The Resilience Myth

How to naturally bounce back when times are tough.

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The Resilience Myth Online Workshop With Clare Josa

Times are tough at the moment and it's easy to drown in the fear and the worry.

But 'resilience' - bouncing back in the face of adversity - isn't the right option, either.

We need to bust the resilience myth, so we can connect with our inner courage, confidence and - above all - hope, now and in the future.

In this live, interactive session, you will learn about:

The Resilience Myth

How modern 'resilience' is a dangerous concept that can trigger mental health issues - and what we need to be doing instead.

The Resilience Antidote

Why 'positive thinking' is over-rated and how to gently teach yourself to be naturally resilient, so you no longer need to 'bounce back' from adversity.

Three Life-Changing Strategies

During the workshop, you'll learn three inspirational ways to reconnect with your inner calm in under sixty seconds - without pretending.

By the end of this session, you'll know how to feel calmer, more empowered, more positive and more hopeful, no matter what is going on around you.

This workshop would normally cost £97. But it's now included, as my gift, for members of the Natural Resilience Club.

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What do past students think of Clare's training?

Clare has a perfect recipe her training; her ability to be authentic and guide you through the topic with simple tools and techniques to open your mind will inspire you. She also provides her own unique and compelling experiences to help you understand contextually how to use what she teaches.

Nicky Harverson

Owner: My Fit Life Coaching

I have had so many a-ha moments with Clare's work. I now have clarity for how to leverage my gifts. Clare also turned on the lightbulb for me so I have the inner motivation to carry me all the way through.

Teresa Pangan

Nutrition Consultant

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