Become A Certified Imposter Syndrome First-Aider

For Line Managers & HR Professionals

Learn how to spot it, how to avoid the super-common intervention pitfalls, how to support team members to stop self-sabotaging, both as an 'emergency quick fix' and longer-term solutions, and how to apply what you've learned to prevent burnout and create a culture of natural resilience.

what you get

Learn at your own pace with the UK's leading Imposter Syndrome authority: Clare Josa, Author of Ditching Imposter Syndrome

Packed with practical inspiration for busy leaders, Clare Josa's Imposter Syndrome Training guides you step by step through how to support team members with Imposter Syndrome, even if you're super-busy and secretly doubting yourself.

Study At Your Own Pace

Each module is broken down into bite-sized chunks that fit around even the busiest schedule. And it's easy to pick up where you left off.

With eight hours of total study time, you'll experience breakthroughs in your understanding of Imposter Syndrome in just the first few lessons.

You'll be surprised at how soon you start to feel more confident leading the conversation and supporting team members to start the journey of setting themselves free from Imposter Syndrome.

Feel Fully Supported

Each lesson has a discussion thread in Clare's private online forum, where you can share your insights, get answers to your questions, and find accountability to make sure you finish this course!

The programme is designed using accelerated learning techniques from Clare's 20 years of specialising in this field, and you've got videos, MP3s, workbooks, quizzes & more, to support your learning style.

Plus you get hot seat mentoring with Clare, with 3 months' invitation-only access to her monthly live Q&A calls.

Ready-To-Implement Strategies

This training is a fluff-free zone. It gives you the background you need, including insights from Clare's landmark Imposter Syndrome research studies, practical psychology, and the neuroscience of peak performance (demystified!).

And then it's all about practical things you can do, starting today.

Clare has developed these proven strategies following thousands of hours of working with clients on ditching Imposter Syndrome, and now she's sharing them with you. 

Imposter Syndrome For Managers Is For You, If:

You've Got Team Members Struggling With Imposter Syndrome

They're coming to you for advice, and you're not sure what to say, other than give them a pep-talk. You don't want to accidentally end up as their therapist, but they need your help to stop self-sabotaging.

You Can See How Widespread Imposter Syndrome Is In Your Organisation

You want to know how to start the conversation and remove the Imposter Syndrome shame-taboo, without turning it badge-of-honour. You want people to have somewhere to go for answers and support.

You Want To Make A Bigger Difference

You can see how Imposter Syndrome is impacting performance, productivity, people and profits - and maybe you've seen Clare's research on its impact on the gender and BAME pay gaps - you want to create a culture shift in your organisation that helps Imposter Syndrome to become a thing of the past.

What you'll learn on this course:

module 1: what is imposter syndrome?

Module 1 Lessons:

  1. What it is - and isn't
    2. The vital difference between it and self-doubt / lack of confidence
    3. What the latest research tells us - and the most common myths
    4. Clare Josa's definition of the Imposter Syndrome Gap - and why this helps us predict and prevent it
    5. The problem with the Bridge Of Coping Strategies approach - it's what most people are trying
    6. Clare Josa's Imposter Syndrome Iceberg model - and how this helps people to make sense of this experience

module 2: where does it come from? And is it inevitable?

Module 2 lessons:

  1. What triggers it?
    2. Are there professions or jobs that are more susceptible to it?
    3. Are there ages when it comes to the fore?
    4. Why is it so important to spot it early? And what can you do if someone doesn't?
    5. How to help someone spot their Imposter Syndrome early warning signs

Module 3: How does it impact individuals?

Module 3 lessons:

  1. What are the differences between men and women? Are there other diversity implications?
    2. The stress cycle - how Imposter Syndrome causes anxiety and burnout
    3. The neuroscience behind how it trashes productivity and performance
    4. The two types of fear
    5. The secret fear that all Imposter Syndrome sufferers have in common

Module 4: how does it impact teams and businesses?

Module 4 lessons:

  1. How it impacts team dynamics
    2. Imposter Syndrome as a killer of innovation and creativity
    3. Its role in the gender pay gap / BAME
    4. Why it makes ‘rising stars’ leave your organisation, when you're least expecting it
    5. The impact on profits
    6. How remote working and Covid-19 have affected Imposter Syndrome

module 5: how to spot the warning signs

Module 5 lessons:

  1. Common early warning signs
    2. Clare Josa's 4 Ps Of Imposter Syndrome Model
    3. How to spot your early warning signs - for yourself or for a team member

Module 6: Opening Up The Discussion

Module 6 Lessons:

  1. This course does not make you a therapist!
  2. Watch your language - things to avoid so you don't make Imposter Syndrome worse
  3. The single most important message someone needs to hear, when you start the discussion
  4. Getting yourself out of the way of the conversation - common pitfalls when talking with team members about this.
  5. The secret to getting them to open up, even if they're in Imposter Syndrome denial
  6. How to raise the conversation - with an individual or with your wider team

Module 7: Supporting with First Aid Techniques

Module 7 lessons:

  1. The first thing you need to do, before you try anything else
    2. Giving them a near-instant confidence boost - without pretending
    3. How to stop negative self-talk in under sixty seconds - part 1
    4. Dispel the myths that will be keeping them stuck
    5. Giving them back their perspective
    6. Self-mentoring questions to evict their Inner Drama Queen / King

Module 8: longer-term support strategies

Module 8 lessons:

  1. How to stop negative self-talk in under sixty seconds - part 2
    2. The super-easy daily habit that turns their inner critic into a genuine cheerleader, fast
    3. The simple self-talk tweak that can get them unstuck, in minutes, not months
    4. Making feedback Imposter-Syndrome-safe, both informally and at annual performance reviews
    5. Helping someone to recreate their internal referencing system
    6. When to refer someone on to a specialist Imposter Syndrome Mentor or other professional

Module 9: preventative support for key trigger points

Module 9 lessons:

  1. Starting a new role
    2. Returning from maternity leave
    3. Applying for a promotion
    4. Getting promoted
    5. Menopause
    6. Your Inspired Action Plan

module 10: Changing the company culture

Module 10 lessons:

  1. Why we need to remove the Imposter Syndrome shame-taboo
    2. Why this won’t turn everyone into badge-of-honour-touting, underperforming special snowflakes
    3. Why successful leaders need to use the ‘F-word'
    4. Dealing with the alpha-male culture
    5. What equality and inclusion really demand of us

Bonus module: applying what you have learned to cultivate natural resilience and prevent burnout

In this bonus module, you'll learn how to take the core elements from the main training and to apply them - for yourself and for others - to prevent burnout, to reverse it at the early stages, and to support your teams in cultivating natural resilience, rather than 'bounce-back' resilience.

This is particularly relevant because research is showing how many employees are close to burnout, as we exit lockdown, especially if they've been juggling remote working with carer responsibilities.

About Clare Josa

After a corporate career in engineering, specialising in Six Sigma, and as Head of Market Research for one of the world’s most disruptive brands, since 2003 Clare has specialised in helping high-achievers to overcome Imposter Syndrome and is now considered the UK's leading authority on the topic.

An expert in the neuroscience and psychology of performance, her approach is grounded in practical common sense, creating breakthroughs not burnout.

She has spent the past 17 years, specialising in helping high-achievers and business leaders to finally ditch Imposter Syndrome and their secret self-imposed glass ceilings, so they can grow to become the leader they were born to be. Hint: mindset and positive thinking are not enough!

In this inspirational training, she guides you through what you need to know to be able to support your team members with Imposter Syndrome, kickstarting their journey to set themselves free from it, and starting to transform your company's culture to make Imposter Syndrome a thing of the past.

What's Your Investment?

This course includes six hours of training materials, broken down into bite-sized lessons, designed for you to work through at your own pace over a number of weeks, plus workbooks and self-mentoring exercises that take about another two hours. 

You'll want to include time to implement and learn from the training, plus making the most of your monthly group Q&A calls with Clare for the first three months, and the private discussion forum. And you can refer back to the materials at any point in the future. There's no expiry.

No-rush, lifetime access to this course is yours for just £995, instead of the usual £1,495, during the launch phase, between now and when the programme goes live at midday on 7th June 2021.

You are not alone! You've got support in the private forum, three months of invitation-only Q&A calls with Clare, and a pre-launch bonus: a 30-minute 1:1 mentoring session with Clare, where you can pick her brain (usually £295).

Prices are subject to UK VAT. You can either register now, paying via Stripe (a secure checkout system), and secure your pre-launch price and bonus 1:1 with Clare, or you can request for your company to be invoiced for the programme.

Please note: your access to the training can't start until your company has paid the invoice, which must happen before 7th June 2021 at midday UK time, to be eligible for the bonus pricing and 1:1 mentoring.

Claim Your Pre-Launch Place Now

Imposter Syndrome For Managers is a programme Clare has been teaching for years, and this supported self-study, online version goes live on Monday 7th June 2021.

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And you'll get the pre-launch bonus of a 30-minute 1:1 mentoring session with Clare, as her gift, instead of the usual £295.

All prices are subject to UK VAT.

What People Say About Clare's Imposter Syndrome Training

Ian Anderson Gray

Founder of Seriously Social

Refreshing, science-backed approach.

Clare's approach is backed up by science and deep research. But doesn't just share the theory, she shares practical steps to rid yourself of Imposter Syndrome and your inner blocks, once and for all. I was very sceptical, but now I'm certainly a believer.

Janine Coombes

Marketing Strategist

Clare is my go-to Imposter Syndrome expert

I love the way Clare explains things. Her extensive experience of running her own business, writing her books, previous roles in market research and training in NLP and meditation seem to have been blended to create the perfect course leader.

Nancy Marmolejo

Executive Coach & Speaker

Expect Breakthroughs

Many personal growth programmes are by people who have had personal epiphanies, then try to sell unattainable solutions built on vague concepts that are not easy to materialise... because the trainer doesn't know how to unpack their own processes.

Clare's background as an engineer and NLP Trainer PLUS her life experience uniquely qualifies her as THE person to deconstruct the art and science of bypassing your mental and emotions blocks, to achieve success.

© Clare Josa