Is It Finally Time To Give Your Inner Critic The Boot?

How To Stop
Negative Thinking
From Silently Sabotaging Your World-Changer Dreams

One-Day Workshop With Clare Josa In East Sussex, From 10am to 4pm On 16th November 2017

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So Much More Than 'Just' A Workshop:

The Inner Critic Bootcamp includes a pre-event workbook and survey, so I can tailor the day to your specific needs. We can hit the ground running and make the most of our time together, to create deep-acting breakthroughs.

The Inner Critic Bootcamp workshop runs from 10am to 4pm and is for maximum 10 people, so you get the individual support you need.

The workshop includes all refreshments, including a vegetarian lunch.

Integrate the changes you make during the workshop with two live group mentoring calls, after the event. Ideal for accountability, getting answers to your questions and celebrating successes.


You'll get a copy of my latest book to take home with you:

Dare To Dream Bigger: The 'Inside Work' Handbook For Entrepreneurs & Passionate World-Changers

(usually £14.99 - if you already have a copy, I'll gift you a copy to give to a friend or loved-one).


Book your ticket TODAY and get my hugely popular 28 Day Meditation Challenge online course, to give you a huge head start on taming your Inner Critic - as my gift.
It is usually £100.

Fifteen years of mentoring passionate world-changers (and working on myself!) has taught me that making a difference in the world isn't about what you do; it's about who you allow yourself to become.

But we get in our own way, without realising it.​

And one of the biggest causes is our out-of-control self-talk - that Inner Critic.

I'd love to share with you practical strategies and inspirational insights to allow you to finally tame your Inner Critic, so you can set yourself free to make a bigger difference in the world.​

What To Expect:

You'll hit the ground running, having completed your pre-workshop online workbook. Clare will have gone through your responses and will already have a pretty good idea of what you need to cover in your session - but she doesn't make assumptions.

Although she designs the course in advance, she has plenty of flexibility to meet your specific needs, during the day. Clare will share with you:

  • an inspired blend of Engineer-Approved Woo-Woo (as her clients call it!) - demystified Ancient Wisdom - it reaches the parts that 'thinking' alone can't touch
    • NLP (she's been a certified Trainer since 2003) - so she's a pro at spotting the games your mind loves to play when it's getting in your way - and empowering you to set yourself free from them
  • and her Inner Genius of intuitively seeing your deepest hidden blocks and helping you to find that magic wand you hid years ago, so you can do something about them

And, as a certified NLP Trainer, Clare is an expert in how to structure a workshop so that you can learn both consciously and unconsciously, making it as easy as possible for you to create life-changing insights and breakthroughs, with a smile on your face!

By the end of the Inner Critic Bootcamp, you will have uncovered the games your personal version of the Inner Critic plays, you'll have discovered practical strategies to calm it, and you'll have your Inner-Critic-Taming toolkit, so you can start turning your Inner Critic into your Biggest Cheerleader, even before you get back home.

Book Your Place Now:

This earlybird rate is for tickets booked by 30th July only.
The full price is £497.

Is The Inner Critic Bootcamp Right for You?


    • You're hungry to make a bigger difference in the world
    • You're ready to take complete responsibility for the changes you want to make
    • You're prepared to do whatever it takes to get past your 'flinch factor' and step up to the next level (and Clare will make it as easy as possible for you!)
    • You feel excited (and maybe scared!) about letting go of out-of-date hidden blocks and stepping up to the next level on your world-changer mission


    • You're still in the 'maybe' zone on your life's dreams and you haven't really said 'YES!' yet
    • You want to be 'told what to do' and have your hand held at each and every step of the journey
    • You still feel like life happens 'to' you and that if you don't get the results you want, it's down to 'other people' or 'external circumstances'
    • You're regularly telling yourself stories of 'it's not fair' or how someone or something else is to 'blame'


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How do I join in with the live Q&A calls?

What do I need to bring with me?

What happens if I have to cancel?

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Book Your Place Now:

This earlybird rate is for tickets booked by 30th July only.
The full price is £497.