62% of your clients & colleagues struggle with Imposter Syndrome daily or regularly.

And they are hungry to move beyond 'coping' and 'sticking plaster strategies'.

Could you become the 'magic wand' they've been searching for?

What Is Imposter Syndrome?

Before we go any further, let's agree what Imposter Syndrome is. And isn't.

From our research studies, I define it as the secret fear of being 'found out' as not good enough, or a fraud, despite external-world evidence that we're doing well.

And, with my 1:1 clients, I talk about it as being the secret fear of others judging us, the way we judge ourselves.

It's hanging around at the 'who am I to do this?' level, with our sense of identity. And it's different to self-doubt, though the two are often conflated.

Self-doubt and confidence are about what we can and can't do;

Imposter Syndrome is about who we think we are.

And that's why you need deeper-acting techniques - the kind that go beyond mindset - to help clients and team members to truly set themselves free from Imposter Syndrome, once and for all.

What Our Research Studies Say

I have spent the past seven years running an international research study into Imposter Syndrome, and its links with burnout and toxic resilience, as part of my 20+ years of specialising in this field. That's where the 62% figure comes from.

There's a desperate need for support with clearing out Imposter Syndrome, whatever kind of coaching or therapy you're doing.

And here are some more stats you need to know:


Don't feel confident speaking up with their ideas in meetings. The 'edgier' the idea, the more they hold back.


Compare themselves to others and judge themselves as not being good enough, daily or regularly ('comparisonitis').


Have considered quitting their job due to Imposter Syndrome or burnout in the past week alone. And it's 8%. Every. Single. Day.

Plus We Need To Talk About Self-Sabotage:

Imposter Syndrome Self-sabotage - Clare Josa

And it stops your coaching from working.

When a client or team member is running Imposter Syndrome, there's a gap between who they see themselves as being and who they think they need to be, to do or achieve something. I call this the Imposter Syndrome Gap.

And it can feel like a ravine.

But we don't always have the option of running away from our goals and dreams, so people build over that gap what I call the Bridge of Coping Strategies - all the things we do to succeed, despite Imposter Syndrome. And that can work for a while...

... Until we reach for the next level of impact or fulfilling our potential... which widens the Imposter Syndrome Gap, so that the Bridge of Coping Strategies is no longer wide enough... so we self-sabotage, big-time, often thwarting the very success we were craving.

And here's the problem:

unless the work you're doing with clients / team members supports them in clearing out the hidden causes of the Imposter Syndrome Gap, then you're either going to have to put loads of effort into helping them to build a better bridge of Coping Strategies when that gap widens, or they're going to self-sabotage.

It's why some people don't get the results you were expecting, or don't do their actions between sessions, or ghost you, even if they've pre-paid.

Or they ghost you on or after discovery calls, even though you thought they were a great fit.

They're running an identity-level fear of the change they say they want to make. And clearing that out takes deeper-acting tools that those that most coaches have.

Rotten Tomatoes Alert Question:

If you were to ask the part of you that deeply wants to serve your clients and colleagues...

... with all your heart...

... are you currently able to truly set them free from self-sabotage and Imposter Syndrome?

Or are you helping them to build a better bridge of coping strategies?

Why Classic Coaching Isn't Enough

Let's start by getting one thing straight:

If you're secretly in the build-a-better-Bridge-Of-Coping-Strategies brigade, you are not alone. And it's not your fault!

And the fact that you're on this page means you're open to becoming the best coach, therapist, mentor, line manager, leader, HR professional or Mental Health First-Aider that you can. That's something worth celebrating.

But there comes a point when a person has simply had enough of the effort, energy and fear that the Bridge Of Coping Strategies approach demands. And if that's all your toolbox has to offer, they'll make a decision:

Either find out how to ditch Imposter Syndrome... or step back from their dreams.

I've lost count of how many times, for example, I've seen a brilliant woman get promoted into a seat-at-the-table role, only to see her leave six months later, to 'set up her own business'.

Imposter Syndrome.

Or maybe it's the mum returning from maternity leave who convinces herself she has to downgrade her role, to feel good enough.

Imposter Syndrome.

Or the man whose use of drugs, alcohol and medication to numb the anxiety (men are 5 times more likely than women to take this route) is risking the breakdown of his marriage.

Imposter Syndrome.

Our research studies have shown that classic coaching and traditional therapies can raise the awareness of when Imposter Syndrome is going to strike, but they don't prevent it. So the person plays constant catch-up with the subconscious bit of their brain that has already started to self-sabotage.

And then they beat themselves up even more.

With the right toolkit and inner work on yourself, you can be the miracle-worker they have been hoping for.

Become One Of The World's Top Coaches For Imposter Syndrome & Burnout

Join the Soultuitive® Coaching Lab

For coaches, consultants, leaders, therapists, mediators, line managers, HR professionals, Mental Health First Aiders and more - anyone whose clients or colleagues show up with Imposter Syndrome.

Doors for the next intake open twice a year, and the intake is January 2024, which is already filling up.

Given the data, it’s not surprising how frequently you encounter a client or colleague struggling with Imposter Syndrome.

And right now, you’re limited in the amount of progress you can help them make.

When the conversation strays into Imposter Syndrome territory, you can feel yourself slam on the brakes.

And rightly so.

You don’t have the training or experience to safely and meaningfully help them.

It’s a complex, and deep-rooted issue, and it’s hard to know what to do or say, without making it worse or seeming dismissive.

Until you acquire the skills to safely navigate your clients/colleagues to clear Imposter Syndrome, you’ll always be limited in the impact you make.

The Soultuitive® Coaching Lab is the training ground you need.

This research-backed, proven combination of training and support gets you taming your own Inner Critic, learning how to turn it into your biggest cheerleader, and ditching your own Imposter Syndrome. Then it teaches you how to support others to do the same.

All in busy-schedule-friendly, bite-sized chunks of practical inspiration.

Introducing Lab Creator: Clare Josa

Meet: Clare Josa

The Soultuitive® Coaching Lab was created by Clare Josa, a global authority on Imposter Syndrome and the creator of the Natural Resilience Method™ - (more on that later).

Clare has specialised in Imposter Syndrome since 2003, published the best-selling book Ditching Imposter Syndrome, and has led 3 international research studies into the phenomenon. She is a sought-after international keynote speaker on how to get out of your own way.

After a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a career in corporate roles, including being Head of Market Research for one of the world's most disruptive brands, Clare has spent the past 20 years specialising in helping people set themselves free from Imposter Syndrome, burnout and toxic resilience. 

She’s an expert in the neuroscience and psychology of performance, a former Six Sigma Mechanical Engineer, a certified NLP trainer and a certified yoga and meditation teacher.

Her high-impact online training is designed to create breakthroughs in minutes, not months, delivering results you can both feel and measure.

As there are a few billion people in the world experiencing Imposter Syndrome, and only one Clare, she’s created two online training programmes that can equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to tame your own own Inner Critic, then help other people do something practical to stop Imposter Syndrome in its tracks, so they no longer have to live at the mercy of negative self-talk and subconscious self-sabotage.

How Is The Lab Different?

Natural Resilience Method®

The Natural Resilience Method® is Clare Josa's science-backed, research-created, proven strategy to shrink your stress levels, crank up your confidence, and set yourself free from burnout, Imposter Syndrome and toxic resilience.

It is the framework the Soultuitive® Coaching Lab is based on, and it creates breakthroughs for clients that go way beyond mindset-based cognitive approaches, including clearing the body-memory of out-of-date habits and stuck limiting beliefs, as well as the energy of them.

It is designed as a cycle you can work through multiple times, each time going a layer deeper with more powerful techniques, to create safe, high-impact, low-effort change.

During your first cycle through the framework you will learn how to help yourself. During subsequent cycles, Clare will teach you how to help other people.

The Natural Resilience Method® is made up of five stages:

1. Pressing Pause

You can't create change in your life when you're super-stressed. So the first stage is to get grounded, to learn how to pause the fight-flight-freeze response, and to turn off hypervigilance. It's about feeling safe again and starting to realise that the mind-story fears that were causing us worry don't need to hold power over us.

2. Rewire Your Brain

Our thoughts impact our body and create our emotions. Combined, these three dictate our actions, whether that's self-sabotaging or setting ourselves up for thriving.

Stage 2 of Clare's process demystifies the art and science of neuroplasticity to teach you how to rewire your brain, starting to turn your inner critic into a genuine cheerleader.

3. Rewire Your Body

Your body feels every thought you think. It keeps track of your limiting beliefs and hidden fears. And it gets secretly addicted to adrenaline, keeping you stuck on the burnout rollercoaster.

So in stage three, Clare helps people to rewire their body to start to reset the harm that burnout has been causing, and to support a happier, more confident 'you'. Plus this is the point where she teaches ways of working with the body to release the hidden blocks that have been holding you back, going beyond 'mindset' and positive thinking, to create lasting change.

4. Your Personal Power

It's so easy to give away our personal power, without realising. And that drains our batteries, both through the giving and often also through the secret resentment this can cause us to feel.

So in this phase, Clare supports people with reclaiming their personal power (without creating conflict), resetting boundaries with people, situations and personal habits that drain our energy, and also with clearing out the hidden drivers that caused us to give away our power in the first place, so we don't need to do that again in the future.

It's also about building our confidence to be more of who we really are, instead of toning ourselves down.

5. Consciously Creating Your Future

This is about doing, but also becoming - becoming the real you, taking off the secret masks and armour, and allowing yourself to have the impact your ideas and dreams deserve.

In this phase, you get to 'unwire' the now out-of-date habits that held you back, so you can make the difference you're really here to make, with courage, confidence and passion.

And when you do this at the end of a Natural Resilience Method® cycle, the 'future' you choose to consciously create is so much more fun and expansive than it would have been at the beginning.

Learning Inside The Lab

The Soultuitive® Coaching Lab equips you with the skills you need to bring the Natural Resilience Method® into your life, and into the work you do with other people.

Clare has been an NLP Trainer since 2003, and is an expert course designer, as a pioneer of high-impact online learning. So the Lab is an inspirational fluff-free zone that respects and works around your busy life.

There are four core elements to the Lab:

#1: Learn At Times That Work For You

High quality, engaging, on-demand video lessons

You'll get a new module each week (plus integration weeks) and Clare guides you step by step through how to apply this work for yourself, and then how to apply it with colleagues and clients.

It's designed to help you create change in ways that are fast, fun, and forever, simply by watching the videos and doing the self-coaching exercises.

#2: Answers & Accountability

Group video coaching & tutorial calls

During the main teaching phase of your training, you'll get twice-monthly small-group tutorial calls with Clare or your courses's nominated Imposter Syndrome Master Coach.

These are brilliant for picking Clare's brain, getting answers to your questions, learning from others' questions, and hot seat coaching. It's also where Clare shares ninja tips and insights, tailored to your needs and interests.

#3: Find Your Tribe

Private Online Discussion Forum

Every lesson has an embedded discussion area, which is only visible to fellow students on your cohort.

This is a great place to share the journey with your tribe, supporting each other, and also getting input from Clare and your cohort's Master Coach, as you go through the training.

They're great for accountability and implementation, too.

#4: From Theory To Action

Short busy-person-friendly assignments to help you put what you learn into practice

At some point, theory needs to become action. And that's what the assignments are for.

They're non-time-sucky and are all about helping you to take those first steps in implementing what you're learning.

Plus you will do case studies (either 3 or 6, depending on which of the training levels you're on) and you'll get full support with these.

How You'll Learn

The Full Live Course

Access for a full year to the online training and support materials, including your built-in Virtual Journal

Client Support Materials

Specially designed teaching materials for you to support your 1:1 clients with learning core concepts

Private Podcast

Have Clare as a Mentor In Your Pocket™ with the private podcast, which you can also use to play meditations & techniques to clients

Tutorial Calls

Twice-monthly small-group tutorial calls during the teaching phases and monthly all-student Q&A calls for the rest of your 12 months.

Private Discussion Forum

A private discussion forum, just for your cohort, built into each lesson, to share the journey & get answers to your questions


Fully certified for a year after you complete the course - essential if you need to get insurance, and to reassure clients

Institute of Leadership & Management

Upon successful completion, you're eligible to join the UK's Institute of Leadership & Management, who certify this qualification, as a Full Member (at a discounted rate), giving you the post-nominals "MInstLM". Some students will be eligible to apply for 'Fellow' membership.

And The Support Keeps Going After You Graduate

Your first year's membership gets you 12 months' access to the training materials and coaching support materials, and your tutorial calls with Clare and her Master Coaches, plus the marking of your assignments.

After that, once you've graduated, you can continue your membership, at a lower 'grad rate' to reward your achievement, and you'll get:

  • Continued access to the full course, all updates, and coaching support materials, for as long as you remain a member
  • Member-only post-grad CPD, including courses and masterclasses with Clare
  • Invitation-only membership of our post-grad community, including a private discussion forum to share your journey, support each other, and get answers to your questions about your 1:1 work
  • Monthly coaching supervision calls, just for post-grad members, led by Clare and her specially trained Master Coaches, to support you in your 1:1 work
  • Continued certification (essential for insurance - renewed annually, upon evidence of attending at least 6 hours of supervision calls or CPD)
  • Half-price fee on Clare's Transformation Toolkit and Imposter Syndrome Bootcamp™ trainings, if you want to gift them / sell them to clients, to do the 'heavy lifting' for you on teaching the 'how-to', freeing you up to spend more time facilitating the breakthroughs
  • A VIP Pass to the annual conference (virtual), each year, with full replay access and exclusive grad-only breakout rooms

Why Is It Called The Soultuitive® Coaching Lab?

To make deep and meaningful change we need to do more than left-brain work.

'Mindset' is just a surface-level symptom. To set yourself free from Imposter Syndrome, burnout and toxic resilience, you need to do the 'root cause'-level work. And classic coaching simply doesn't go there.

The training inside the Soultuitive® Coaching Lab delivers research-backed, proven techniques, which Clare has developed over the past twenty years of specialising in this field, with tens of thousands of 1:1 clients, students and readers of her work.

And it’s also designed to help you lead from your heart, so you can trust your intuition, and show up as who you really are, rather than putting on a persona and pretending.

It's about clearing out the hidden blocks that make you hold back and self-sabotage, so you can have the impact you've been dreaming of and become the leader you were born to be, while inspiring your clients and colleagues to do the same.

There's no specific belief system required and it's not about a religion. It's about a deep, strong connection with your Self and the difference you are here to make in the world, reconnecting with your intuition to take inspired action on your dreams.

How Deep Do You Want To Go?

There are two membership levels inside the Soultuitive® Coaching Lab:


You want to bring these tools into your work, at a foundation level.

For consultants, leaders, new coaches (with fewer than 3 years' experience), mediators, line managers, and anyone else who feels their work is impacted by their colleagues’ or clients’ experience of Imposter Syndrome.

This is for you if you can see that Imposter Syndrome is causing your colleagues or clients to hold back and self-sabotage, and you want to be able to do more than just offer tea and sympathy, being confident you’re not doing or saying anything that makes the problem worse.

You’ll be helping them on a First Aid basis, as well as with foundation-level preventative strategies, helping them to feel less stressed, more confident, less anxious, and able to spot and prevent self-sabotage. 

After completing the Foundation Level you will:

  • Know how to rewire your brain and your body, to turn your inner critic into a genuine cheerleader
  • Be able to spot the warning signs of Imposter Syndrome, toxic resilience and burnout, so you can intervene often even before the other person realises that's what's happening
  • Be equipped with the foundation-level methods so that you can suggest practical things a colleague or client can do, on a 'first aid' basis - in the moment - to stop Imposter Syndrome in its tracks, preventing self-sabotage
  • Have proven techniques you can share, in 1:1 coaching-style conversations, to help others on a preventative basis, laying strong foundations for their journey to set themselves free from Imposter Syndrome 
  • Have the option of upgrading to do additional training and become an Imposter Syndrome Master Coach

On successful completion of the assignments you will:

Be able to call yourself Natural Resilience Method® Facilitator - or Imposter Syndrome First-Aider™ (you decide which title is best suited to your role)

Be eligible for membership of the Institute of Leadership & Management, enabling you to use the post-nominals MInstLM 


You want to become an expert coach in this work, taking your coaching skills to mastery level.

For coaches and therapists with more than 3 years experience, who want to work with clients 1-1 as an Imposter Syndrome Master Coach, whether that's in your own business, or as part of your employment.

On successful completion of the assignments you will:

  • Be able to use Clare Josa’s proven five-step process to do the deeper, identity-level work
  • Know, step by step, how to guide a client from struggling with Imposter Syndrome to being free from it
  • Be able to co-create results that classic coaching can’t achieve for Imposter Syndrome, burnout and toxic resilience
  • Have a post-graduate coaching and mentoring certification in being a Certified Imposter Syndrome Master Coach (which allows you to get insurance to practice 1:1, either in-house or as an external coach)
  • Be eligible to have us refer our clients to you for coaching, including being listed on our Imposter Syndrome Master Coach directory (for as long as you remain a Soultuitive® Coaching Lab member)
  • Be eligible for membership of the Institute of Leadership & Management, enabling you to use the post-nominals MInstLM, and potentially be eligible to apply to become a Fellow

Note: this membership is not a 'train the trainer' programme - it's for 1:1 coaching. It does not qualify or authorise you to teach the content covered e.g. using the content in virtual or face-to-face workshops, whether live or pre-recorded, without prior written consent and a licensing fee.

Tell me more about the Soultuitive® Coaching Lab!

The curriculum, requirements, commitment and price vary according to which level you enrol on.

Help us to suggest the right level for you by completing this quick-fire, 3-minute, research-backed quiz. It gives you your Imposter Syndrome score, too, and a personalised action plan!

What's the next step? Take the free 20-question quiz to find out which membership level is the right fit for you.

What's the first step?

Is This Work A Good Fit For You?

Not everyone is a good fit for this work. But if you are, then you're going to love it!

This is for you, if:

  • What you're reading here resonates with you and you're curious to go beyond just left-brained approaches, but without having to hug a unicorn
  • You know that you are your most valuable asset, and that by getting out of your own way, you can make an even bigger difference
  • You're open to committing the time and energy that it takes to clear your own hidden blocks, then learn new ways to help others to shift theirs
  • You love the idea of being part of a tribe of like-minded passionate world-changers, supporting each other to make an even bigger difference

Please don't sign up yet, if:

  • You're addicted to left-brained logic and aren't open to doing the deeper work that helps the Whole You to create change
  • You're a course collector and know you're likely to sign up, but not complete this training
  • You secretly know you're stuck in victim mode, where life happens to you, and you're not ready to reclaim your personal power
  • You're wedded to classic coaching sausage-machines, like the 'GROW' model, and aren't ready to support clients at a deeper level yet.

Want to find out more, including which level of membership is the right fit for you, the curriculum for each level, and the time, energy and financial investment? Help us to help you choose the right level in the next 3 minutes:

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