mini-retreats for Mums-To-Be to relax, de-stress & release your 
hidden worries

Monthly on Saturday Mornings
[Near Forest Row, East Sussex]

Sorry guys... This one is just for the Goddesses.

Relax, De-Stress, Release Pregnancy Tension, Clear Out Your Hidden Fears And Treat Yourself To Some Me-Time

Each month's workshop brings you an inspired blend of:
Dru Antenatal Yoga

Release pregnancy aches and tension with wonderfully-calming flowing yoga. You'll enjoy classic yoga postures, as well as sequences that are specially designed to help with pregnancy and beyond.

Clare is a Dru Yoga Antenatal Teacher.

Taming Your Inner Critic

Inspirational practical psychology from the world of NLP (the 'user manual' for your brain). Each month you'll learn techniques to move your Inner Critic towards being your biggest cheerleader.

That's fab, when you're feeling bombarded by opinion and suffering from 'comparisonitis'!​

Clare has been a Trainer of NLP since 2003.

Engineer-Approved Woo-Woo

(As Clare's clients call it!)

Clare loves to demystify Ancient Wisdom into practical actions you can take to change your life in less time than it takes a kettle to boil.

She has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and German, which means she specialises in pulling out what works and ditching the fluff. Everything she teaches is grounded in common sense, with a generous dollop of humour.​

Meditation & Mindfulness

Calm your Monkey Mind and connect with your baby with meditation and mindfulness. Plus it's a wonderful Mum-To-Be de-stresser.

Clare has been a formally-trained Meditation Teacher since 2009 and has published two books on meditation and mindfulness.

Clearing Out Hidden Worries

Energy EFT (aka 'tapping') is a profoundly effective way to release hidden blocks and 'stuck' emotions, without having to dive into the drama of past events. It helps you to release the 'story' and to emerge feeling clearer, stronger, happier and more energised, ditching worries and stresses.

Clare is an Energy EFT Master Practitioner.​

Self-Care For Busy Mums

Learning how to make sure your battery-recharging needs are met is an essential part of pregnancy.

In our Happy Mamas workshops, you'll get to clear old self-care blocks, so that you can find ways to still look after yourself, even once your baby is here.

Plus you get MP3 recordings of the key meditations and visualisation processes.

And you get to connect with your
Happy Mamas Tribe.

About Clare Josa

When I was pregnant with my three sons, there was plenty of support and advice out there for the practical side of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. But no one was talking about the 'inside work' I needed to do, to go from working full time in a job I loved, to caring 24/7 for a beautiful, but demanding, bundle of gorgeousness.

And as for the roller coaster ride of pregnancy hormones and emotions...

The Happy Mamas workshops are what I wish I had been able to go to, during my pregnancies. They're designed to help you de-stress and relax, to learn tension-releasing yoga postures, to learn inspirational tools to help you through birth, and to clear out any hidden thought patterns and limiting beliefs that could get in the way of you enjoying this next stage of your journey.

I'd love to share them with you!

Book Your Place Now:

These half-day Saturday morning workshops are just £47 early bird or £65 full price.

They run from 9am to 1pm and include herbal teas and mum-to-be-friendly snacks.

There are only 8 places on each workshop.​

June Theme:

Easing Lower Back Pain

June 17th 9am - 1pm

July Theme:

Clearing Out Space For You

July 22nd 9am - 1pm

September Theme:

Being In Flow, Amid The Noise

September 23rd 9am - 1pm

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