I'm a junkie for losing myself in a great book - and for books that change your life.
Getting to write these for you is a dream come true. Thank you.
Enjoy! x Clare

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28 Day Meditation Challenge Book - ISBN 978-1908854315

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What Readers Are Saying

A really amazing gratitude journal that has so many hints

A really amazing gratitude journal that has so many hints, tips, affirmations and things for you to practice to help you be more grateful for everything we have. A must have.

Heartwarming tale of courage and adversity: a perfect read

Superb first novel from Josa, with a very interesting blend of storylines. Easy-to-read, entertaining ... and being part of an Italian family, some parts were hilarious to read.

So good. Spot on advice.

So good. I intuitively tune in with whatever number that comes to my head and turn to that page and the guidance is spot on. I also sometimes open up a random page which can also work. Genuinely helpful advice with a gently spiritual perspective, but nothing religious.

Once I picked up and started reading, I found it hard to put down!

I practically inhaled this book because I was getting up early and staying awake later at night to read just a few more chapters! I enjoyed the flow of the story and how the chapters were in small bite-sized chunks making it easy to squeeze in a few more chapters.

I Love This Book!

I love this book. Clare has a way of writing that is so clear and simple and she really makes sense. The book is filled with practical tips, and things that I had always thought might be scary or hard have been broken down into easy steps. There are lots of interviews and advice from people who have made their dreams a reality.

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Marjorie Thompson Author of Winning Strategies
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Two of Clare's books - Dare to Dream Bigger and A Year Full of Gratitude - each has its own podcast.

Plus she runs a regular interview series where you get to go behind the scenes with your favourite authors in The Unputdownable Book Club.

Don't Know Clare Yet?

Clare Josa | Author | Speaker | Mentor

As a reformed Mechanical Engineer, Clare Josa is famous for her fluff-free approach and for sharing the inspirational how-to that makes changing your life fast, fun and forever. She blends practical common sense with a generous dollop of humour as she teaches the techniques she has spent 15 years developing and sharing with her clients and students.

She is passionate about demystifying Ancient Wisdom into surprisingly simple actions you can take to change your life, in less time than it takes a kettle to boil. Since 2003 she has qualified as an NLP Trainer, a Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, a Yoga Teacher and an EFT ('tapping') Master Practitioner.

A member of the UK's Institute of Directors, Clare speaks internationally on the little-known 'inside work' that makes the vital difference, when you want to have a bigger impact in the world. Her clients call it 'engineer-approved woo-w00'.

After five life-changing books, she did the 'inside work' she teaches to clear a 30-year-old belief that she couldn't write a story - and within six months her first novel, You Take Yourself With You, was in the shops. Described by readers as 'unputdownable', it will be joined by the second book in the Denucci Deception series - First, Tell No Lies, in December 2018.

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Clare is interviewed regularly on podcasts, live streams, webinars, radio, TV and in print. She loves to add extra value, giving your readers and listeners insights into the stories behind the stories - and also practical tools to change their life and make a bigger difference in the world.

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