Masterclass: 7 Surprising Lessons I Learned From the EU VAT Campaign – And How You Can Use Them To GROW Your Business ~ Clare Josa | Author And Keynote Speaker

7 Surprising Lessons I Learned From The EU VAT Campaign - And How You Can Use Them To GROW Your Business in 2018

How To Move From Impossible To Probable
For Your 2018 Business Dreams

Government and EU Insiders have told us that what we achieved, with the help of the 10,000 businesses who supported our EU VAT campaign, was impossible. But we did it.

When you know the 7 surprising lessons Clare Josa learned from co-leading the campaign, giving keynotes at the European Parliament, representing 10k+ businesses at the EU's EUVAT summit and standing up to nay-sayers in Downing Street, you can apply these techniques to your business breakthroughs, too.

Which breakthroughs would you LOVE to create in 2018?

The lessons Clare learned can be applied to any business goal, to any world-changer campaign, and they are all to do with the 'inside work' that helps you to spot the inspired actions that will make the vital difference - and taking those actions from a place of fearless excitement.

Here is some of what Clare Josa will be sharing with you - how to:

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    Turn anger into action - even with a crowd of 10,000 baying business owners - and how you can use this to motivate customers to take action 
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    Create and grow a movement that took massive action, to support the group's goals - vital for growing your business tribe and superfans
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    Win the support of key influencers, despite them initially telling Clare that what she wanted was impossible - they became the campaign's biggest supporters - and how you can use this to magnetise your dream audience, without having to shout
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    The little-known 'inside work' that created the pivotal keynote at the European Parliament - and how you can use this in your own business messaging to capture your audience's attention
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    Be confident, even in the face of direct conflict, and stand up for what was important, without alienating people - and how you can use this to have courage and confidence in your business dreams
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    The one skill that isn't taught at MBA-level, which made difficult decisions much easier - and more sucessful


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What people say about Clare's Masterclasses:

Clare has a way of explaining things so you create breakthroughs. 

Clare has a way of explaining things you already knew so you create breakthroughs. ​

Working with Clare has been the difference between being stuck and frustrated and on the path to creating my dream business and life.

ROSIE SLOSEK  //  One Man Band Accounting

It's so much more than just 'theory'

Clare has a perfect recipe for these Masterclasses; her ability to be authentic in front of the camera and guiding you through the topic with simple tools and techniques to open your mind and search for yourself the areas you want to work with, also providing her own unique and compelling experiences to help you understand contextually how to use them.

NICKY HARVERSON  //  My Fit Life Coaching

I have had so many 'aha' moments with Clare's work. 

I now have clarity for how to pivot a business that is truly me, to leverage my gifts. Clare also turned on the lightbulb for me so I have inner motivation to carry me all the way through.

TERESA PANGAN  //  Nutrition Consultant

CLARE JOSA // Business Mentor & Author

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