to be making. Discover how Clare's F-cubed process helps you to let go of the past and step into an exciting future, right here, right now.


Taking Inspired Action

This module is the little-known difference between busyness and burnout, versus brilliant breakthroughs that feel easy and fun!


Celebrating Your Successes

More than just an 'end of programme party', this module teaches you a new way of experiencing life, which empowers you, cranks up your confidence even if you're facing new challenges, and hardwires your internal dialogue to be supportive and upbeat.

What's The Investment?

  • 10 inspirational, life-changing modules with forever-access
  • Fortnightly group calls for the duration of the programme
  • More-than-double your 1:1 time with Clare. Instead of 1 x 30-minute laser-focus session, you'll get 2 x 45-minute breakthrough sessions.
  • Get the never-to-be-repeated early bird price and save £500!

What's The Investment?

I want to make this programme accessible, whilst still offering the quality and service you deserve.

It's not a self-study online course. If it were, it would cost at least £995.

But it includes much more support, accountability and mentoring than that. And will get you breakthrough results.

When I run this for corporations, it normally costs £2,995 per person.

The full price for this programme - the one and only time it is running as a drop-in this year, is £1,995. The mentoring sessions you'll be getting with your fast-action bonus would cost £700 of that alone, and that's before you add in the fortnightly group calls and the forum and Facebook group.

If you join us before 5pm (UK time) on Monday 13th March, all of this is yours for the early bird rate of just £1,495. AND you DOUBLE your 1:1 time with me.

And there are only twenty twelve places.

Is one of them yours?

Fast-Action Bonus: DOUBLE Your 1:1 Time With Clare AND Save £500!

PLUS Join Us For The Natural Resilience Programme As My Gift (Usually £495)


Payment Plan Available