Scalable Solutions For Imposter Syndrome & Burnout

With Clare Josa

The UK's leading researcher into burnout & imposter Syndrome
Author of ditching Imposter Syndrome

28th February 2pm UK / 9am EST

60 minutes

Online & live - join us from anywhere in the world


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For line managers, business leaders & HR professionals.

Imposter Syndrome rates are soaring, with post-pandemic research showing that 62% of employees are struggling with it daily or regularly, to a level that means it's impacting their performance, productivity, mental & emotional health, and team dynamics.

Here's what the latest research study shows:

Imposter Syndrome Distribution Chart

And the 2022 Imposter Syndrome & Burnout research study shows that the two are directly linked. Increase burnout, and it drives up Imposter Syndrome. Trigger Imposter Syndrome and it fast-tracks burnout.

You know it's a big problem, and you want to be able to offer more than 'tea and sympathy'...

... but 1:1 coaching for potentially hundreds or thousands of employees simply isn't feasible.

What can you do?

Clare will be sharing with you what you most need to know from her 2022 research study into burnout and Imposter Syndrome, along with:

The 3 hidden drivers of Imposter Syndrome & burnout, and why we need to deal with all of them

Why it's not your fault that wellbeing days, lunchtime yoga, & mindfulness apps haven't fixed this

What Imposter Syndrome & burnout are really costing individuals, teams and organisations

How to spot the warning signs, even though people work really hard to hide them

What you can do to solve this problem, without feeling like the office has turned into a therapy room

Scalable solutions that can create breakthroughs quickly and easily, with measurable ROI

Plus the 5-step, science-backed solution that creates shifts fast, even if you feel like you've already tried everything.

And Clare will be answering your questions, live during this masterclass.

What People Say About Clare's Masterclasses

A masterclass in how to run a masterclass

What can I say? The calibre of your talk was outstanding, we are extremely fortunate to have had exposure to your experience and expertise. 

How you manage to make this complex subject digestible and accessible in 60 minutes is impressive to say the least!


fortune 100 corporation

made me think differently about this

This session was relevant and incredibly helpful. Clare make it easy to understand this complex subject, with fascinating, actionable insights.

It inspired me to work with my team to create an action plan, and we're already making progress.


hr director

I have this on repeat on my phone

There was so much wisdom in this session. I listen to the audio on my runs. Each time I do, I catch new insights.

It's so clear to me now how Clare's Natural Resilience Method® can prevent Imposter Syndrome, burnout and toxic resilience. Before this session, we felt lost and were just guessing what to do. Now we have a clear plan.


Partner, accountancy firm

What's The Investment?

Clare wants to help as many people as possible to clear and prevent burnout and Imposter Syndrome, so there is no fee to join us live for this session. Register free below to book your place.

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Clare Josa

Clare Josa has spent the past two years leading the 2022 Imposter Syndrome & Burnout research study. In it, she uncovered the three hidden factors that are really driving burnout, and practical strategies you can start applying today, to create breakthroughs, fast.

She is the creator of the Natural Resilience Method® for clearing Imposter Syndrome, burnout, and toxic resilience, and is the author of eight books, including the best-selling Ditching Imposter Syndrome and Dare to Dream Bigger.

A reformed engineer and former Head of Market Research for one of the world's most disruptive brands, for the past 20 years Clare has been a sought-after international keynote speaker, on a mission to help you become the leader you were born to be, making the difference you are really here to make.

When not helping passionate world-changers to supercharge their impact, she's studying Italian at uni, she's a secret hot tub fan, and the busy mum of 3 boys.

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Your free ticket covers live access and 24 hours' access to the webinar replay.

This includes the resources Clare mentions in the training session, as well as Clare's Imposter Syndrome risk assessment tool, which gives you a personalised action plan, based on your responses.

How do I access the webinar?

The webinar will run live via Zoom. You'll get the Zoom link the day before, but only if you have registered.

Will Clare cover things that aren't in her research white paper?

Definitely! The Burnout & Imposter Syndrome white paper is a great read.

But in this live session, Clare will be helping you to get more practical about solutions - both short-term and longer-term.

She will also be running a Q&A for the second half of the session, so you can pick her brain with your burning questions.

You can even submit them in advance, if you want to really make sure she covers your question.

Can I invite colleagues?

Please do!

They can register on this page, too.

However, please bear in mind that this session is only licensed for your individual personal use, not for public broadcast.

If you'd like Clare to run a session like this one for your teams, please get in touch here.

Can I ask Clare a question in the session?

You can ask Clare questions in advance, or live during the session.

Can I / my organisation work with Clare on Imposter Syndrome & burnout?

Provide some answers to common questions. Perhaps you want to tell answer how much time they need to dedicate to get through the course, or give them a support email to contact you if they have further questions. It doesn’t need to be questions you were actually asked, but rather the final few questions people may want answered before they are ready to buy.

Clare has spent nearly twenty years specialising in this field and her work in creating the Natural Resilience Method® gives you a proven, research-backed framework to turn burnout around.

She works with individuals and organisations on the three pillars of burnout, helping you to create change in ways that are fast, fun and forever.

To find out more about working together, please register for this webinar - or contact Clare's team here.

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