ABC To Press 'Pause' On Your Inner Critic In Under Sixty Seconds

Thank you for listening to my interview with Deepa Natarajan for the Meet My Potential podcast.

Here's where to download the training I mentioned for the ABC technique:

You will get instant access to this mini-training to help you to learn how to stop negative self-talk, without pretending - fast.

ABC Audio

This short MP3 guides you through the ABC process so you have it with you, whenever you need it, until it becomes second-nature.

Downloadable CheatSheet

Download this one-page cheat sheet to your phone or print it out, to remind you how to use the ABC.

A Mini-Series Training Via Email

You will get a short email series to help you to apply this technique, including some not-to-be-missed ninja tips.

About Clare Josa

Clare Josa is considered the UK's leading authority on Imposter Syndrome, having specialised in the field for over fifteen years, and having led and published the 2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study.

Her latest book - Ditching Imposter Syndrome - was published in autumn 2019 and already has readers in over 27 countries.