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The Hidden Dangers Of Asking For Feedback? AKA How To Pick Up The Pieces Of Your Shattered Self-Esteem!

The Hidden Dangers Of Asking For Feedback? AKA How To Pick Up The Pieces Of Your Shattered Self-Esteem! DTDB036


The Hidden Dangers Of Asking For Feedback? AKA How To Pick Up The Pieces Of Your Shattered Self-Esteem! for feedback? We all know it’s a good idea. But what happens if a client comes back with a self-esteem-shattering humdinger? How do you pick up the pieces? And how can you train your clients to give you feedback that is useful, actionable and leaves you both feeling great, even if there are things to improve?

All of that – and more – is yours in episode 36 of the Dare To Dream Bigger podcast.

Because whilst it’s lovely to wake up to a surprise testimonial or spontaneous ‘thank you’ email from a happy client, listener, reader or supplier, that’s not always how business rocks, even when you’ve done your best.

Have you ever had business ‘feedback’ that knocked you for six? That threatened to shake the foundations of your self-confidence? That felt out-of-kilter with how you see yourself? That tempted you to change who you are, to somehow try to please that other person?

It’s surprisingly common in the business world, especially with trolls and angry-people hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. And when you throw in a generous dollop of ‘comparisonitis’, where we’re subconsciously comparing our every move to the glossy photos of others that fill our social media newsfeed, it can be hard to get to the end of an entrepreneurial week with your self-belief still intact.

In today’s Dare To Dream Bigger podcast episode:

  • I’m going to take you through why asking for feedback is essential to growing your business
  • but also how to spot the potential risks, before you take action you’ll later regret
  • and how to pick up the pieces, if that feedback leaves you reeling
  • I’ve been through the mill, myself, on this in the past couple of weeks and I’ll share with you what I have learned from that experience – and the number one test you should put any feedback through, before you accept it as your new Gospel Truth
  • You’re going to get wisdom from Juliet McKenna, Seth Godin, Mansukh Patel and even Oprah
  • … As well as learning why most of the feedback we receive in our business – or life in general – is neither valid nor useful. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it.

If you have ever been on the receiving end of asking for feedback, but it hurt, then the resources for today’s episode give you the full how-to for putting yourself back together again and moving on.

And if you want to find out how to get feedback from your Dream Audience that leaves both you and them feeling great, I’ve got my favourite 5 customer feedback questions, waiting for you, further down this page

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!


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Asking For Feedback?

Free workbook: 5 Feedback Questions That Will Leave You And Your Customers Feeling Great (Even If There’s Room For Improvement)

P.S. I used to be Head of Market Research for an international household brand – so you’re getting some real gems in here.

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Even if there's room for improvement!

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More Resources:

  • Video: How to handle energy vampires without resorting to wooden stakes or strings of garlic – watch it now
  • Alison Jones’ podcast interview with Seth Godin: listen to it here
  • How to handle haters and trolls? See page 196 of Dare To Dream Bigger for my 5-step strategy
  • How to ditch limiting beliefs in under 5 minutesget started now with this video training – this link brings you it for just £10, instead of £75. I want to make it a no-brainer for you, because the more limiting beliefs you ditch, the fewer ‘buttons’ there are for feedback to press!
  • EFT (‘tapping’) for letting go of painful feedbackfree video training
  • My ‘cutting ties’ technique, for moving on, once you’re ready to let go – article


I'd love to hear from you!

I’d love to hear what you go and do with this stuff – let me know, via the comments! Which actions could you take, to help make sure the feedback you get is actionable and useful? Are there any old blocks or limiting beliefs you might want to clear, so that ‘feedback’ doesn’t hit you as hard next time?

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