Natural Resilience Method™ Practitioner Training

Rewire your body & brain to

crank up your confidence,

slash your stress levels,

and prevent burnout.

Programme Starts:
13th September 2021

Six Weeks @
2 Hours Per Week

Investment: £495 + VAT
Self-funded bursary available

Why Join The Natural Resilience Method™ Practitioner Training?

Left their job

42% of employees have left a job due to burnout or worrying that they will burn out

Currently worried about burnout

46% of women are currently worried about burnout due to work.

Employer not doing enough

77% of employees think their employer is not doing enough to prevent burnout.

After over a year of the pandemic, people are exhausted - mentally, emotionally and physically. 

They are feeling overwhelmed, struggling with chronic stress, and worried about the changes that hybrid working might bring.

Add to this the fact that my 2021 research study shows that Imposter Syndrome severity has sky-rocketed over the past year, triggering the 4Ps - perfectionism, procrastination, project paralysis and people-pleasing, and it's a recipe for burnout. 

In fact, HR Directors tell me that this is one of their. biggest concerns for the rest of 2021.

Whilst we might not be able to change the environment and culture that trigger this, short-term, we can do something about the habits we didn't even realise we were running, which put us on a fast-track to burnout.

It's time to stop.

  • stop bouncing back - that's toxic resilience, triggering crippling negative self-talk that makes it impossible to concentrate
  • quit pretending that everything is ok - when you're screaming inside and secretly dream of walking away
  • put an end to pushing on through - putting your body on red alert as you feel like you've been holding your breath for months

Instead, it's time to take inspired action - one tiny step each week for six weeks - to rewire your neural pathways and reprogram your body to turn your inner critic into a genuine cheerleader...

... so you can shift from fighting to flowing, learning life-long habits that mean you'll never have to worry about burnout again.

How The Natural Resilience Method™

Practitioner Training Gets You Results

One simple, powerful new habit each week, for six weeks, making it super-easy to stop the burnout cycle.

Weekly self-study modules with video lessons, MP3s, workbooks & quizzes, to make it easy to create low-effort, high-impact breakthroughs. Change your life, just by watching them!

Pick Clare's brain - the creator of the Natural Resilience Method™ - and get hot seat mentoring in her twice-monthly invitation-only Q&A calls, for three months.

Share the journey with fellow Natural Resilience Method™ Practitioner students, getting answers to your questions and celebrating your successes in the private forum.

This course works at different levels - from getting started to Natural Resilience Method™ ninja tips. You can revisit the programme any time you want to - at no additional cost - to dive in even more deeply and create even more habits you'll love, for life.

Love what you're learning? Upgrade to the Facilitator or Trainer programme within three months of starting the Natural Resilience Method™ Practitioner course and get your investment back as a discount off the upgrade fee.

Author of Ditching Imposter Syndrome

Your Course Director:

Clare Josa

I’m Clare, an expert in the neuroscience and psychology of performance, and the creator of The Natural Resilience Method™, built on nearly 20 years of supporting people to set themselves free from their secret, self-imposed glass ceilings - especially Imposter syndrome.

I specialise in creating transformation at the deepest levels, in ways that are fast, fun and forever.

And it's a fluff-free zone. I enjoyed a successful corporate career in engineering, specialising in Six Sigma, and then as Head of Market Research for one of the world’s most disruptive brands, before moving into this work in 2003. So whether it's practical psychology or demystified ancient wisdom, it's all grounded in research and common sense, helping you to create breakthroughs in minutes, not months.

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