Why It’s Time To Stop Lying To Ourselves About Self-Doubt [DTDB040]

It’s time to stop lying to ourselves about self-doubt. Do you ever find yourself dreaming big, but playing small? Lying awake at 3am, telling yourself secret stories about why you’re not good enough? Have you ever turned down a brilliant opportunity and then regretted it later? Then today’s episode of the Dare To Dream Bigger podcast is for you!

I’m going to take you through the lies we’re telling ourselves about self-doubt – and why we’re doing it. At the 17 minute point you’ll discover why most of what we’re told about this is wrong – and why you will never be able to set yourself free from self-doubt with ‘positive thinking’. Plus, as you’d expect from me, I’m going to give you strategies to set yourself free from self-doubt and imposter syndrome, starting today.

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  • Dare To Dream Bigger:
    • Secondary Gain: page 85 in the hardback. Search ‘secondary gain’ in the Kindle.
    • The two most dangerous words you have already used today: page 151 in the hardback. Search ‘two most dangerous words’ in the Kindle.
    • How to press ‘pause’ on negative thinking: page 129 in the hardback. Search ‘how to press pause’ in the Kindle.
    • Why most people are fixing the wrong thing: page 94 in the hardback. Search ‘most people are fixing the wrong thing’ in the Kindle.
  • Podcast episode: how to tame your inner critic in under sixty seconds: www.ClareJosa.com/podcast/037/
  • Tapping – EFT – get my free ‘Getting Started With Tapping’ video training here: www.ClareJosa.com/EFT/
  • Free 5-day training, including an MP3 of the releasing technique from today’s podcast and my emergency quick fix video training for imposter syndrome – sign up free, belowClearing Out Self-Doubt
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Clearing Out Self-Doubt

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As an NLP Trainer, Meditation & Yoga Teacher and an Engineer, Clare Josa demystifies ancient wisdom, blending it with the 'user manual' for your brain, to make it surprisingly easy for you to ditch your hidden blocks, and even enjoy the process. Her latest book - Dare To Dream Bigger - guides you through the exact same process she uses with her mentoring clients and Mastermind members, so you can set yourself free to make the difference you're here to make in the world.

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