What You Need To Know Before You Book A Virtual Speaker

Being a great on-stage presenter is a very different skillset to being a great on-screen presenter.

Not having instant audience feedback, not being able to feel the energy in the room, not being able to see what's working and what isn't, and not being able to rely on on-stage methods of engagement, all mean you need a different approach.

It's far too easy to end up with a session that falls flat, has everyone secretly checking their phones and emails, and which simply doesn't deliver.

With over a decade of virtual speaking and leading online events (most recently for 400+ delegates at the Lockdown Leadership Conference), I can create a highly engaging, high-impact session for you, whether it's face-to-face or online.

There's more to it than taking your on-stage style and doing it on camera. Creating a transformational online event is a different skillset.

I've run virtual events for over ten years now, to audiences across the globe, using a range of software systems. And I have experience with travelling to client locations and TV studios. My largest live audience was over a million and I have plenty of experience in running interactive online sessions for audiences of 200+ people.

If you want to find out more about how I can create an engaging, inspirational session for your audience even in a virtual setup, you can book a call here.

Also, I can also teach your in-house presenters how to translate their magic into the virtual world, both for workshops and meetings, to help your business to keep thriving, during these challenging times.

I have done this for people as varied as CEOs and school teachers over the past few months.

And here's an example of a recent keynote I ran online. 

Ditching Imposter Syndrome Masterclass

This was a session with over 700 live attendees, who created breakthroughs and rated the training as 'fabulous' and 'ace' and 'inspirational'. Want this for your in-house team? Get in touch here now.