Gratitude: A Daily Journal

Want to feel happier, feel less stressed and smile for no reason?

Start a gratitude journal today

Start a gratitude journal today

Discover how gratitude can change your life – fast and forever.

Gratitude: A Daily Journal is more than just a gratitude journal. Of course,
you get lots of space to write about what you’re feeling grateful for each day. But there’s more!

With inspirational affirmations, quotes and specially designed life-changing exercises, you will discover:

  • the ‘how to’ of gratitude, in bite-sized, practical chunks, taking just a minute or two a day
  • insider secrets for how to get the most out of your gratitude practice
  • how to stay motivated
  • how to spot the shifts you’re making in your life
  • how to find the short-cuts to weaving the benefits of gratitude into your daily life, no matter how busy you are

Plus you get Readers’ Club bonuses including audios, articles and an online community, turning this gratitude journal into a truly life-changing, fully-supported experience, in just a few minutes a day.


Discover for yourself why others love “Gratitude: A Daily Journal”

Gratitude A Daily Journal Best-SellerIt has been a consistent best-seller on Amazon in the year since it was published, with 5* reviews (read some below) and even reaching #2 in the ‘Self Help’ category. (#1 was Eckhart Tolle, so I think we’ll let him have that! 😉 ).

It is also the consistently in the top 10 most-gifted books on Amazon’s self help list, as well as being one of the most popular added to wish lists.


Are you ready to discover how the miracle of gratitude could change your life?


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Message From The Author

Clare Josa - Author | NLP Trainer | Meditation Teacher | Happiness Experimenter

Over the past few years, I have lost count of how many times I have suggested to my students – both on workshops and online courses – that they keep a Gratitude Journal.

They would ask me where they could get one and I usually told them just to go out and choose a nice notebook.

One day, I decided to check out what they might find, if they hunted for a gratitude journal, out in the ‘real world’, and I have to say I was disappointed. There were plenty of journals and diaries out there, but none of them seemed to do much besides give you space to write and – if you were lucky – a sprinkling of random quotations. And my students were telling me they were getting stuck.

They asked me to create something a bit more useful for them – and that’s when I started work on Gratitude: A Daily Journal. And I’m humbled by the feedback I get from readers – most of whom I have never met – letting me know how it has changed their lives.

I’d love to share this journey with you.

With love, Namaste,

CJ Sig


What people are saying about Gratitude: A Daily Journal What people are saying about "Gratitude: A Daily Journal" What people are saying about "Gratitude: A Daily Journal"


Want to be inspired? Discover how to make the miracle of gratitude an easy and life-changing part of your daily routine!

It’s more than ‘just’ a diary or journal.

Its 247 pages bring you:

    • Plenty of space to write about what you feel grateful for, each day…
      … as you would expect… but not so much ‘white space’ that you feel overwhelmed… 😉
      You get a half page per day, for a full year. The pages are 8.5″ square, so that’s plenty of space for your notes.


But it does more – it’s a gratitude journal that goes the extra mile:

    • You get fortnightly life-changing gratitude techniques…
      … based on NLP, mindfulness, Ancient wisdom, common sense and a dollop of humour! They give you the ‘how to’ of gratitude, in bite-sized, practical chunks.


    • Inspirational affirmations…
      … each section has its own positive affirmation, specially designed to help you keep moving forwards on your gratitude journey, gently releasing old blocks and resistance, and putting a smile on your face!


    • Inspirational gratitude quotes…
      … these quotes (a new one every few days) help you to deepen your understanding and experience of gratitude, as you move through a year of keeping your gratitude journal.


    • Readers’ Club Bonus Goodies…
      … including audios, videos and bonus articles – turning this gratitude journal into virtual gratitude coaching, giving you deeper insights and sharing gratitude insider secrets, if that’s what you’d like!


    • A Readers’ Club Forum…
      … a private online community (i.e. not searchable by Google!) where you can share your insights and experiences, get answers to your questions, get moral support and encouragement and connect with others, who are also on a gratitude journey.



Gratitude: A Daily Journal brings you the ‘how to’ of gratitude, in bite-sized, practical chunks – as well as a Readers’ Club, with reader-only bonuses and a supportive online readers’ forum, to share your journey with other like-minded gratitude-seekers!

Can you imagine how all of this will fast-track your experience of gratitude changing your life?! 🙂

Whether you’re ready to dive in or just dip your toe in the water, Gratitude: A Daily Journal is here to help.

Start a gratitude journal today

Start a gratitude journal today

To get your copy of Gratitude: A Daily Journal, you can:

arrow-no-bgOrder it at your local book store – ISBN 978-1908854469.

arrow-no-bgOrder it from Amazon:


arrow-no-bgOrder a signed copy, direct from the author – contact Clare for details.

I hope you love discovering the amazing impact that gratitude can have in your life!

With love, Namaste,

Gratitude Kick Start from Clare JosaP.S. Want a short course to get you started? The ideal companion to Gratitude: A Daily Journal is my 7 Day Gratitude Kick Start programme. See you there?