The Studio [Near Forest Row]
An Idyllic Setting For Your Soul-Led
Client Sessions

Ideal for one-to-one sessions and small workshops

Book Online - Ad Hoc Bookings Only

Pick the length of time you need from the drop-down menu and then choose your date and time.

You'll be directed to a payment page. Once payment has been made, your booking is confirmed. We look forward to welcoming you at the Studio!

[Note: to book the yoga yurt and / or studio for full-day events, or to pre-book over 10 hours per month - please call 01324 477057, instead of booking online. Thanks!]

Minimum booking time is two hours. Please leave enough time in your booking for set-up and clearing away afterwards. The next therapist could be starting immediately after your booking.

Not So Small Print

We want to be super-transparent, so here are the Ts & Cs we ask you to sign. By hiring The Studio, you agree to the following:

1. Basics:

Please leave it as least as clean as you found it, taking special care to make sure there are no hazards left for the next therapist and their client (e.g. massage oil on floor) and making sure any candles have been extinguished. Please leave the furniture where it was at the start of your session.

The site runs on a septic tank and flushing anything apart from loo roll and the obvious can cause sewerage floods, costing upwards of £200 to fix. Please make sure you and your client use the bin provided next to the toilet for anything non-flushable.​

Please leave the key in the key safe (locked) at the end of your session.

Let us know as soon as possible if anything has been broken or gone missing - 01342 477057.

2. Booking Terms

For ad hoc bookings, payment is at the time of booking, via the online scheduling system. For bulk bookings or full-day events, you will receive an invoice and our bank details.

In this case, please make a 50% payment within 7 days, to confirm your slot, and pay the balance at least 14 days before the first part of your booking. Please make sure you make payment by then, or it will be released for other therapists.

Please ensure your agreed payment arrives in full - i.e. you cover any PayPal / international transfer fees. Please use your full name as the reference, so we can easily trace the payment back to you and confirm your booking. 

Once we have received your payment, we will email you the key safe code(s) for your day(s).

Please make sure you bring your key safe code with you, so you can let yourself in to The Studio.

We are often around, but not always, so it’s very important that you can access the key yourself.

Need To Reschedule?

If you need to change your booking time or date, we will do our best to help. However, please give us as much notice as possible and please check the availability calendar first: For full-day bookings, if you need to rearrange the date within 21 days of your event, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable cancellation fee.

Need To Cancel?

If you cancel your booking within the final 21 days (full-day bookings) or 14 days (part-day bookings), we reserve the right to charge your initial 50% payment, in full, if we are unable to fill your slot.

3. Timings

Please make sure you vacate The Studio at the end of your booked session, to allow the next therapist to start promptly. This means you need to allow set-up / pack-away time in your booking, in addition to your client-facing time.

Please ensure that your client has left site by the time your booking finishes, unless you have specifically agreed otherwise with us, in advance. It would not be fair, for example, for your client to be in The Studio’s garden once someone else’s client has started their session.

The minimum booking time is 2 hours.

4. Legal Stuff

Please make sure you have filled in the form here so that we have your full contact details, as well as confirmation that you are operating legally - i.e. you are professionally qualified and have insurance.

You are fully responsible for your and your client’s behaviour, whilst on our site. We cannot accept liability for any losses or damage caused by your or their behaviour.

Please note that your exclusive use includes The Studio, its fenced garden and the required parking, only. It does not include access to the wider site.

5. Please Don’t Be Smelly Or Noisy!

We want you to be able to relax with your clients at The Studio. However, we want your fellow therapists to be able to do that, too! Therefore, please don’t burn incense or scented candles. These can release chemicals that cause breathing difficulties for sensitive people. Please use the provided aromatherapy burner instead, with your choice of oils (please bring these with you).

If you use the kitchen area, please don’t cook anything smelly.

If you play music, please make sure it does not disturb the neighbours or wildlife.

6. Parking

There are two parking spaces allocated to therapists and Clare or Peter will have shown you these on your first visit.

Please ask your clients to park in front of The Studio - this fits 2-3 cars. Please ask them to close the main gate, to prevent deer from munching our orchards.

If you are running a workshop, we can arrange for people to be able to park in the field opposite the main house, but we need to know in advance, please.

7. Key Return

Please bring your key safe code with you, so you can let yourself in to The Studio. Please lock the door at the end of your session and replace it in the key safe, mixing up the numbers on the top, to lock it.

If you accidentally take the key with you, then the next therapist may be unable to get into The Studio. You may incur their costs for their missed sessions, and ours for changing the locks, so please make sure you leave the key in the key safe!

To book or arrange to view The Studio, please fill in the form below
or call Clare on 01342 477057 during UK office hours, if you have questions.