Looking for a virtual speaker for an event that your audience could describe as "brilliant", "wonderfully engaging", and even "one of the best virtual talks I've ever attended"?

That's exactly the kind of feedback you'll get if you book Clare Josa for your event.

Rob dowell

-bbc producer-

Clare was brilliant. She was a joy to work with and massively over delivered to an audience who really benefited from her expertise.

Attendees said: "This is the most relevant and helpful session I’ve attended in years – thank you!"

"Thanks so much for this event, I think it was THE most useful session about personal development I’ve attended since lockdown began."

Rob Dowell, BBC Producer

More Than Just A 'Talk'

Clare brings her 17+ years of expertise as a professional speaker - both on-stage and online - to deliver events that create lasting impact, for your audience and for your organisation.

Create Change Just By Watching

"I had no idea!" "Wow! It's such a relief!" "Now I can see the trap I was stuck in, I don't have to do that any more!" Clare designs her keynotes and workshops to create breakthroughs in minutes, not months, even just by watching them.

Life-Changing, Practical Strategies

Clare's talks are backed by research and nearly two decades of specialising in her field. But she doesn't just share the what and the why. She also shares inspirational 'how' for creating change, in as little as sixty seconds.

Increase Your Event's Impact

Clare gets your attendees starting their action plan to implement what they have learned, even before the end of her session.

And she shares additional post-event resources with attendees, as her gift, so they can continue their journey.



That was simply brilliant! It's one of the best hours I have ever invested.

The lightbulbs were coming thick and fast and I love that I got to try out practical solutions for Imposter Syndrome, right there during the session. Plus I loved the fact it was all grounded in Clare's research.

I feel so much more confident now supporting my team members with this. And Clare's depth of knowledge, passion, and inclusive way of presenting what could normally be a challenging topic is inspirational.

Partner, Deloitte

Watch Clare Speak

Watch Clare Speak

In 2020 Clare's keynote speaking events took her from Salisbury to South Africa, before lockdown took her work online - something she has pioneered for over a decade.

She talks about ditching Imposter Syndrome, heart-based leadership, the Natural Resilience Method™ for preventing burnout, and how to change the world by changing yourself.

As a certified NLP Trainer, she has been a professional speaker since 2003 and loves to deliver highly-interactive, inspirational sessions that create breakthroughs right there and then, not just nodding heads. 

Following a career in leadership roles in engineering and market research, she has spent nearly twenty years specialising in empowering business leaders to clear out their deeply hidden blocks, so they can step up to become the leader they were born to be, with confidence, clarity and passion.

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Clare is the author of eight books and she speaks internationally on how to change the world, by changing yourself. Her podcast - SoulLedLeaders.com - gives you an idea of her speaking style, as do the videos on this page.

She has given speeches at venues as diverse as the European Parliament and the Institute of Directors, and speaks regularly at Women In Leadership events, as well as being an international keynote speaker at international conferences.

She has been interviewed by numerous podcasts and radio shows and her largest live audience was over 1 million, so she can handle a crowd.

And when it comes to virtual events, she is equally comfortable running a ten-person workshop as a keynote for 1,000 or more, and creates inspirational, engaging sessions.

Ditching Imposter Syndrome

Watch Clare Speak

Clare's Topics Include:

For Corporate In-House & Conferences:

  • Imposter Syndrome - how to spot it and ditch it, once and for all - getting out of your own way so you can step up to lead with courage, clarity and passion - she is the author of the best-selling book Ditching Imposter Syndrome and also led the landmark 2019 and 2021 Imposter Syndrome Research Studies
  • Leading From Your Heart In A Head-Based World - without giving up on the KPIs
  • Clare's Natural Resilience Method™ For Preventing Burnout - no more 'pretending' or 'pushing on through' - how to shift the way we experience stress, so there's less to 'bounce back' from and we can fulfil our potential, even in changing times
  • How to help children to turn their inner critic into their biggest cheerleader, so they can become naturally resilient - sessions for teachers, pupils and parents
  • How To Beat Exam Stress - teachers rate this training as potentially able to add a full grade to a child's exam results

emily dann

-harrys grooming-

Clare hosted an incredibly inclusive and engaging session on Self Doubt and Ditching Imposter Syndrome.

Her knowledgeable and interactive approach meant that she created a safe space for our team to share experience and thoughts on these issues which in turn made the session feel relatable; realising how common Imposter Syndrome and Self Doubt truly is across men and women.

We learnt some great tools and techniques that are easy to take away and practice. Thank you Clare for empowering us!

Emily Dann, HR Lead at Harrys Grooming

Watch Clare In Action At Two Recent Virtual Keynote Sessions
For International Clients



I didn't think I could become even more of a super fan of Clare's than I already was after reading Ditching Imposter Syndrome. But today's keynote blew me away.

The way she handled over 700 people live, including answering their questions, without skipping a beat, and making it all fun and interactive - wow.

I came away with so many insights and can't wait to get started on my 'next 24 hours' action plan. Thank you, Clare!

CEO, Consultancy Firm

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