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How To Beat Exam Stress

Practical inspiration from the worlds of the psychology of performance and demystified neuroscience, to give students the best chance possible of getting the grades they deserve.

As Adults, We Know That Stress Feels Lousy,

But Did You Know That Science Shows It Trashes Exam Performance?

It's a neurosicence fact that a stressed brain will struggle to remember things. And those crazy 'lateral thinking' exam questions? The stressed brain doesn't stand a chance of doing justice to a child's ability in those.

So the best teaching, tutoring and parental support in the world won't help a child to fulfil their potential in their exams, if they're feeling worried, anxious and stressed.

And it's not just during the exams. Exam stress can affect general learning and revision effectiveness.

With Covid-19 having caused so much anxiety for last year's Year 11 and Year 13 students, this year's cohort is already worrying that their mocks might end up as their final exam grades. They're putting themselves under incredible pressure. And they risk seeing their marks drop as their stress levels rise.

Add to this the uncertainty over whether exams will happen and what form assessments will take this academic year, and we're seeing student stress levels sky-rocket, months ahead of the usual exam-worry season.

As parents, teachers and tutors, we want to do everything we can to help our children to do their best. But if they're stressed, they risk getting in their own way.

How To Beat Exam Stress
helps you to teach teens how to press 'pause' on their inner critic,
how to turn worry around in under sixty seconds,
and how to connect with their inner confidence, so they can do themselves proud in their exams.

My teenage son has stopped hiding in his bedroom, since he started using these techniques. He says he doesn't feel as anxious any more and that studying is easier.

Jo, Mum to A Level Student

Practical Inspiration - In Bite-Sized Chunks

The breakthrough techniques you'll discover in How To Beat Exam Stress take minutes, not months, to get results. Each lesson is designed to take less than ten minutes, and you can dip in and out whenever you have time. The key is to practise - little and often - and to celebrate the results you're seeing (there's even a lesson to help with that!)

  • Each lesson has a short teachning video, telling you what you need to know, including the WHY that's so important to teens!
  • Key techniques also have a downloadable audio, so your teen can keep them on their phone
  • There are worksheets with self-mentoring questions, to help your teen figure out 'how they tick' and design their favourite hybrid strategies
  • Everything they'll learn takes just a few minutes - and they'll be anchoring themselves to feel calm and confident in their exams, as they revise

But these strategies don't just help with exam stress.

They're techniques to help your child to feel happier, less stressed and more confident

- for life!

How To Beat Exam Stress Includes:

Strategies For Use Throughout Your Exam Year

It's never too early to start with helping your teen to feel less stressed.

It's proven to help you with courage, confidence, clarity, resilience and to inspire the next stage of your journey. For the 2020 training topics, click here.

  • Proven to help you to 'get out of your own way'
  • Increases confidence, clarity, resilience and passion
  • January 2020 starts with a group round of Ditching Imposter Syndrome
  • All in bite-sized chunks to create breakthroughs, no matter how busy you are

Revision Strategies

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'Mind Hacks' To Max Your Chances, Even With Tricky Questions

Get hotseat mentoring with me (via Zoom) and join in the discussions on each month's core theme.

These monthly calls are a chance to connect, to network, to ask for help, and to share your ideas.

  • Get answers to your questions to get you unstuck
  • Celebrate your successes with people who 'get' them
  • Connect with your fellow Revolutionary Women and be inspired

'Body Hacks' To Boost Your Confidence And Reduce Worrying

Whenever the tribe needs an external guest expert, I'll hunt one down and get her to join us for a Masterclass or an interview.

Plus, you'll get the behind-the-scenes, long-edit versions of the interviews I do for the Revolutionary Women podcast.

  • Practical inspiration from proven experts
  • Gold dust how-to from those who have the t-shirt
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In-The-Exam Strategies To Give You An Instant Help

Nothing beats the power of connecting in person. So we'll be arranging member-only meet-ups to help you to build lasting friendships.

These will be near London, UK, and we plan to run a 5-day retreat in a beautiful part of Turkey.

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After-The Exam Technqiues, To Make The Results Wait Easier

Sometimes 'sticky' blocks need 1:1 support. And that's what you'll get.

Gold members get a quarterly 30-minute breakthrough mentoring session with me. Inner Circle members get a 45-minute session each month.

  • 1:1 time to create breakthroughs
  • Get the support you need
  • Clear out even the stickiest of blocks

When I taught my students the first of these strategies, I watched their faces relax, and they smiled for the first time in ages. And that lesson simply flowed!

Jenny, A Level Maths Tutor

Is How To Beat Exam Stress For You?

This training is for parents, teachers and tutors, rather than being intended to be self-study for teens. The idea is that you learn the techniques for yourself (they will help you!) and then teach them to your child, with the aid of the videos and teaching materials.


  • You're ready to put in the (relatively small) amount of work it will take to help your teen with their exam stress
  • You're curious about how these strategies could help you, too!
  • You're willing to invest the (pretty small) amount of time it takes to practise these techniques, to get results fast

Not At The Moment

  • You're looking for an instant, zero-effort fix
  • You're not prepared to support your teen, as they learn these strategies
  • You think that only 'snowflakes' get stressed and that teens should 'push on through'

Are You In?

I can really see how these strategies could improve exam performance by a full grade. We should spend the final two weeks of term teaching them, they're so important!

Josh. GCSE & A Level Teacher

Don't Know Clare Yet?

Clare Josa

8 x Author | Keynote Speaker On Fulfilling Your Potential

Clare has over fifteen years' experience as a leadership mentor, specialising in helping high-achievers to clear Imposter Syndrome and self-imposed glass ceilings. She has helped clients to get out of fear and into flow, clearing out every kind of block you could imagine.

And she also teaches her inspirational strategies to parents, teachers and tutors, so that they can help teens to feel less stressed, to let go of anxiety, and to start to turn their inner critic into a genuine cheerleader.

Clare's is an expert in the neuroscience of performance and practical psychology. Her original background in engineering means her work is a fluff-free zone - creating breakthroughs in minutes, not months.

She is now considered the UK’s leading authority on Imposter Syndrome. Her background as an NLP Trainer means she is an expert at creating training that delivers maximum results with minimum effort.

I can't believe the difference these strategies have made for me. I don't wake up at 3am beating myself up any more. And I was supposed to be learning them for the kids!

Karen, GCSE Teacher

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