You Take Yourself With You
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You Take Yourself With You

Are You Brave Enough To Make Peace With Your Past?

What happens when we get in the way of happiness? Exploring self-doubt, trauma, depression and bullying, Clare's novel is a journey of hope, courage, love and realising we're not alone.


Book: 336 pages paperback (UK B-format). The manuscript is currently being printed and will be available for shipping w/c 4th December 2017.


What happens when you get in the way of your happiness? ​

If you enjoy drama, intrigue, exploring human nature and conflict - all delivered with a generous dollop of humour - then you'll love Clare Josa's compelling debut novel about hope against the odds.

Sophie is hungry for promotion, but when she rejects her new boss's advances, he sets out to destroy more than her career. As her life falls apart, she tries to escape the black cloud that threatens to overwhelm her - with disastrous results. Will she wake up in time to find the happiness, success and love she secretly craves?
When Christof survives a car crash that kills his father, he inherits more than guilt. A mountain of hidden debt risks destroying the cherry farm his family has called home for generations. But Christof's work in Milan wants him to dig up dirt on the Mafia - and distractions could be deadly. Can he save the farm, beat the Mafia and learn one of life's most important lessons, before it's too late?
You Take Yourself With You is a journey of courage, hope, humour, love and realising that we're not alone.

It is the first in a series of five books about The Denucci Deception.

Who Will Love You Take Yourself With You?

You love a great story, especially when there's intrigue, twists and conflict in there, but you want more than the saccahrine romance that can fall under 'chick lit' and you hate being given nightmares. There's a pile of books on your bedside table and you wish you could read them all at once.

You're happiest when a book has an ending that fills you with hope, hungry to read the next one, even if the journey within the pages gets you diving in deeply on topics we try to avoid, questioning your assumptions about how you see the world.

When you've really enjoyed a book, you're the kind of person who tells their friends and gives them a copy for Christmas.

About The Author

Clare Josa is the author of five life-changing non-fiction books and You Take Yourself With You is her first novel.

She spent 30 years dreaming of writing a novel, but a throwaway comment from an English teacher, back in her teens, meant she convinced herself she couldn’t think of a good story. And she was right. Then, one morning, she did some inner block-clearing work - the kind she does with her clients - and 2 days later a series of 7 novels had been drafted. Three months later, two of them were written, of which You Take Yourself With You is the first.

The scariest bit was asking her husband to read it and give her feedback, before it went to her editor. She knew she had cracked it the night he put that day’s draft down and demanded to know when he could read what came next.

In You Take Yourself With You Clare wanted to explore what happens when life gets tough and how we subconsciously get in the way of our own happiness and fulfilment, which is how Sophie’s and Christof’s journeys were born. Unafraid to tackle challenging topics like PTSD, guilt, obligation, self-doubt, abuse and depression, You Take Yourself With You is a journey of growth and hope and realising that you’re not alone in life - deep-acting insights into the human condition, served up with a generous dollop of humour.

In her previous incarnations, Clare Josa has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and German, she has been an NLP Trainer (‘user manual’ for your brain) since 2003, she is a certified Meditation & Yoga Teacher (and has published two books on mindfulness - 52 Mindful Moments & the 28 Day Meditation Challenge). She teaches internationally on the little-talked-about yet vitally important ‘inside work’ for when you want to make a bigger difference in the world. Her book Dare To Dream Bigger gives you the step-by-step how-to for this.

Her secret addictions are great coffee with cashew milk, growing unusual vegetables and listening to Harry Potter in German on her phone.

When not writing or running workshops on the ‘how to’ for ‘be the change you wish to see', Clare's secret addictions are experimenting in her kitchen, hanging out somewhere sunny with her family, and hiding in her hammock under a willow tree, losing herself in a great book.

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