You’ve been there, tried it, and given the proverbial t-shirt to the local charity shop. Positive thinking gets you so far, but somehow those emotions keep coming back to get you – when you’re least expecting it. And you’ve had enough of them.

I know how you feel.
I used to be a passenger on the very same rollercoaster that you’ve been riding on. And I felt totally stuck, too. In fact, I didn’t realise it, but I was even cranking up the speed and making things so much worse than they needed to be. I had tried everything. Life was falling apart around me.
There were days that I got through literally one breath at a time.
I was a world expert in that emotional rollercoaster.
I remember one day hitting a total rock bottom and realising that the only thing keeping me going was knowing I had a toddler to look after and a baby to grow.

That day, I made a decision: I wasn’t going to be a slave to my emotions any more.
I was going to set myself free from the rollercoaster ride.
And it worked.

I also realised some little-known Universal Truths that were the keys to nearly-instantly setting myself free from that emotional journey.
And that’s exactly what I want to share with you.

Over the past decade or more I have refined, tweaked, experimented, learned from mistakes and taught these insider secrets to tens of thousands of women – just like you – and just like me – who are ready to reclaim their power and learn how to master their emotions.

As a certified NLP Trainer (aka the ‘user manual for your brain’), a professional Meditation Teacher, author of 4 life-changing books and a reformed Mechanical Engineer, I specialise in making it easy for you to change your life, no matter how busy you are. I have developed a gorgeous range of unique tools and techniques, which I hope are an inspirational blend of the best of modern psychology, with a generous sprinkling of demystified Ancient Wisdom, an Inner Engineer’s practical common sense and a light-hearted, intuitive approach.

I promise you, if you dive in and apply them with an open heart and mind, the secrets I’m sharing with you will change your life forever. Fast.

If I told you that you could set yourself free from that emotional cycle in the next 14 days – in just 10 minutes a day –
would you commit to finding the time?

I would LOVE to share with youthe exact techniques I use, each day,
to master and balance my emotions.

Are you ready to make that promise to yourself yet?
It’s time to get off the emotional rollercoaster!

If you have had enough of feeling stuck in icky emotions, then this Master Your Emotions Kickstart programme is for you.

It’s emotional first aid – and more.

Over the next 14 days, you’ll get bite-sized inspiration, starting with what emotions are – and aren’t – and why you should care, followed by short videos, mini-workbooks, inspiration from the world of yoga and meditation and also some gorgeous bonuses for you.

It’s all designed to be done in just a few minutes a day – and it could make a tremendous difference for you this Holiday Season – and for the rest of your life!

Over the next two weeks, you will feel calmer, happier and less stressed. You’ll feel the shift in the way you handle even difficult emotional situations and you’ll be well on your way to being the Master of your emotions, rather than the slave.
You will also get to:

    • Debunk the #1 myth about emotions – most of us fell for it – that has kept you on the ‘receiving end’
      It’s the key to reclaiming the power over your emotions – wherever you’re starting on this journey. It’s so important that we cover it on Day 1.
    • Discover how to spot the two little words that keep you STUCK feeling miserable.
      Have you used them yet today? Most of us have. On day 3 you’ll discover how to turn them from your worst enemy into your most potent Emotion-Mastering tool. This secret alone has the potential to transform your experience of life.
    • Create your very own ‘magic wand’ for worrying – it’s easier than you might think.
      Plus you’ll get to play with a wide range of ‘Emotional First Aid’ techniques that can help you to cool down (or warm up) those difficult emotions in under sixty seconds – even in the middle of a meeting!
    • Learn how to avoid the HUGE mistake that most of us make when it comes to dealing with difficult emotions.
      It’s an epidemic. And most of us don’t realise we’re doing it. Yet it’s hugely damaging to your mental, emotional and physical health. Find out out you can AUTHENTICALLY handle difficult emotions, without having to pretend your life is a fairy story. It’s vital that you make mastering your emotions a white-wash-free zone.
  • Need some near-instant emotional relief? In 2 weeks’ time you’ll know exactly how!
    Enjoy my favourite ‘lazy’ yoga pose, experience why getting grounded could be your new best friend and figure out out whether you’ve forgotten how to breathe (yes, you read that right!).

Here’s SOME of what you’ll be getting:

Virtual Mentoring Video Tutorials

Change your life while you watch them – in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea. It’s like sitting in a workshop with me, at a time and place that suits you. I can’t make it any easier than that, can I?!

Integration Workbooks

With demystified ancient wisdom and the best of modern ‘how-on-earth-does-my-mind-work’ psychology, these quick-to-read workbooks help you to get to the root of the habits you didn’t even realise were keeping you stuck – and make life-long changes.

Daily Affirmations

Allow the changes to sink in at a deeper level with these inspirational affirmations.
They realign your thoughts, having an immensely positive impact on each and every cell in your body. They are a secret key to making change easier and retraining your brain.

Easily Create Life-Changing Insights

Each instalment comes with carefully-crafted questions for you to ask yourself, to help you dive in more deeply and really deal with those pesky old habits… These are the exact questions I would ask you, if we were sitting face-to-face in a mentoring session together.

You’re Not Alone

Our invitation-only Facebook community is the ideal place to share your successes, get answers to your questions and to connect with like-hearted souls. Sharing the journey cranks up the potency of the tools and techniques – getting you even better results.

Gorgeous Graduation Bonuses

When you have completed the 14 days, you’ll get some gorgeous graduation bonuses – to inspire you to keep going on your Emotional Mastery journey. I can’t wait to share them with you!

And it’s all specially-designed to take less than 10 minutes a day!

Have you had enough of that emotional rollercoaster yet?
Of course, you’re welcome to keep on going with that ride… No one says you have to get off…
But if you can hear even the tiniest whisper from your heart,
asking you to set yourself free from that old emotional pain…

You could join us now and get started in the next few minutes.

I want this programme to be affordable, whilst still delivering the quality and service you deserve. It should be priced at around the £200 mark. And I hope you’ll agree that’s already great value, when you consider the life-long benefits that Mastering Your Emotions will bring you.

But I REALLY want to make it a no-brainer for you to say ‘yes’ today. So I’m offering you the chance to finally get off the emotional rollercoaster for just £47 (that’s $75 USD), if you join us today.

Love It Guarantee

Try the Master Your Emotions Kickstart programme (yes, programme, not program – I’m a Brit xx) on for size.

Dive in and watch the videos, go through the workbooks, play with the techniques, join in on the forum. If at any point during the 14 days your heart tells you this wasn’t the right programme for you, reply to any of the emails for a no-sulks refund.

All I ask is that you actually try the stuff first – otherwise it’s like taking a banana that went brown back to the supermarket because you forgot to eat it 😉

So you’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot of life-changing to enjoy!

I can’t wait to get to share this journey with you. See you on the ‘other side’ of the sign-up box! xx Clare

IMPORTANT: If you are suffering from really strong emotions – or symptoms of clinical depression – PLEASE seek urgent support from your chosen medical professional, before trying to self-treat with these techniques. The information in this course is intended to complement, not substitute for, professional one-to-one advice.

“I love the way you present what could be complicated in such a clear and entertaining way. It’s so easy to understand – and apply.”
“Mandy, UK” quote=”You bring something very fresh and new that is helping me to understand why I have had such difficulty with some of these techniques. I appreciate the way you cut through ‘the fluff’.”
“Linda, UK” quote=”Wow! If video 1 is already this potent, then I can’t wait to see what you’ll be sharing in video 2!”
“Joanna, NZ” quote=”All I did so far was watch your first 3 videos and do the exercises as we went through – and yet I can really feel the shifts already! I have changed my future in just minutes. Thank you!”

Got questions? Here are some answers!

Not having enough time is the #1 excuse (sorry, truly legitimate reason!) I hear from people about why they can’t change their lives.
Firstly, I have specially designed this course to teach at both a conscious and a subconscious level, using accelerated learning techniques, which means it only takes 10 minutes a day for 2 weeks.
Secondly, do you really think that the ‘future you’ on your 80th birthday will look back and say “Hell yeah! I’m so glad you didn’t bother changing your life because the ironing / TV soap / Facebook surfing was so much more important!”???
Or do you think that ‘future you’ might wish you had taken action today that could help you to feel happier and more fulfilled, for every day of the rest of your life?I know that this stuff works – and I know it will work for you, if you simply go and use it! But I also know how it feels to start a programme and feel unsure or confused – and that’s ok.
It’s why I share with you that vital Truth I mentioned (back up the top of here), right when we get started with the main programme.
It’s the difference that makes the difference.
And, if your heart genuinely tells you this isn’t a good fit for you, once we’ve started, then that’s why I offer my “Love It!” guarantee.[/vc_column_text][/toggle][toggle title=”How does Master Your Emotions Kickstart create lasting change?”][vc_column_text]We don’t mess around with the sticky plaster stuff (Band Aids, I think, in the USA?). We dive right in and deal with the underlying causes. And it doesn’t have to hurt and it doesn’t have to be scary.
But when you deal with what’s been unconsciously running the show, change doesn’t just become easier, it becomes inevitable and natural!
“What if I’m away for some of the programme?”Don’t worry! It’s ok!
You get access to all of the modules for a full year months after the end of the programme and any live calls are recorded.
So it’s easy for you to catch up and there’s no pressure to run at the daily pace – you can choose to take things more gently, if that works better for you.
And, remember, you get to resit the programme as my guest, each time I update it!”What kind of support is included?”This 14 day programme includes peer support from the private online community – and I’m in there too, most days, to answer your questions and to be your virtual cheer-leader for your break throughs.
So it’s subtly different from one-to-one mentoring, but you still have full support and, personally, I feel you gain much more from sharing the journey and learning from each other than from working through this kind of stuff with just lil’ ol’ me!”How do I know if it’s worth the investment?”I know that the tools, techniques and secrets I’ll be sharing with you are dynamite. Apply them, make the shifts, let go of the old ‘stuff’ you’ve been carrying and you’ll take your life to the next level.
(Don’t worry – I’ll be sharing the full ‘how to’ with you, to make all of that easy).
Just imagine being able to get of that emotional rollercoaster! If you imagine being able to crank up the dial on your ‘Inner Happiness Thermostat’, each and every day for the rest of your life, how much would that be worth to you?
Or, perhaps looking at it the other way, how much would it be worth to you to avoid reaching your 80th birthday, looking back and regretting that you didn’t do it.
Only you can decide if you want to dive in and exerience all that this Master Your Emotions Kickstart has to offer. And if you do, then I promise to give you all the support and encouragement and ‘how to’ that I can, to help you achieve the shifts you have been dreaming of!”But I’m scared of changing. Won’t my life fall apart?”I know that change can feel scary – believe me – I’ve been there.
That’s one of the reasons why it is so important to me that I only share the depth of techniques we’ll be using in the Inner Circle in a mentoring environment – and it’s why you’ll never find them just hanging around in a book. This stuff really works – and I want to make it as easy as possible for you – and that’s why it’s really important that we get to connect, rather than me leaving you on your own. We have the private online community, where you can share your experiences (both great and otherwise!) and get moral support and answers to your questions.
You are not alone. We are all there, walking this path by your side. And when that happens, change doesn’t feel anywhere near as scary, does it?”Isn’t this stuff just a load of ‘woo woo’?”My inner engineer chuckles over this one. I have lost count of the number of times she has thrown this question back at me. In fact, my original degree was a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and German and the first decade of my career was in senior engineering positions and then as Head of Market Research for an international brand – so I know about practical, strategic, insightful common sense solutions.
As a certified NLP Trainer for over a decade, I’m also an expert in teaching you the way your unconscious mind loves to learn – so it couldn’t be easier for you to change your life!
On the other hand, my inner ‘soul self’ also knows that there is more to life than purely observable science. And if I didn’t share the more subtle stuff with you, I’d be doing you a disservice. So rest assured, I’ll be bringing you everything that you need – but in a way that’s easy for you to take on board and enjoy, without having to pop off to your 29th Chakra for a month of japa meditation. :-)”Do I have to take on a new religion or belief system?”Absolutely not!
In fact, the primary focus of my work is to help people let go of the old beliefs that were holding them back – wherever these came from.
With everything I share with you, all I ask is that you try it on for size, with an open mind, and if it fits, great. Take it and use it to change your life. If it doesn’t, and you can’t tweak it to fit, that’s cool too.
And the vital Truth I mentioned earlier is the #1 reason why all of this will work for you, no matter what your cultural or social background or life experience so far.”Do I have to join in with the private online community?”No, of course you don’t! It’s entirely up to you!
However, I’ll be spending quite a lot of time hanging out there, so it’s a great way to get answers to your questions. Also sharing the journey is much more fun than just doing it on your own and you’ll find the community is full of lovely people, on a similar journey to you. So I do really recommend joining in.
It is a private closed group on Facebook (Google can’t see inside it), so your privacy is safe.
It really is worth the effort.