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Is It Really Imposter Syndrome?

Or 'Just' Self-Doubt?

3 Essential Questions That Unlock The Answer - And Why You Need To Know

Your Host:

Clare Josa

Author: Ditching Imposter Syndrome
Trainer of Certified Imposter Syndrome Mentors

We all know the feeling - a client isn't getting the results we'd hope for, or they're holding back on taking inspired action, or they've started ghosting...

... and you think Imposter Syndrome might be behind it...

... but it could be self-doubt.

In this live, interactive masterclass, Clare Josa - author of Ditching Imposter Syndrome and the UK's leading authority on the subject - will guide you through:

  • how to spot the difference, based on the latest research
  • why it's so important that coaches and mentors can do this
  • and how to support a client with self-doubt vs Imposter Syndrome, to help them create breakthroughs, fast

What you’ll discover in this session

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The Latest Research

Discover the data on the difference between Imposter Syndrome & Self-Doubt - and why it's so important for coaches to be able to spot this.

How To Spot Imposter Syndrome

Learn Clare's two research-backed models for spotting the early warning signs of Imposter Syndrome, based on her 17 years of specialising in this and her landmark 2019 research study.

3 Essential Questions

3 questions you can ask a client to unlock whether they're struggling with Imposter Syndrome or self-doubt - plus why it's vital to set them free from the 'bridge of coping strategies'.

Clare's 5-Step Strategy

Learn why what you do to support clients with Imposter Syndrome differs from self-doubt, plus Clare's 5-step strategy to help clients set themselves free from Imposter Syndrome, once and for all.

Plus you'll get to pick Clare's brain, with her answering your questions, live on the call.

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