Free 5-Day Ditching Imposter Syndrome Action Challenge!

Wave Goodbye To Imposter Syndrome By The End Of 2020!

Make sure you're ready to ROCK 2021, whatever it throws at us!

Create your Inspired Action Plan to clear out Imposter Syndrome

and turn your inner critic into a genuine cheerleader in the next 90 days.

Working as part of a group of fellow Passionate World-Changers, in just five days you will:

  • Find out the single most important Imposter-Syndrome-ditching question you need to ask, before you start clearing out Imposter Syndrome
  • Discover how to spot your early warning signs, so you can take action before you self-sabotage
  • Understand what's working for you - and what isn't - with how you're currently handling Imposter Syndrome
  • Connect with the 'future you', to find out what action they would love you to take - and how you can make that happen by the end of this year
  • Put together your 90-day action plan, to turn your inner critic into a genuine cheerleader and set yourself free from Imposter Syndrome - plus spot what might get in your way, so it doesn't have to!

Your Host:

Clare Josa

Author of ditching imposter syndrome

Ditching Imposter Syndrome

Sounds good? Enter your details to join us from 12th - 16th October:

Did I mention it's completely FREE?


What You'll Get

  • A short daily how-to video plus worksheet for each step - fluff-free zone, totally focussed on creating your Inspired Action Plan
  • A daily live Q&A call in the pop-up Facebook group - with not-to-be-missed ninja tips and to get you answers to any questions you might have
  • A sixty-minute inspirational live masterclass on Friday 16th to pull together your work from the week (2pm UK time), to get you ready to take inspired action on ditching Imposter Syndrome by the end of the year!

Nancy Marmolejo

-executive coach-

Clare's background as an engineer and NLP Trainer PLUS her life experience uniquely qualifies her as THE person to deconstruct the art and science of bypassing your mental and emotions blocks, to achieve success.

janine coombes

-virtual marketing manager-

I love the way Clare explains things. Her extensive experience of running her own business, writing her books, previous roles in market research and training in NLP and meditation seem to have been blended to create the perfect course leader.

I trust her authority as an author and an imposter syndrome expert.

Ian anderson gray

-founder of seriously social-

Clare's refreshing approach is backed up by science and deep research. But doesn't just share the theory, she shares practical steps to rid yourself of Imposter Syndrome and your inner blocks, once and for all. I was very sceptical, but now I'm certainly a believer.

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Do I have to be on Facebook to join in with this?

The main event is being hosted in a pop-up Facebook group, which will be open until 2nd November 2020. That's where the daily live Q&As will be hosted, too.

However, if you're not on Facebook, there is the option to log in to Clare's online training vault to watch each day's instalment there and to see the replays for the live elements.

If you need this option, please register and then reply to your welcome email to let Clare's team know.


How do I watch each day's video?

You'll get an email at 9am UK time each day of the challenge with a link to the video in the Facebook group.

That's where you'll be able to share your answers to your workbook questions and also where you can watch each day's live Q&A.

How does the live Q&A work?

At 4pm UK time from Monday 12th to Thursday 15th Clare will run a live streamed Q&A inside the Facebook group, so all you need to do is to show up.

If you've got a question you want her to answer, after she has shared that day's ninja tips, just put it in the comments and tag Clare.

There will be a replay available, but you'll need to join live to get the hotseat Q&A mentoring.


How do I join in with the day 5 webinar?

Friday 16th's webinar is at 1pm UK time and will be hosted via Zoom, to allow as much interaction as possible.

You'll get a secure link to join us via email a few days before hand.

Yes, there will be a replay for a few days, but you'll get so much more from that session if you can join us live. Plus, we all secretly know how rarely we watch replays... ;-)


What's the catch? Are there any hidden costs?

No costs. No catch. All shared with love.

Yes, Clare will sometimes talk about ways she can support you with ditching Imposter Syndrome, but it would be unfair if she didn't, given the tools she can offer.

But this isn't a pitch-fest. It's high-value, high-impact practical how-to, to inspire the next stage of your Passionate World Changer journey.

You'll be part of a supportive group and by the end of the five days you'll be fired up to take inspired action on setting yourself free from Imposter Syndrome by the end of the year, so you can ROCK 2021!


Are there replays for the live parts?

Yes. There will be time-limited replays for the live Q&As and the end-of-challenge webinar.

But please do join us live if you can - you'll get so much more from it!


Sounds good? Enter your details to join us from 12th - 16th October:

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