Calling All World-Changers:

How To Set Yourself Free From Negative Self-Talk In Under 7 Days [even if you've been doing it for years]

Live Challenge Starts November 7th

7-part training & live online masterclass

With Clare Josa

Want to feel less stressed? Think more clearly? Feel happier? Put an end to secretly self-sabotaging your dreams?

What You'll Learn From This 7-Day Training*:

(It's all in inspirational, practical, bite-sized chunks)​

  1. Fed up with feeling stressed? And cluttered thinking?
    Learn 3 near-instant ways to calm a chattering mind and set yourself free from worrying. And you can do all of them without anyone knowing - even if you're sitting in a meeting or stuck in a traffic jam.
  2. Stop subconsciously self-sabotaging your dreams:
    Discover how to avoid the 4 little-known, dream-trashing mistakes that most of us are making hundreds of times a day, without even realising it.
  3. Tap into the 60 second secret ingredient that could change your life forever:
    A surprisingly simple daily habit that could transform your life and leave you feeling inspired to take massive action towards your dreams. Hint: Oprah, GK Chesterton and leading psychology Professors swear by it.
  4. Plus join Clare for a FREE instant access Masterclass training:
    How to harness the power of your thoughts to consciously create your life. Clare shares practical inspiration from 14 years of mentoring passionate World-Changers on this.

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* Important Note: this training is for people who are hungry to make a bigger difference in the world and who are ready to put in the effort to step up to the next level. Apply the techniques and you'll get results that I hope you'll love. But if you're secretly addicted to your excuses, you'll probably not enjoy it ;-)
xx Clare