Let The Abundance In! 28 Day Challenge

Let The Abundance In! 28 Day Challenge

Are you fed up with doing your best to create the life you have been dreaming of, but then – just as what you were asking for is about to arrive – you self-sabotage?


It’s like we go all shy and hide – or we turn down that amazing business opportunity – or we don’t reply to that vital email or don’t return the call – or we end up rejecting the help we were craving.

Are you fed up with self-sabotaging?Whatever it is we do, it’s running at a deeply unconscious level.
There is something deep down inside that is scared of the success or of whatever accepting that abundance will create for us. So we self-sabotage, at the 11th hour.

We’re usually brilliant at giving, but totally pants at receiving!

Whether it’s work, love, fun, health, energy, success, your career, relationships or whatever else we have been dreaming of, it’s often really hard to accept the abundance we are creating.

If you’ve had enough of this and want to open your heart to receving, then you’ll want to join us for the 28 Day “Let The Abundance In!” Challenge.

I’m going to be sharing videos, weekly challenges, affirmations, short-n-sweet email messages and kicks-up-the-backside to help inspire you to take action and stay on track.

Simply do the weekly challenge for the 4 weeks and I promise you that your life will change 🙂

And I’m even offering you Silver Membership of our Dancing In Your Soul-Shoes tribe, to inspire you to share the journey with others – and to make the changes last.

Here’s SOME of what we’re covering:

Week 1 AffirmationWeek 1:

In week 1 I’m sharing some Insider Secrets to help retrain your mind to see what is good and what is going well, so you can attract (and accept) more of it. We’ll be exercising your ‘Gratitude Muscles’.

Week 2:

Week 2 affirmationIn Week 2 we’ll be dealing with the absolute number one habit that you need to kick if you want to let abundance into your life – and move towards your dreams – and most of us don’t even notice that we’re doing it…

Let the abundance inWeek 3:

In week 3 we’ll be near-magically melting away those old blocks that used to get you self-sabotaging, so you can set yourself free to open your heart to your dreams coming true.

Week 4:

Week 4 affirmationIn week 4 you’ll be doing the ‘inside work’ to make the shifts to allow what you have been dreaming of to arrive. And you’ll discover the one key mistake that most people are making, which stop their dreams from coming true – plus how to easily get round it.


All of this is my gift to you.

So if you’d like to dive in and be part of this, fill in the form below and watch your inbox for your first weekly challenge.

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It’s an honour to share this journey with you.

With love, Namaste,
CJ Sig

P.S. Please feel free to let your friends know about this by sharing on Facebook & Twitter etc! xx Clare